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So, I've recently decided that Peter Facinelli is the man and for those of you who disagree…boo you… But ya, after watching the deleted scene in Twilight and after watching Twilight multiple times, I've become obsessed. Don't worry, not obsessed to the point of stalking; I just think he's a cool guy.

I'm working on a Carlisle/Esme story, but don't get too excited. I have about three stories started. They are hiding in folders on my computer. But I'll tell you about them and ask for your opinion.

The Carlisle/Esme story begins when Esme leaves her husband, who after the birth of their son becomes a drunk. He's never laid a hand on his son but he's thrown dishes and angry words at Esme. Sick of his verbal abuse, Esme leaves and calls her best friend, Carlisle to be consoled. Both have had feelings for each other in the past, but have never admitted it!

The second story is an Edward/Bella story. Both are around seventeen years old and Edward is on vacation with his family. One night, he and Bella met on a beach, but he doesn't catch her name. Later, he meets her and a romance ensues, but will her parents approve?

And lastly, I have a story about Edward, who is a single father and a published writer. His son is smart, but is causing mischief in the classroom and when his teacher, Ms. Swan, calls Edward in to discuss Jace's behavior, they develop in interest in each other.

Phew! So, cast your vote. I've recently started the Carlisle/Esme story and I enjoy writing it, but the others are fun too. So let me know!


Charlie's expression was frozen as he stood in the doorway. His eyes were locked on the Cullens, looking past me as I stood next to Edward.

"What are you doing here?"

For the first time since he'd entered, Charlie turned his eyes on me, "Excuse me?"

His tone was stern and he crossed his arms, staring down at me. Charlie never had to say much for me to regret any bad decision. The disappointment in his eyes was enough. I didn't speak again; instead I turned back to Edward, who was shifting on his feet.

"Charlie, why don't we sit down?" Dr. Cullen gestured toward the empty table but my father stood his ground.

"It's too soon, Carlisle. She's not old enough to understand."

"Shouldn't that be Bella's decision? She's 18 now."

Edward clenched his jaw, his eyes darkening as he waited for my father's answer. Charlie's expression was not longer stern, instead he looked worried, "We just need more time! She's our daughter, how can you expect us to give her up?"

"Give me up? Dad, what's going on?" Edward's lips were pressed together, his expression was uncomfortable and his eyes wouldn't meet mine, "Is this some sort of sick joke?"

No one smiled or offered me any other explanation, but as I looked from Edward to my father, I saw a sadness lingering in his eyes. When Charlie finally spoke, his voice was soft and his tone wavered, "They came earlier than I expected, Bells. I wasn't even sure they'd return." He pinched the bridge of his nose before walking across the room and settling into the vacant seat at the empty table.

Dr. Cullen sighed, "Charlie, this isn't a simple situation, but I'll agree to wait a few more days. I had no idea that Edward was bringing Bella here. I wanted to speak," he looked pointedly at Edward, "privately with you and Renee, before I spoke with Bella."

Edward didn't even look abashed as a mischievous smirk slid onto his face, "Apparently my son has his own agenda." The doctor continued, but I wasn't listening anymore.

I felt self conscious as I tried to ignore the conversation going on around me. The room felt different and I became light headed. Something in my world was changing.


Carlisle was speaking in soft tones with Charlie now, but Bella didn't seem to be listening. I could sense that Bella was slipping out of our reality and when her legs collapsed from beneath her, I moved. My arms wrapped around Bella's waist, catching her, "Bella?"

Both Charlie and Carlisle turned toward me as I held Bella's limp body in my arms, "What happened?" Carlisle was looking at me for an explanation, as if I could answer him. He knew that I couldn't see into her mind.

"I'm not sure."

I leaned down to peer at her face as Carlisle walked toward me. He glanced over at Charlie, "Has she been sleeping and eating? Have you noticed anything different about her?"

Charlie looked uncomfortable but when Bella gasped and her eyes opened, Carlisle turned his attention back to her, "Are you alright, Bella?"

A slight redness tinted her cheeks as she nodded in response to my father, "I just haven't eaten yet and I'm hungry. But it's weird."

Carlisle glanced back at me and I could hear what he was thinking, so I spoke, "What kind of hunger, Bella?"

Edward, I have an idea. But I'm not sure that Charlie will like it.

"Hunger is hunger, right? I mean, just get her a cheeseburger. She'll be fine."

Charlie was pacing as Carlisle helped walk Bella to a chair. She looked pale; worse than usual. Her hands were shaking.

"Edward," Carlisle rested his left hand against Bella's forehead and I winced as I listened to his thoughts.

Her skin is colder than normal. We knew this was going to happen, but I wasn't expecting it for weeks, maybe months.

"What's going on?"

Charlie had stopped pacing, hands in his hair. I could feel the frustration emitting from him, so I spoke softly to Bella hoping to get a better idea of how she was feeling, "Do you feel anything besides hunger? Does your throat hurt or anything?"

She's changing, Edward. I think our presence dislodged the blockage in her brain. I'm shocked that she's controlling herself this well but I know what she needs.

My eyes flashed when I stepped closer to Bella. I could hear her heartbeat changing, racing. When I reached out to touch her skin, I could understand what Carlisle was thinking. Bella's skin felt normal to me but if Charlie were to touch her, he'd recoil from the cold.

Bella gasped and locked eyes with me. I could see flecks of red swirling into her chocolate brown eyes. Carlisle's hand was on my shoulder, pulling me away. He moved back to Bella's side pushing me toward the door.


"Edward," Dr. Cullen spoke, his eyes trained on mine. My vision swam back and forth, my throat burning with the insatiable hunger. I couldn't understand why I felt this way; it was almost as though I couldn't control myself. "Go get me the O negative."

"O negative?" Charlie growled, but I could sense the uncertainty below his anger.

"Right," Edward said briskly as he backed away from me, turning to leave the room.

"What are you playing at, Carlisle?" Charlie shouted.

"I'm just testing something." Dr. Cullen replied calmly. He gripped my wrists, pressing me against the chair; I struggled against his grip, "Bella, relax. Edward will be right back and you'll be fine."

"Carlisle, I won't allow it. She can't, she's human."

"Either you allow it or you'll have to leave. She can't function without it." Dr. Cullen's tone didn't leave any room for argument and when Edward returned, I watched as he silently handed his father something.

"Charlie, you may not want to watch this." Edward was standing near Charlie now, turning him away from the two of us. Edward's father approached me slowly, handing me the now open bag.

"Bella, I need you to drink this." He handed me the bag and when some of the contents sloshed onto my hand, I heard a hiss. But it hadn't come from them; I had been the one making the sound.

The bag was close to my lips and I inhaled the scent through my nose. It didn't lessen the burning in my throat, only made it more severe.

It was sticky, sliding between my lips, coating my mouth and throat as I drank down the contents. I was aware of Dr. Cullen speaking, but I couldn't make out the words. Nothing mattered but the liquid the doctor had handed me.

"Bella, it's empty now. Are you still feeling lightheaded?"

My hand was shaking as I peeled the bag away from my lips and handed it back to Edward's father. His brown eyes were locked on mine, waiting for me to speak, "I feel better. But my throat still hurts."

He nodded and backed away from me, "You're going to feel like that for a while, Bella. You may be able to ignore it over time."

"What do you mean she may be able to ignore it? Aren't you ever satisfied?" Charlie's voice was shaking and he was leaning against the wall, as if it were the only thing keeping him standing. Edward was scowling as he glared down at the floor. Had I made him sick with what had just happened?


This was my fault. If I hadn't brought her here, she would still be normal. If I hadn't tempted her, telling her that she was different, she never would have known. Carlisle could sense my anger, but despite the kind thoughts in his head, I knew it was my fault.

"We can be satisfied, Charlie, but the burn is always there. Just like the feelings your son will always have for our kind."

"But he's never hurt Bella." Charlie's tone was bitter.

They've been in there for a while; I hope everything's alright. Maybe I should check on them. Dr. Cullen's wife has called multiple times.

"Carlisle," My voice sounded tense and he immediately looked at me, "Esme has called multiple times and the woman at the nurses' station is thinking about coming in here."

"Charlie, I think we need to take Bella back to our house. It's away from everything so she won't be tempted so easily. You and your family are welcome to come over, but this will be best for Bella until we can better understand what she's going through."

Bella looked frustrated and I knew why. The conversation was something she didn't understand. And they were talking about her.

"What if I take Bella now? You call and tell Esme I'm bringing her home. I'm assuming everyone else is there?" I spoke softly and Carlisle glanced at me.

Carlisle nodded once, before responding, "I want you to take her, but you need to wait until Jasper is here. Bella won't be able to handle the ride unless he's with you."

"She's handled everything else, why don't you think she can handle this? We're in a hospital, Carlisle. She could have fled; I'm sure she has the strength of a newborn."

Edward, Alice and I are here.

I jerked my head around and stared out the break room door. Jasper and Alice were standing quietly, waiting.

"Alice knew and she didn't tell me."

I knew, but this was the only outcome I saw with a happy ending. I would have told you if I had seen something bad happening.

Charlie spoke, "Take Bella with you. I'll bring Renee and Kyle over later. Is it alright if I bring Kyle?"

"Of course."

Bella got to her feet and walked toward me, "If you're done plotting my future, then I'd like to leave." I pressed my lips together and reached out to grasp her hand, but she shook her head, "I'll walk by myself." Bella brushed past me, leaving the break room. Alice smiled at her before following closely, careful not to let her get too far away.

Jasper sighed and gestured for me to follow him, "She's angry, Edward."

"I know, Jasper. Just because I can't read her thoughts doesn't mean I don't pick up on how she's feeling." I paused, "I'm sorry. That was uncalled for."

He offered me a knowing smile, "If she was my future, I'd probably have said the same thing." It was raining by the time we reached Alice's car. She and Bella were sitting inside; Bella was staring out the window and Alice was staring at Bella.

"Enjoy the car ride. I'll be right behind you."

Jasper smiled wryly, "I'm sure it will be a pleasant experience."

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