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Rubber Duckie


The white-haired cool guy lounging on the couch grunted as he heard the screech of his blonde housemate.

Maka was crying when he got to the bathroom. The girl was in her towel and showerhat, and she was glaring at him. Hard.


Soul raised an eyebrow incredulously. "That piece of crap? I threw it away 'cause it looks so damned messed up alrea-"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" the meister shouted at her weapon, glare tripling in intensity. "That wasn't a piece of crap! And it's not messed up!!!"

Soul only looked at her with more confusion. Here was his partner, the bookworm, neat, organized Maka, shouting at him in pure irrational rage in her bath towel of all things.

"Eh? Well that duckie.. I really threw it in the garbage 'cause it really looks ugly now. Let's just buy you a new-"


"What the hell, Maka? Are you alright? It's just a duckie."

The girl sniffed. And that alerted the boy. She sniffed as she looked down. Her fists trembled as tears fell from her eyes. "T-That duckie... That rubber duckie was the one Mama and Papa gave me!!! Mama AND Papa! When they were still OKAY! When... they..- WE.. were.. still.. t-together..."

Soul stared open-mouthed, a guilty feeling stuck in his throat as he sees Maka cry. "I.. Maka, I'm sorry, I didn't know-"

"Nevermind. I never told you anyway. It's my fault." she sniffed again, voice low. "Get out. I'll finish my bath."

He didn't know what to do. Soul gulped as he took a step back and let the girl shove him out the bathroom, before closing the door without any energy.

He stays outside in there for minutes. Listening to her sobs that she thought the sound of the shower could drown.

It took him a second to go rummage through all the trashcans existing in their apartment, minutes to visit the garbage dump in the next block, and a millisecond to realize that he discovered that certain rubber duckie's importance too late.

Grabbing the bike he literally snagged Black Star from a surprised Tsubaki, and left Patti and Liz staring as he seized Kid from them.

Maka didn't find Soul anywhere in the apartment that night.

In the morning he went knocking on her door and when she didn't wake up he just broke it open.

"I got it back."

The meister stared as Soul stood on her bedroom doorway with the messed-up duckie in his hand, Black Star and Kid standing pissed-off behind him, but trying to smile for her.


"He grabbed us last night and blackmailed us to help him find that.. toy." was Kid's statement.

"Dude, Maka, the great me was so great standing on top on that garbage factory garbage mountain!! Ya-HOO!!!" Black Star screamed.

"Here's yer duckie. Just fix it so it won't look like trash in our bathroom." Soul huffed, looking away.

Maka was sniffing and almost sobbing again when she accepted the rubber plaything and held it close to her chest. "S-S-..Soul-"

He cut her off. "No need to thank me. It's my fault. How uncool, but I'll let this pass-"

She chuckled, looking at them as if they were silly kindergartners. "You guys stink."

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