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Elizabeth. Patricia. Nine against eight. Their names weren't even symmetrical.

Long hair, symmetrical enough for him. Pretty face, just eyebrows that he will fix later, and then... yeah. Liz was okay.

Short puffy hair. He will have to fix her bangs to be symmetrical enough. And then tell her to fix that mouth of hers. Her lips weren't aligned perfectly when she laughs like that. Then again - Patti will be okay.

Their heights. Oh, Kid will do anything to make Patti wear heels that were high enough. So they were as tall as each other.

He wants them to just both wear uniform miniskirts. Because Liz's figure-hugging jeans weren't symmetrical against Patty's puffed short shorts.

And then Patti's girraffes didn't have an even number of spots. And Liz's magazine were a mess on his coffee table.

And Kid bears with all of this. Because if he reacts too much - Too much that even Liz will stop cooing at him and Patti will stop cursing at him - Too much that they'll get tired of him, they might leave him.

All alone again, with a symmetrical manor and a symmetrical life (nevermind the hair) - without the girls.

His girls.

Because as much asymmetrical factors they have, from cowboy hat to mismatching boots, from picture books to absurd fashion magazines, from uneven lip gloss to mix-and-match nail polish, they couldn't be more perfect for him.

They were as perfect as they can be, no matter how many flaws they have.

And he, being the perfectionist, liked them in his life.

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