Will's Biggest Wish

written by

Nichola McDougall

''Will Vandam had her work cut out for her, she didn't expect to be under this much pressure, first her mother is disgusted at her scilence homework, then gets mad at her for not paying attention then bans Will from not seeing the new Micheal Justin Movie!

''This is the last straw!'' thought Will, she had just about had with her mum's pushy rules and unfair treatment, someday she'll get the better of her yet and prove to her that she isn't what she appears to be.

''Why can't she understand that I am a guardian with no Sense of shelf respect!'' she thought to hershelf as she tidyed her room, again as punishment for been late again from school.

''This is so unfair!'' she yells to her window on her right as she pushes the boxes she was holding down by graity force. Unfortuntly for Will, at that momment heard her mother who said to her though the bedroom door.

''I heard that Will, honey! I heard that, just behave and finshed doing that last piece of history homework, Mr Collins has sent you!'' Susan Vandam shouted though the doorway.

Will Vandam stop for a momment and shuddered, she didn't know that her mom was nearby and made it clear to hershelf that she wouldn't shout to hershelf again for the rest of that evening.

''Yes, Mom!'' she shouted in a relunctant way that she didn't turn out to be the way she planned.

''what am I going to do?.....'' she tells hershelf as she struggles between homework or going to the movies with her friends. Will had wanted to see the movie for quite a while now, since she heard about it, she wanted to be one of the early first to see she can't disobey her mother, or she will be grounded for the rest of the weekend!

End of Part 1