ok i know that nobody is reading this story but it makes me feel better to write and post it somewhere. any way Merry Christmas. Enjoy.

Chapter 5

If my jaw could touch the floor it would. Andy and his mom had taken me home to their house, if you could call it a house. It was FREAKING HUGE!! Actually everything in this neighborhood was either big or really good looking.

"Come on in," Andy ran in after his mom. This is amazing. My house was just a small apartment but this! This is ridiculous!

I slowly walked up the steps and into the house. The inside is even more beautiful than the outside. "Just make yourself at home," Andy's mom said. "I'll go make your room up. Andy can show you around."

"Come on I'll introduce you to Cook." Andy dragged me down the hallways and stairs, through the maze of the house. "Cook!" he shouted bursting through the door.

"Why hello there," Cook said pleasantly.

"Hello my name is Serena."

"Oh try this." Cook turned and dished out some of the broth she was cooking. I took a sip and handed it to Andy.

"Yum!!" We both exclaimed.

"Serena! Come here! Your room is ready," Andy's mom called from upstairs. We both ran towards his mom, leaving Cook behind to continue stirring her broth.

By the time we got up the stairs I was completely lost.

"This way," Andy pointed down the hall. We went down hall after hall after hall. I soon began to wonder if I was every going to be able to find my way around.

"See that's my room," Andy pointed to some doors. Here's yours. Just right across the hall."

I turned and opened the doors. It was beautiful. The room was two times the size of my old house. The bed was huge and looked awfully comfortable. "Thank you so much."

"You like it?" Andy's mom came beside me.

"Yes! Definitely!" I was grinning ear to ear.

"Now you leave, Andy. I'm sure Serena is tired." Andy's mom shooed him out of the room. "We can get to some clothes in the morning, but until then you should sleep."

She led me to the bed and tucked me in. I drifted out to sleep as she shut off the lights. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.