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P.S. this chapter is short, but it's the most important one I think.Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Stephanie Meyers except for the abusive adoption plot. But all characters and setting and myths belong to SM night that Daddy gets drunk. This happened every time Mommy left. He would get keg of beer and drink every last drop. Then he would get another and repeat until he passed out.

"Oh no," I whispered to myself hiding under my bed. I quietly breathed hoping he wouldn't find me this time, but I doubt that.

I could see his steel toe boots through the crack on the bottom of the door. Those boots are the worst to be kicked in. They hurt more then anything else he wears. But he usually wears the boots, so I'm used to it now.

"Come out, baby. Why would you run from your own Daddy," he slurred all his words. He was really drunk tonight. He must have started his night really early. It is only 8:30, about a half hour past my bed time. Not like it mattered anyway. I missed school so much because of my bruises from Daddy. Now, I am lucky to go to school maybe once or twice a month.

I pulled Spot close to me. Spot was my first, and only friend. My stuff Dalmatian puppy was always there for me. He has been with me throughout it all. Three years ago Mommy gave me Spot for a birthday gift. That was the last gift I got on my birthday. Spot always kept the monsters away, but he couldn't keep this one away. Daddy hurting me only started two years ago when Mommy started leaving every couple of days. He always had an excuse for Mommy on how I got my bruises though.

BAM! My door flew open and hit the wall. I heard a loud crack come from the door, I swear it cracked down the middle. I scooted farther into the darkness trying to hide. I hugged Spot closer as Daddy walked into the room.

"Come on, Daddy won't hurt you!" I hated when he yelled.

I also hated when he promised. Every time he hurt me he would promise for it to be the last time. But he always a couple days later it would start again, I couldn't trust anyone but Spot.

Daddy slowly opened the closet door, my usual hiding place. When he opened the closet to not see me there he said sweetly, "Oh, we're playing hide-and- go seek are we?"

He had an evil smirk on his face that had been graved into my head.

He stood there pondering on where I was hiding. My breathing grew ragged ad he drew to the bed. He crouched down under the bed and whispered, "Oh there you are now, come out and see Daddy."

His words were getting more slurred by the minute. I tried scooting farther back against the wall, but he grabbed my arm and ripped me from under the bed. My shoulder popped out of socket, and I let out a blood curling scream. That only made this more fun for Daddy.

He picked me up by the sides of my arms, I made sure not to let go of Spot. He would protect me, or at least be there with me through it once again. I wanted to cry, scream, but who would hear me but Daddy. The neighbors would hear, but they wouldn't do anything about it. It would only get me hurt worst and suffer longer.

He threw me at the floor against the wall. Spot fell out of my hands, but I snatched him as soon as I could reach him. My mouth way bleeding from where I hit my jaw on the floor. It hurt so bad, I was about to cry when Daddy kicked me. I heard a loud crack, I told you those steel toe boots hurt.

I couldn't hold it in, I let out a quiet whimper. "Oh baby, I don't want you to cry," he said as he brought his foot back to kick me again. This time in the head. I knew this was going to be the end. In a way I was happy, I knew I would have a happy place after this.

"Please Daddy, don't do this again, you promised."

He brought his foot back farther, I cringed gripping Spot tighter.

"Shit!" He yelled when he heard sirens in our driveway. He threw his beer bottle at me, and hit me right in the head. He ran out of my room leaving me there to die. I started to sob in pain and sorrow. I now had glass pieces engraved in my head, laying all around me. I started to slip away. I could feel unconscious coming for me. My vision starting getting blurry around the edges.

I then closed my eyes, I could still hear voices though. I heard a cop and my Daddy.

"Wh Wh Why wooould you arrestmeI havedone nothingwrong Of Of Officer," He was yelling and slurring his words almost beyond interpretation. I knew his face was turned in an innocent smile, breath smelling like beer and whiskey.

I didn't have to see him to know it.

As my hearing slowly got quieter, I heard an angel coming for me. I thought it was over, I was finally dying to live in peace. Mommy wouldn't miss me and Daddy I know wouldn't miss me. I would finally be loved by someone, as strong arms picked me up, I suddenly knew. I wasn't dying.

"She's going to be just fine," the doctor told the cops and my Daddy. Like he would care anyway.

"No I'll carry her," the doctor said carrying me out of my room. He saved me, I was to scared to shy away from him. so I just snuggled into his chest more.

The last thing I heard was the beeping of my heart monitor and the sirens, wailing in our quiet neighbor hood.

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