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Today was like any other day that Edward wasn't here. I slowly walked through school, slumping in my seat while taking notes, listening but not really there. I was in the forest, and it was September. Edward was there, saying he didn't really love me. I wasn't alive. I was a zombie. No longer was I Bella. I was a zombie, a dead person walking.

He said he'd never leave me, that one fateful day in the hospital. And yet here I am, all alone. I can't do anything. I'm not supposed to be stupid or reckless.

All I want these days is him. I died long ago, that day. He says I'll be safer now, but all I want to do is put a gun to my head. Maybe Alice will see. Maybe, just maybe, he'll come back.

Stupid Bella. He never even loved you.

My inner voice was really making me mad, but it was true. Edward-wince-never loved me.


I looked up to see Mike standing at my desk. I internally groaned.

"Hey, Mike," I said, trying to sound casual. That didn't work. It was zombie like, a monotone. I was nothing anymore.

"Do…do you want to hang out later?" He never gave up.

"I can't. Um, homework."

"Right," he muttered. I thought I heard him mutter, "Damn Edward," but what do I know?

At home, I went into my room, and did my homework. At 5:30, I started dinner. Charlie came in about 6, and we ate. He tried to talk to me, but I just nodded and shrugged. He had sighed, and got up to watch football.

By 7, I decided to turn in for the night. I fell asleep with ease.

I had a weird dream. I was writing. As I wrote each word, pain stung my heart.

I don't know why I'm here

Because now I've lost my life

I'm losing all hope without you near

And I've lost all hope

I didn't know where this was coming from. Who was I talking about? What was I talking about.

Why'd you leave me?

I can't believe

Believe what?

Lost in all my imperfections

Is where you found me

Inside all expectation

You left me

Okay, what?

Now that you're gone I've no reason to live

Everything you gave me is everything I'd give

Oh my gosh. I was talking about him.

Here I cry, needing your touch

Here I lie, needing to die

And now you're gone, you left me dead

He wakened me, but then he left me for dead as well

Why didn't he change me when he had the chance?

Ruined my life, is what you did

Said you would stay with me, as long as I'd live

Okay, maybe that was harsh.

And so I'm all alone

As I lie here to die

Why did you leave me?

Why, Edward, why?

I winced as I wrote his name. Wait…was it me?

I miss everything about you

Your hair and your eyes

I need only to see you

And then I face my demise

I wanted to see Edward's-wince-hair. Bronze. So strange. And his beautiful golden eyes.

To die here alone

To live for my life

Once you left me,

I lost all my life

He left you, he left you.

Edward, I love you,

And I realize

You did what you thought was best

And you left me to die

I miss him so much. Edward, come back! Edward!

Now that you've read this you see my problem

Dear Edward, I miss you, now please don't leave my side

As I lie here slowly dying,

Kiss me and tell me you lied.

I woke suddenly, screaming. Charlie rushed into the room.

"Bella! What's the-"

I was sitting up, a thin sheen of sweat on my face. I felt my vision go blurry, and I realized I had a head rush. Black spots dotted my vision.

Charlie saw my expression.

"Oh, that dream, right?"

I shook my head. "No, Dad, something different."

I recited the poem to him, wincing when I said his name. Charlie's eyes softened.

"Bella," he soothed, sitting on my bed and putting his arm awkwardly around my shoulder. I hadn't realized I was crying.

"He left you, and he's dumb. I know you miss him. I know you still love him. But you've got to remember that he's gone. Forever."

That only made me cry harder.

No, Dad. I'm stuck here forever, and he's going to always be seventeen. I'm going to die at an old age, and he's going to watch. He's never going to be there. It's all my fault for being stupid old Bella.

And in that moment, I had another realization.

Edward didn't want me, ever. He never loved me.

He was a vampire. I was a human-a fragile, clumsy one at that. I was no prettier than Jessica, I was too skinny, and I fell too much. I loved him. I fell for him. And all that time…it was a joke.

I love you, Edward Cullen. But sadly, you don't love me.

AN: Sadness. It's quite depressing, actually. So I randomly got this idea…

I was just sitting on Word, doing nothing because I'm weird like that, and I just started writing poetry. I have no idea whether it's actually good or not, but I like it. Actually, I enjoyed writing the poem. And then I just put Edward in it, made it a dream of Bella's, set it in New Moon, and BAM! One-shot. (: Ha, so anyways…

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