Hello again Advanceshippers! It's been far too long since my last Advanceshipping story, and I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting. But, as promised at the end of my last one, here's a new one, which could turn out to be my best one yet - depending on what your reactions are.

Before I begin this story, I want to explain a bit about it (without giving away too much). It's a complete reboot to the show. It's not about trainers catching Pokémon (although Pikachu appears). It starts with Ash and May not knowing each other and later meeting. To begin with, May is with Drew - but not in a sort of relationship you may expect. So don't be put off by what you read in this chapter and a few of the others. The Advanceshipping will come in.

There's also a few changes of character ages, which some Pokémon fanfictions on here have also, I've noticed. The ages in this story are:

Ash - 16

May - 15

Drew - 17

Characters will also be a bit out of character, but that's needed for the plot. So please don't bash this story just for that.

Right, well enough of that, let's begin "The Boy From Heaven".

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon.

On the edge of a small village consisting of many houses, stood two large iron gates. The people of the village would often gaze up past these gates, their eyes watching the winding path which led up the hill to a large great mansion. They had no idea what it was like inside, but they knew who lived there - and they knew that he didn't deserve what he had.

The occupier of the mansion - an seventeen-year old boy - was sitting in a big red velvet armchair in his large lounge one night, with his feet up on a footstool of matching colour and material. He was dressed in a black shirt beneath a lilac jacket which hung open, along with pale blue jeans. Clutched in his right hand was a bottle of whiskey. He took a sip from it, his green eyes never living the fifty inch flat screen television which was turned on in front of him, then ran his left hand through his green hair that matched his eyes.

Taking the tip of the bottle out of his mouth, the boy laughed at the comedy programme that was on the television, but then scowled as the sound of a vacuum cleaner started near him, drowning out the dialogue from the programme. He looked back in his armchair to see a beautiful, but tired looking girl, two years younger than him, hoovering up the dirty carpet of the lounge. The carpet was a sorry state, covered in dirt and dust balls, and also littered with drink bottles. But the carpet not so much a poor state as the girl's clothing; a stained t-shirt which its colour drained out, giving it an ugly grey, with black trousers full of ripped holes. Her feet were bare and weren't doing much good to keep her up due to her tiredness. The girl moved the pipe of the vacuum cleaner back and forth with her right hand and straighten her brunette hair with her left. Her eyelids drooped, half covering her amazing sapphire blue eyes.

"May!" The boy yelled to be heard above the vacuum cleaner. "Turn that bloody thing off!"

May switched off the vacuum cleaner. "Sorry, Drew, but the house has got to be cleaned."

"Well, wait until I've finished watching this show. In the meantime, you can make yourself useful by cleaning the dirty dishes in the sink."

May sighed unhappily and wearily.

"What are you sighing for?!" snapped Drew crossly.

"I'm just tired, Drew. I've been working hard all these past months keeping the house clean-"

"Are you complaining?!"

"No! No, I'm not!"

"And you had better not either! Somebody's got to keep this huge place fit for a rich kid like me! And since the servants left, claiming I am spoilt and selfish, which I am not-!"

"No, no, you're not, Drew," said May. "But why don't you help me clean-"

At that moment, Drew got out of his armchair, and approached May, snarling. A fearful look grew on May's face and she tried backing away, but Drew was too quick for her. He clutched May's dirty shirt and pulled her close to him, his face shooting an angry look at her's.

"ARE YOU SUGGESTING...THAT I...?!" He paused, as if having trouble saying the words. "CLEAN MY OWN HOUSE?!"

"Drew, I-" May began, her face full of fear. Before she could finish, Drew threw her to the floor. She fell to her front, but managed to put out her hands to stop herself from falling. She remained on the floor and looked sadly up at Drew.

"This is my house! I inherited it from my father, as well as his vast fortune. I am - I mean, we, since you moved in with me, are the richest kids in the region! I also inherited the servants as well as the house and fortune! But they had a problem with me for some reason, making up I was spoilt and that I overworked them and that I didn't deserve this house and fortune, and so they selfishly moved out! Now I have given you my love and the biggest home you could ask for! The least you could do it keep it clean for me!"

"Yes, Drew." May stood up and walked through the doorway at the back of the lounge into the kitchen. The unit was at the back. A pile of dirty dishes sat in the sink. How so many dishes had gotten dirty when it was only her and Drew who lived and ate in the mansion, May didn't know. She had often wanted to ask Drew to buy a dish washer, but didn't in fear that he would think she was complaining would loose his temper as he did earlier. She approached the sink and turned on the tap to fill the sink. While she left the tap run, she gazed at the window, staring at her reflection. She saw how dirty her clothes were, and there was more to her state than the clothes; what was beneath them explained more about her life with Drew; several scars from beatings.

Living in a rich house had proved to be far different from what May had had in mind; she had pictured herself in wonderful colourful clothes and also having the freedom of doing what she wanted, when she wanted. But all she ever did was cook and clean for Drew, working hard everyday, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.

May shook her head as she thought about this. I'm just being selfish, she thought, angry at herself. Like Drew said, he's giving me the biggest home I could ask for. I have pay him back by keeping it clean, since the stupid servants left, saying his selfish, which he isn't. He's given me his love.May smiled as she thought about the good times they used to share in the past. But Deverything changed when Drew's rich father had died and he had inherited the house and fortune. Drew had asked May to leave her parents and little brother and move into the mansion with him. May and her family were quite against the idea, but Drew had managed to persuade her with the use of a special smile. It was enough to make May leave her family, who were still against the idea and move in with Drew. But Drew's personality had since change dramatically as he began spending the money on alcohol. May, who never drunk it herself, had tried persuading him not to spend it on such a waste, but her persuasive methods had not been as effective as his. A great deal of the money had been spent on alcohol by Drew, and still was now.

Since then, Drew had changed into a spiteful, aggressive, bad-tempered person. He was no longer affectionate with May and wouldn't take her out like he used to. He would go out to play baseball with his local club, leaving May to keep the house tidy, because the servants had moved out due to his aggressive behaviour, and then sometimes come home with a shiny trophy which May would have to ensure stayed clean and shiny, along with the rest of his trophies.

Drew's changed, May thought as she turned off the sink tap and began washing the dishes. But money always changes people. And I just know that despite his bad temper and aggressive behaviour, the way he feels about me hasn't changed.

Half an hour later, after washing, drying and putting away the dishes, May came into the living room to find Drew had just turned off the television, and was now beginning to walk up the stairs on the left side of the lounge.

"Well, May," he yawned, stretching, "I'm going off to bed now."

"Yeah, me too." May walked to the front of the stairs and went to walk up them when Drew put out a hand in front of her, stopping her.

"Er...no you're not."

"Why not, Drew?!" May looked up at him curiously.

"Haven't you forgotten? You've still gotta clean that carpet."

"Oh, but, Drew," May moaned wearily. "I've just done the dishes."

"And now you're gonna do the carpet," Drew replied without emotion.

"Alright." May walked to the vacuum cleaner, which was still plugged into the wall socket on the side of the stairs, and was about to turn it on, when Drew moved like lightening over to her and his right hand suddenly grabbed her left arm, taking her by surprise.

"Oh, I forgot to mention; you can't use that thing this time of the night. Stand aside."

May stood back and watched as Drew unplugged the vacuum cleaner, then picked it up carried it to the front door which was a bit on front of the stairs, opened the door and threw the machine out into the darkness. He then closed the door and came back to a puzzled-looking May. "What did you do that for, Drew? Why can't I use the vacuum cleaner this time of the night?"

"Why do you think, you stupid girl?! It'll bloody keep me awake! That's why!"

"But what am I supposed to use the clean the carpet?"

"Simple." Drew walked to the door of the cupboard up the stairs. He reached inside and pulled out a broom. He thrust it into May's hands. "You can clean it the old-fashioned way."

May looked at the broom. "But it'll take me ages."

Drew snatched the broom out of her hands and held it upright, shaking it and glaring fiercely at her. "I could always use it to hit you then!"

"No! No!" May cried, and she snatched the brook out of his hand and began sweeping the floor hastily.

"Good," said Drew huffily. He went to walk to the stairs, but was stopped as May, still holding the broom, held out her arms in front of him, smiling. "Goodnight, Drew."

"Goodnight." Drew walked straight past her. May's face fell for a brief moment, but brighten up as she watched him walk up the stairs. "I love you, Drew," she smiled.

Drew continued walking up the stairs and said nothing.

May sighed and turned around beginning to sweep the dirt balls on the carpet. She was very tired, but reminded herself that she had to repay Drew for giving her a large home.

After twenty-five minutes of sweeping the floor and clearing up the empty whiskey bottles on the floor, May switched off the lounge and kitchen lights, yawned and walked exhaustively up the stairs. When she reached the top, she walked down the dark corridor and disappeared through one of the many doors to her room. This room was a match for her dirty clothes, with dingy walls with no paint or wall paper. She walked slowly towards her bed, her aching tired bare feet against the floorboards with no carpet covering them. When she reached the bed, she collapsed onto it, and pulled the thin dirty sheet over herself. Finally, resting her head on the hard pillow, she fell asleep, soon to wake up in just a few hours to make breakfast and do yet another hard day's work for the boy who she love and who she thought loved her back.

Well, there's the first chapter, which features May, although no Ash, but Drew. It's alright, I haven't lost my mind. This is an Advanceshipping story, not a Contestshipping one. I would never write a Contestshipping one! Never! Ashy Boy will come in soon. May being with Drew here is needed for the plot, and as you read, its not exactly a loving relationship. And as you also read, Drew abuses her a lot. A lot more of this happens in the story. If this kind of thing is offensive to you, then you may be better off not reading this story.

Right, well, I hope you've enjoyed this first chapter. And if you have, then please stay tuned for the next part!