A/N: Finally. First Stein/Marie ever. (Failed attempts are many) Hope you like. Theme is: Obsession. Same as title.

And, Stein giggles. Yeaaaah~


Obsession is a strong word - it leads to insanity, to madness. And everyone in Death City knows how strong madness could be.

Lately Stein has been obsessed with something.

And Marie is getting worried.


"I don't want to stop."

"But Stein-"

"Get a life."


"Go home."

"I live here."

And finally the doctor looked up. "Sorry for that."

Marie thought that he would stop now-... but he didn't. The blonde took a seat across him, and promptly tried to convince the man to stop what he's doing and friggin' eat his dinner-.. no, breakfast-, um.. last last week's lunch?

"Professor Franken Stein! This is crazy. You are obsessed AND CRA-"

"I am crazy."

Yes, that was a fact, she knew. And Marie simply scowled. "Look, you have to let go of those needles for just damned one hour and take a bath, and EAT!"

"But Marie, I love these needles." the now-crazy man giggled. "I love them so much."

"More than me?" the Death Scythe pouted charmingly.

He looked up again. "That's unfair." And then went back to his handiwork.

Marie glared. He ignored her. And she glared some more, and he ignored her some more. And then she punched him-

And everyone knows that Marie could punch someone once and kill.

But no, she loves Stein - so she punches him with twice power.

But he did not let go of his obsession.

"FRANKEN!!! If you don't stop knitting that bright pink sweater on the count of three, I SWEAR you would regret ever thinking of making that whole wardrobe's worth of baby clothes!!! GET IT?!"

The man looked at her blankly behind his glasses, nose bleeding and all, but holding on to his knitting project as if it was dear life. He leaned forward and faced the six-month-old lump on the blonde woman's tummy and grinned, whispering, "Momma doesn't appreciate what I do for you, hm? Junior?"

Marie rolled her eyes. Obsession is, indeed, a strong word.

"It's a girl, Stein. I want a girl!"

"Hmp. Don't listen to her, Junior.. Be a boy."

But it was a miracle still - that he hadn't decided to dissect her for the baby yet.

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