A/N: Soul and Maka, set some time around the critical state of black blood in them.

Angsty not. No, no, not.

Can You Hear Me?


He tried to scream. Tried to scream for her to stop. Stop slashing, stop screeching, stop attacking, stop killing. Just.. just stop.

"Listen to me!!!"

But she wouldn't. And he couldn't hear his own voice either. Black blood flooded the room, it reached up to his chest.


He desperately tried to reach up, reach a door, any door. He didn't want to drown in this insanity.

Her insanity.

He desperately, desperately called out once more. Her name, the things she'd hate him for saying, their friends' names. He wanted to say "Maka", wanted to say "Tinytits", wanted to say "Tsubaki and Black Star and Kid and Liz and Patti and Chrona". Wanted to say that her Papa is out there womanizing again and her Mama loves her so much. Wanted to say that Stein has a very interesting lecture coming. Wanted to say things important and unimportant. Just to snap her out of her killing spree and to FUCKING LISTEN TO HIM FOR ONCE!

He needs her back.


He'd shout his lungs off it that is what it takes for her to go back to him.

And then the black liquid engulfs him. And he drowns.


"Soul? S-Soul!!! SOUL! I heard you, hey!!! So wake up now!! WAKE UP!! I'm sorry, okay!? CAN YOU HEAR ME??!!!"

And then he wakes up and finds himself in her arms as she kneels before him and cries on him, cradling him as close as possible, as tight as possible.


Her breathing hitched, and she cried harder.

She almost lost him. And he almost lost her.

He lifted a tired hand and rested it on top of her head, patting her comfortingly.

"Of course I can."

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