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We'd only accepted the baby, once we knew of her past. It wasn't hard for me to believe that what the Cullens were telling us was true. They were a pale as ghosts and the baby's skin wasn't much darker. Carlisle, their leader, had offered us proof but Charlie and I had decided against it. This didn't seem like a way to lie if you wanted to get rid of your child.

She had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes; she'd fit perfectly into our family. Charlie and I had been trying for children, but I was barren. The Cullens told us her name, Isabella Marie, and we had no desire to change it.

"Her father is an evil man, but he won't cross us." The burly one with dark curly hair was smirking as he stood off to the side, watching as the two year old, Isabella, napped.

Charlie was sitting in his recliner rubbing the back of his neck, "How did you get her away from him?"

Emmett's smirk changed to a grin as he reached out and tickled Bella's stomach, "Very carefully, but Bells was very quiet when we snuck her out, weren't you." Her giggle made me smile but also made me wonder. Would the Cullens want to be a part of her life?

"We can't be around her, but we'll come back to make sure she's alright as she grows." This boy, had bronze hair and a crooked grin, which settled somewhere between impish and cautious. His reddish-brown locks shone as the sun filtered in through the window. He'd been staring at Bella since I'd set her in Kyle's crib.

"What should we do if we notice any changes? Will she crave blood, as you do?"

Carlisle stroked his chin as he stared thoughtfully at my husband, "We aren't certain. There's never been one like her. But we've managed to put a block on her mind. She'll never know that she's met us so maybe that will stop any changes. However, the block will eventually wear away, as the person who placed it on her is absent. We'll be back for Bella's senior year. That's when it will have worn away enough to change how she functions."

"And Kyle?"

The small pixielike girl, whose black hair pointed in every direction, smiled, "Your son will be fine. I recommend you tell him; he'll accept what you say as the truth. He can protect her."

"Kyle's just a little boy. How can he protect her?" Charlie was standing now, pacing by the crib.

Alice grimaced but nodded, "There's something special about him that vampires hate. And there's another boy around town with the same affliction. Bella will be safe around them."

"Who's the other boy?"

"His name is Jacob Black. He can keep her safe until we return. The Volturi won't dare bother Bella with werewolves around. Just as they wouldn't bother her with a vampire clan as big as ours." The bronze haired boy scowled and looked pointedly at Carlisle. Charlie looked at me, and I gasped hearing that other "mythical" creatures were in our little town.

"Edward," Carlisle turned his stern glare on the boy. The two seemed to share a silent conversation, and Edward clamped his jaw shut, not speaking again.

"Werewolves and vampires…I always thought you had to be bitten. What could possibly be next? And what the hell are the Volturi?"

I could hear the agitation in my husband's voice as he stopped pacing. Carlisle spoke softly, his tone calming, "The leader of the Volturi is Isabella's father. And werewolves are the natural enemy of vampires. I'm shocked, Charlie, that you know nothing about werewolves. The children usually obtain the ability from their father."

My husband sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, "I'm not Kyle's father. He's adopted, just as Bella will be…" Charlie paused as realization dawned on him, "Will my children hate each other? You said vampires and werewolves are enemies. How can the two grow up together if they hate one another?"

Carlisle glanced at the dark haired girl, "Alice, can you see them getting along?"

Alice smiled and nodded, "I do. But the future can always change. Once Kyle knows, he'll be fine. But until then, there may be tension between the two."

Carlisle spoke again, "I think it's time for us to go. If you need us, you may contact us. Otherwise, treat her as you treat Kyle. We'll be in touch."


Bella grew as any normal child but she stumbled more than any child I'd ever seen. I wondered if the block the Cullens placed on her brain was affecting her balance,

During Kyle's fifth and Bella's seventh birthday, we'd decided that Kyle would find out the truth. The tension between the two was unnerving, and other people were starting to notice.

I watched as Charlie pulled Kyle aside. We didn't know if his brain could wrap around the concept, as he was only five, but Charlie was willing to try. When my son wandered back into the room holding a piece of cake on a plate and handed it to Bella, I knew he understood in his own little way.

After that day, Kyle protected Bella from anything and everything. The only boy who was allowed around her was Jacob Black. Not that I was shocked, after what Alice had told us about the future, I knew that she and Jacob would be best friends.

As Bella's senior year approached, I grew anxious. I didn't want the Cullens to take my little girl away. Each school year took away part of her and her time with us lessened. Kyle seemed to notice my anxiety as the summer of her senior year came to a close.

He was leaning against the counter top, holding an apple as he watched me attempt to cook dinner, "Are you okay, Mom?"

I brushed the hair from my face and nodded, "I'm fine, just nervous about what this year has to bring. I haven't heard from the Cullens in years. What if they've changed? Maybe they hate Bella now. What if they try and kill her."

Kyle's eyes flashed, "They won't come near her, Mom, I can promise you that."

My youngest looked angry and protective. Jacob's father had been "training" the boys since we'd informed him of Bella's future. Billy had been willing to help us protect our daughter from any threat, but having a bunch of immature teenage boys as my daughter's protection did nothing to settle my worries, "Kyle, you're 16 years old."

He smiled and tossed the apple, catching it easily, "Mom, I'm not the only one looking after her. She'll be fine. I swear."

His words calmed me, but I was still worried. What if Kyle was wrong and they couldn't protect her? What if he couldn't protect himself? I couldn't lose two children. As the school year loomed, I braced myself for what was to come and prayed that my children would be safe.

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