Erm, Hi its my first ever fanfic and I thought I'd put up the first chapter to see what you guys think. So yeah if its awful don't be too harsh please It would be great if you could let me know what you think thanks Dazegal xxx

Frodo Returns

Chapter One

We start our tale on a bright sunny day in the undying lands of the elves. Now not all of the creatures in the undying lands were elves as you would expect. Of course there were deer and game for the elves to hunt for entertainment and food. But no, I'm not talking about the fair creatures that lived in these beautiful lands; I'm talking about the most unexpected race of all. Hobbits. Yes definitely hobbits. These two hobbits were extraordinary and unlike normal hobbits. This is because both have been on many great adventures.

Our main character however was a little hobbit called Frodo Baggins. Before Frodo came to the Undying lands he lived in the shire with his very close companions, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took and of course Samwise Gamgee.

After living there for many years Frodo and his companions were sent on a terrifying journey to destroy the one ring of power. During this adventure they made many associates. These were Gandalf the grey who later became known as Gandalf the white, a great and powerful (yet good hearted) wizard. Another companion was strider a human who was strong and a brilliant swordsman. He later claimed his throne and became king of Gondor with his beautiful queen, Arwen daughter of Elrond. Legolas Greenleaf was an elf of mirkwood. He accompanied the fellowship and still is an amazing archer and was able to see for miles ahead and often spotted things before others, even the hobbits who are known for their good eyesight. A further member of the fellowship was Gimli son of Gloin. Gimli was a dwarf and a stubborn one at that! He was a brave stout little fighter and proved more than his worth when fighting in the battle for Rohan. Finally our last member of the fellowship was Boromir. Boromir was another human and he was capable of fighting ferociously for a great length of time. Note the tense, yes as you have guessed Boromir is unfortunately dead. He died shortly after being corrupted by the ring of power and to make up for his evil he went to protect the two Halflings, Merry and Pippin. He managed to fight off the Orcs for as long as he could and he was still fighting when he was on the brink of death with three arrows plunged into him. Eventually he died in striders arms and the two hobbits were kidnapped by the few surviving Orcs. But if you have followed the trilogy I'm sure you would have known all of this information already.

Anyway as I was saying, Frodo was sitting in the undying lands by the bank of the fallaway beach and was looking out to sea. He was looking in vain in an attempt to see the shire. Even though he knew deep down that it was far away and that it was impossible for him to return. He tutted and pulled out his pipe, filled it up and began to smoke it thoughtfully. The hours drifted on pleasantly enough and Frodo watched the clouds go racing by, chasing each other. It was a hot day and Frodo soon found himself drifting in and out of sleep. As he slept he dreamt of happier times when he was in the shire and laughing with his friends and enjoying second breakfasts with his uncle. He dreamt of going on long walks through the shire forests with his closest friend Samwise. He also dreamt of sitting with Merry and Pippin and travelling to the Prancing Pony in Bree to share a pint together. He awoke with a start to see his uncle leaning over him.

"Hullo m'boy" Bilbo said gleefully. "I've been looking for you everywhere. Elrond would like to talk with you and me."

"What about uncle?" Enquired Frodo.

"No idea, let's find out." Replied Bilbo.

They strolled along a path covered in stones and dried mud from the night before. They crossed the lake inhabited by ducks and elegant swans. They crossed the sturdy bridge called Breiling bridge and walked up to the great castle. They said nothing as they walked, eager to get to the castle to find out what Elrond had to say.

"I feel like nothing exciting has happened the whole time we've been here. I've lost track of the days, even the months. Everything just seems to stay the same with nothing ever happening. Oh how I wish that something exciting would occur." Said Frodo desperately.

The hobbits arrived to the castle quicker than they thought they would. Elves bowed to them as they passed and some asked if they could take Frodo's cloak. He declined and kept on walking as briskly as a hobbit could to the great doors. He and Bilbo tried to open the heavy door and failed miserably. They are as you must remember only three ft tall. Eventually a tall elf with long brown hair walked past and offered to help them with the door. He forced the door open and bowed low to the hobbits and glided of to go hunting in the woods.

Bilbo and Frodo walked through into the marble room. Their feet squeaked on the marble flooring as they walked to the desk.

"Welcome, my friends." Said Elrond with a warm smile on his face.

"You wanted to speak with us" Said Frodo to Elrond.

"Yes I did. Recently I've noticed that you have not been content with living in the undying lands."

"Oh no, it's a lovely place" began Frodo.

"But you miss the shire."

"Well." Replied Frodo

"Tell me young master, what is it that you dislike so much about the undying land?" Asked Elrond curiously.

"It's not that I hate it, I just feel that everything is too new." He walked to the window. "Even the trees seem like they have only just arrived. The paths look as if they have not been walked along. Whereas in the shire everything has been there for centuries. Everything has its place. Also it seems that time just doesn't exist here. The days just come and go continuously. I miss my dear friends from the shire and the sound of children laughing in the mornings. I miss the long walks through the shire forests and the Sunday markets. I just wish I were home." He finished breathlessly. Frodo regretted what he had said immediately for the fear of offending Elrond and wanted to take back all the things he had just said.

Elrond looked concerned. "Well I am not at all surprised to hear that from you Halfling. Indeed I too miss the times of old when I sat in my house in Rivendell with my darling daughter. That is why I called you both to see me. Over half the elves are unhappy here in the realm of the undying and would like to return to earth." We have decided to return in one week's time. In that time you must decide whether you want to return with us, or stay with the other elves in the undying lands. I will leave you now to go and decide your fate." With that Bilbo and Frodo left the room and went out of the grounds.

The hobbits found a comfortable spot by the Greenleaf River and sat in silence. After a few minutes Bilbo began to speak.

"I understand that you want to go home to the shire but I feel that I cannot."

"Why?" interrupted Frodo.

"Let me speak my boy. I am now very old and I have lived my life to the full. I have no desire to return. I am happy here in the undying lands even though you are not. However you are so unhappy here that I have decided that you must return to the shire." Said Bilbo sadly.

"But-"Frodo began

"No buts my boy, you are to return to the shire without me." "Don't you want me to be Happy Frodo?"

"Of course Uncle."Frodo said quietly.

"Then do this for me. Return to the shire and have a wonderful life till the end of your days." Bilbo gazed at Frodo intently. "I will miss you dearly Frodo but be happy, and find your path."

The next few days went by slowly and Bilbo and Frodo spent as much time together as possible. On the fifth day since the meeting with Elrond all about elves were running about with items and barrels of food for the return to middle earth. Although the undying lands were busy with activity from the elves preparing, the two hobbits were nowhere to be seen. This is because they were in Frodo's room packing for Frodo's great return.

"I can't wait to see the look on dear old Sam's face when he sees me on his doorstep." Said Frodo gleefully. He could barely contain his excitement. Imagine just two more days till I'm home. Thought Frodo to himself. Suddenly there was a light knock on the door.

"Now who could that be?" Enquired Bilbo as he walked briskly towards the door. Bilbo opened it to a tall elf. The elf bowed low and smiled curtly. He had long dark hair and a deep green robe to match his green eyes.

"Hello, my name is Thain son of Kaihn; I have brought some clothes and cloaks for Mr Frodo for the journey. They were crafted by the elves in the house of Elrond. It is good that they are returning home." The elf paused a moment thinking of the wonderful times in that beautiful house. "I am glad to be returning to such a wonderful place, there is a beautiful elf that I unfortunately left behind. She was one of the few handmaidens of Arwen that demanded to stay with her."

"What is her name? If you don't mind me asking of course." Bilbo asked Thain.

"Her name is Farbyana and she has golden hair that reaches her waist and eyes as deep as the blue ocean that shine like the moon on a warm summer's eve." Thain's own eyes went misty. "If that is all you desire I must go and finish my own packing."

"Yes, thank you for the lovely clothes Thain." Frodo said gratefully. Thain hurried off out of the door to go pack. Frodo went over to the clothes and tried on a pale blue cloak. It was made of velvet and he could instantly feel the difference in temperature. The fabric was soft to the touch and had a figure of a horse's head for a broach. Frodo looked down at it and took it off the cloak. He went to a small desk in the corner and put it down on the table. He picked up a wooden box and opened it carefully. Inside was a leaf broach. He picked it up and put it onto the cloak. "That's better. It shall give me luck for my long journey."

"Aye, it has not failed before." Said Bilbo thoughtfully thinking of the journey Sam and Frodo went on many years ago. "Come let us sit a while, the packing can wait and the sun will soon be gone." So the two hobbits went out onto the balcony and sat and talked the evening away.

The next day went by in another endless haze and Frodo was getting restless. All he could talk about was returning to the shire. That night Frodo and Bilbo sat on the beach by the shore. They looked out to the setting sun. They talked about a great deal of things including the flowers in bag end's garden and even Mrs. Briescurdles plum cake. They talked long about the crazy adventures of Merry and Pippin in farmer maggots garden until eventually they talked about the departure tomorrow.

"The shire will not be the same without you Bilbo. I will miss you dearly and I hope you will be happy." Frodo said sadly.

"Just think of it as though I have gone to heaven, in a way I have; only with elves. I like it here and am perfectly happy with staying here forever more." Frodo could see that Bilbo was intent on staying so he changed the subject. They spent the rest of the evening sitting and gazing out to sea and talking of how Frodo first came into Bilbo's care and of how they formed a great friendship. They sat and watched the sunset all night and then gazed into the starry skies for many hours on through the night.

Frodo woke to the sound of calling from outside his window. He rose up and got out of bed and padded over and out into the balcony. He looked down onto the courtyard and saw elves running around handing each other last minute items of food and clothes. Something important is happening today, but I cannot think what, Frodo thought to himself. An elf girl ran past holding onto a rope which was attached to a beautiful black stallion. He heard an elf call out to another.

"Fayerdorm hurry up with that horse! The ship will leave in two hours." He called to the girl.

"I'm Sorry I'm coming. He wouldn't leave his stable." And the girl ran after him with the stallion in tow.

"Of course, the boat, I'm leaving today!" Frodo cried to himself. He ran to his wardrobe and pulled out the last clothes in his wardrobe; a plain white shirt, brown trousers and a brown waistcoat. Lastly he put his sky blue cloak on and combed his hair. He picked up his trunk and hurried out of the door. He hurried to Bilbo's room and knocked. There was no reply. "Uncle?" He called out. Still no reply. An elf came rushing past. "Hello I wonder if you could help me, do you know where my Uncle Bilbo is?" Asked Frodo. The elf maiden looked down at him.

"I'm afraid I have not. But if you want a place on the ship I suggest you hurry along downstairs and put your luggage onto the ship. Come, I am going that way myself." The maiden gazed at Frodo with misty grey eyes. "I'm sure your uncle will turn up by the ship, he won't let you leave without saying goodbye."

"Very well I shall come with you." Frodo decided. The two walked down to the courtyard and hurried to fallaway beach.

A magnificent ship was waiting for them. Shaped like a swan its wings were tinted with pure gold made from the very dwarves of Moria and painted pure white. When Frodo laid his eyes on the elegant ship he thought back to the days he spent in Lothlorien with his three companions. He thought of Galadriel in her fine clothing and golden hair. Just as Frodo was about to board Bilbo came running down the sandy slope.

"Frodo wait! I have something for you." Bilbo handed to Frodo a small bracelet with silver charms on it such as a dragon and a sword. "Balin gave it to me on my mission with the dwarves. I want you to have it and to give it to someone special. Do something for me Frodo." Frodo looked up into Bilbo's curios grey eyes. "Have a wonderful life, have many more adventures and live life to the full. Farewell my boy and find love!" He called. Frodo hugged his uncle and boarded the boat. The boat sailed off into the horizon and Frodo looked down at the bracelet.

"Namaarie Uncle." He said quietly.