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For everyone hospitals are a scary thing. You go to visit a sick loved one, you're saying goodbye, or you're there for yourself. We battle what we fear the most at this place. Death. We even turn to pray, to just make something amazing happen. This was the case for Serena. She watched as the ambulance wheeled in two people, one she didn't know and the other the love of her life. It was a total random accident. Dan and Serena were walking on the sidewalk when Serena slipped and fell. Dan went to pick her up and he noticed the car ahead wasn't paying attention. He knew he couldn't save them both, so he risked his life for her's.

"Maybe, we should go away for the summer." Serena suggested.

"My father, won't like that, but I'll work something out."

"We should go dancing." Serena started to spin and spin.

She fell and giggled. Dan put out his hand and pulled her up.

Then the crash.

Serena remembered the sound of the crash all too well, it haunted her and she tried to sleep by Dan's side. He had been in the hospital for three days, but it felt like forever. She had stayed in his room along with Rufus and Jenny. But for an hour she was alone. Alone in a room watching Dan breathe by machine.

"Maybe you should get some rest."

"I want to be here when he wakes up." Serena stroked Dan's hand.

"S, we both know he won't wake up with out you. Let me take you home." Blair tried to be the voice of reason.

"B, I can't just leave him."

"Well then talk to the doctors, I'll watch him."

"I should update my family."

Serena reluctantly left the room. She approached a team of doctors. They all had sad pained looks on their faces. They tried to put in, he'll be fine, he's a fighter, or the it's a miracle he made it through surgery lines in. They tried to sugar coat the truth. She sunk in a waiting room chair. She called Rufus and told him there was no change. Rufus and Jenny were spending time making pictures and making food Dan loved. Images or food might wake him up.

Back in Dan's room, Blair felt uncomfortable sitting down. She didn't know Dan that well to be sitting by his side. But this was her best friends boyfriend, she had to say something.

"I don't know if you can hear me or not, but I feel like I have to say something, anything really. We've never gotten along, in fact we hate each other. I'd never wish this on anyone, even you cabbage patch. For Serena's sake you have to wake up. She's totally lost and I don't know how to save her. I've always been the one to put her back together, but that's your job now, so put her back together, for me." Blair felt one tear come down. She quickly wiped it away. "Oh and if you tell anyone this, you'll regret it."

Jenny quickly peeked in. When she saw Blair she didn't know what to think at first.

"So, Blair Waldorf really has a heart?"

"Jenny, for once in your life make yourself useful, and get Serena."

"She's on the phone, besides you have things under control. So you have a soft spot for Dan?"

"No, just for S." Blair gave Jenny that look that made people shiver.

"Well, thank you." Jenny let a smile emerge.


"Staying with him, even for a moment."

"Don't get use to it."

Dan groaned. He felt as if his mouth was so dry. He tried to gasp for some air.

"Dan?" Jenny ran to his bed.

"Jenny, water."

She quickly got him a cup and filled it up. She held his hand and told him the entire story. He looked at her as if she was crazy. She thought it was the shock but he didn't understand. He put his hand on his hand and felt the bump.

"Why would Serena van der Woodsen be with me. We've met once."

"You've been dating for over a year."

"Very funny." Dan blurted as he noticed Blair.

"Is it charity day? Why is Blair Waldorf here, she doesn't know me."

Serena heard Dan's voice and ran in. She hugged him in a strong manner. She felt tears drip down but she wasn't letting go.

"Can you let go."


"I don't want your pity, we don't know each other."

Just like that, Serena's whole world was crushed. Thel ove of her life, thought it was a joke that they were in the same room.

Spotted: S learning that life's a bitch, but atleast Dan didn't die. Was it that good if even Lonely Boy forgets you?