Here we are everyone! The last chapter! So will end happily or in a tragedy? Well, read on and enjoy the final part of "The Boy From Heaven."

May sat silently on one of the chairs in the empty hospital waiting room, staring blanking into space. Pikachu sat on the marble floor, making sad noises. The waiting room, its walls white and bare, was alongside one of the hospital corridors. Doctors and nurses would rush down the corridor and pass the waiting room without looking at them.

It had been an hour since May had been crying at the bottom of the bridge with Ash's fallen body in her arms. After a lot of mourning, she had managed with a surge of difficulty to leave Ash's fallen body for a while, asking Pikachu to watch over him, to find a telephone box near the path on the hillside to telephone for an ambulance, which arrived in ten minutes. The paramedic and managed to lift Ash's body onto a stretcher,as well as Drew's, much to May's reluctance. The two bodies were wheeled into the ambulance and, with May also aboard, were transported quickly to a hospital near the town where Ash had taken May. Throughout the entire journey, May stood over Ash's motionless body, holding his hand tight, trying to comfort him, but with much difficulty, being in need of comfort herself.

Now May and Pikachu were sitting in the hospital waiting room on the emergancy ward. Ash and Drew had been wheeled quickly into separate rooms of the same ward, where doctors and nurses were now working hard to revive them. May and Pikachu could only wait, dreading what the verdict on Ash would be.

After what had seemed like forever, a nurse came and approached them. She was a cheery-looking woman, middle-aged with straight blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in a white uniform. She came over to May and smiled at her. "Hi. Are you May?"

"How do you know?" asked May curiously.

"I've seen you around. I live in the village below the mansion you live in." The nurse's smile faded. "I understand you want to know how he is."

"Yes! Yes!" May cried desperately, standing up. "How is he?! Is he okay?!"

The nurse sighed sadly, and May immediately felt a sense of dread.

"We did everything we could," explained the nurse. "But-"

"NO!" May cried, her eyes tearing up. "No, no, please, no!"

"Pika Pi!" Pikachu wailed, just as desperate.

"We were too late," the nurse sighed glumly. "He's dead."

May placed her gloved hands over her eyes and cried into them. Pikachu hugged onto her ankle and cried along with her.

"I am so sorry, May," sympathized the nurse sadly. "We really did do everything we could...but Drew had been killed instantly by the fall."

Pikachu suddenly stopped crying, immediately realising what the nurse had said. May continued to cry for a few moments, before stopping and taking away her hands from her teary eyes, looking surprised up at the nurse. "Drew?"

"Yes. I'm so sorry, May. I know you love him-"

"NO I DON'T!!!" May interrupted angrily. "I don't care about Drew. He treated me like dirt! What about Ash?"

"Ash? You mean that other boy?"

"Yes!" May yelled frantically. "Is he alright?"

The nurse smiled. "Yes...he's alright."

May let out a loud happy cry, as did Pikachu. "Can you take me to him?"

"Sure. Follow me."

The nurse led May and Pikachu down the corridor until they arrived outside a door which led to one of the rooms.

"Go on in," said the nurse kindly. "I'll leave you to it." And with that, she turned away and walked back up the corridor.

May and Pikachu disappeared through the door inside the room. There was not much inside. It was a small room with four walls painted blue, with nothing on them, except a window looking out at the town, which was obscured by the darkness at night. A bed with soft white sheets was in the room with a white wooden bedside drawer next to it.

May and Pikachu were not taking in any of the details of the room. There was just one thing they were focusing on. Sitting up in bed, smiling warmly at them, his head bandaged and his cap resting on the bedside table, was Ash.

"Hey May. Hey Pikachu."

For a while, May just stood where she was in silence, her lips, though smiling, trembling. Then, wailing loudly, she ran up to Ash and threw her arms around him, weeping tears of happiness. "Ash! Thank goodness you're alright!"

Ash hugged her back. "I sure am. Don't worry, May. I've just got a sore head and back. I won't be able to walk for a while. But I'll be okay."

May smiled and held him tighter. Pikachu then hopped onto the bed. Ash chuckled and rubbed the little mouse Pokémon's head.

"Pika!" Pikachu let out a cry of happiness, glad his friend was okay.

Ash then broke his hug with May. "May, could you do me a favour?"

"Of course, Ash. You've done plenty for me," May smiled. "Now it's time I did something for you. What is it?"

"Well, seeing as I'm gonna be in hospital for a few days, could you possibly feed Pikachu for me while I'm gone?"

"Certainly, Ash. I'd be glad to."

"Thanks, May." Ash reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a key. He handed it to May. "You'll find alot of his food in one of the cupboards in the kitchen. Just feed him"

May placed the key into her waist pouch. "I'll do that, Ash. No problem."

"Thanks, May."

Pikachu let out a yawn and May noticed this. "Perhaps I should take him back to your place." She reached over and hugged Ash again. "Goodnight Ash...I love you."

Ash returned the hug. "I love you too, May."

May broke the hug, but not before planting a kiss on Ash's cheek. Ash blushed and placed a finger on the cheek, as she watched May pick up a half asleep Pikachu and carried him out of the room, smiling at Ash on the way out. Then she left the hospital and managed to find her way through the dark town back to the path which led back to Ash's cottage.

Over the next few days, May stayed at Ash's place, feeding Pikachu and sleeping in Ash's old bedroom. In the evenings, she and Pikachu would visit Ash in the hospital, bringing him treats. They kept asking if he was feeling any better, and when he would be discharged from hospital.

On the very day Ash was finally free to go, he was still unable to walk. So when May and Pikachu arrived that evening, the same nurse who May had met on the same night as Ash arrived at the hospital came into the room with a wheelchair. She managed to lift Ash from his bed and into the chair.

"Your back will be better in a few days," she told him. "So you'll be able to walk again soon."

Ash asked her to pass him his hat to him. She picked it up off the bedside drawer, where it had been sitting for the last few days. She handed it to him, but he did not put it on, for his head was still bandaged. Pikachu hopped into his land and Ash placed his cap into the mouse Pokémon's head. Then May stood behind the wheelchair and, after a set of farewells to the nurse, wheeled Ash off the ward and out of the hospital.

May was soon pushing Ash along the path which led from the town into the hills to his cottage. The Sun was setting and the orange sky looked beautiful.

"Thanks for taking me home, May," smiled Ash.

"Anytime," May smiled back. "It's the least I can do for everything you've done for me."

It was dark when they arrived at Ash's cottage. May unlocked the door with the key Ash had given her and wheeled him inside, closing the door behind her.

"Thanks May," said Ash, as she wheeled him into the lounge. "It sure is good to be home."

May stopped pushing Ash in his char and sat down on the wool sofa. Ash turned to her and noticed she was looking at him shyly. "Hey? What is it?"

"Is, er...the offer still on?" May asked nervously. "Of here?"

Ash smiled and Pikachu, who was still sitting in his lap, wearing his cap, let out a happy reply. "Pika!"

"Of course it it, May," Ash beamed. "I'd be happy for you to live here. But would you? Aster all, you do live in a large mansion with heaps of money."

"That doesn't matter, Ash," May smiled. "That wasn't my home. I never was home. But at last, I have found May home - you!"

Ash's smiled widened. "Then...welcome home, May!"

May beamed, went over to Ash and hugged him tight.

Later that night, May managed to wheel Ash up the stairs and into his mother's room, and lift him out of the wheelchair and into his mother's bed. Pikachu sat at the foot of the bed, curled up into a ball.

"I promise you, May," Ash told her, as she tucked him in under the duvet. "Once I can walk again, you will never have to do anymore work again."

May smiled and raised a hand. "Well, g'night Ash." She turned away to walk out of the door.

"Wait!" Ash reached out and grabbed her hand. She turned back to him, surprised.

"Would you, to sleep in here with me?"

May smiled. "Oh, yes please, Ash. I've felt so lonely; sleeping in a bed on my own for a long time."

"Well, you don't have to feel lonely anymore."

May slipped off her trainers and socks and took off her gloves, pouch, necklace and bandanna, placing them on the bedside table with Ash's cap. Now only in her blouse, skirt and shorts, she slipped under the duvet alongside Ash.

"First thing I'm gonna do when I walk again," chuckled Ash, "is get you some decent pyjamas."

May giggled and faced Ash, smiling happily at him. "I love you, Ash."

"I love you too, May."

May placed her hands onto Ash's cheeks and pulled his head close to her's. They both shut their eyes and their lips joined as they shared a long compassionate kiss. Once this kiss was broken, May removed her hands from Ash's cheeks, but continued to smile at him. "G'night Ash."

"G'night May."

Pikachu then walked further up the duvet and lay down in between them. They looked down at him and smiled. "G'night Pikachu," they said in unison.

Finally, laying their heads back against the pillow, the young couple fell asleep. Throughout the night, May had happy dreams of her new life, which had just begun. A life beyound being overworked and abused, and instead, containing wonder, joy and love, with this boy who had come down from Heaven and showed her that all these things existed in life. From now on, it was going to be a perfect life for May.

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