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The wind blowing on my face while I sat on the sailboat was the most relaxing thing I had felt since Edward visited me at work on Tuesday. I smiled at the thought of him. He'd come to visit me almost every day that I was working at Gourmet for the past week. Everything about him intrigued me, his voice, his smile, his laugh, his eyes, everything. Three visits, and all that had occurred between us so far was small talk. It was beginning to make me anxious because I didn't think he was interested in me romantically, but at the same time I wondered why he kept coming back to visit me. That is what I intended to ponder on this boat trip with Alice and Jasper. He would probably think I'm crazy if he ever knew that I thought about him like that. Then again, I probably am crazy.

Edward's best friend, Jasper had asked Alice if she wanted to go sailing with him on his father's sailboat. He'd come into the pizzeria on the day after Edward's first visit, while she was on her shift. They'd hit it off just like I thought they would. Just like Alice hoped, and this was their first official date. He suggested that I come along since I was Alice's best friend and later Alice agreed because she thought that the two of them may need a buffer incase things got awkward. Of course, a half an hour into the trip and it was like I wasn't even there.

We were sailing down at La Push, and Alice was lucky she got me to come, since Jake lived down there. But I would do anything for Alice, and she would do anything for me. Luckily there were no sightings of Jacob. I don't think I could have stopped Alice from punching his lights out if we had run into him, anyway.

Jasper's cell phone rang. He laughed and said, "No way, Cullen!" and my eyes brightened a little at the mention of Edward's surname. Then I rationalized that Jasper might be talking to Emmett, and with my luck he probably was. Alice and I looked at each other curiously, both wondering what was going on.

"Hey," Alice whispered to me, "maybe your Mr. Studmuffin is here. Aren't you glad I dragged you on this trip now?" she finished with a small laugh while covering her mouth with her tiny hand. Her pixie-like haircut ruffled slightly in the wind, at the same time that my long ponytail whipped around my body, hitting me in the face. "Oh! Do you think I can do your makeup? Please, Bella?" she looked at me with her best puppy dog eyes, but there was no way I was getting mauled by Alice today.

"Oh god, Alice. We don't even know if Jasper is talking to Edward. It's probably just Emmett, and there is no way I am letting you attack my face simply because there is a chance I might see Edward," I said with a sigh. I usually tried to protect myself by not getting my hopes up, because I knew the second I let my guard down, I would get hurt.

Alice's bottom lip popped out into a pout at my refusal. "Fine Bella, but when he finally asks you out, you won't be able to stop me," she said while rubbing her hands together like an evil villain.

A few minutes later, we were interrupted when Jasper hung up his cell phone and told us that Emmett, Rosalie and Edward had spotted our boat a few hundred feet away. We all looked around and soon we spotted Emmett, Rosalie and Edward on another sailboat about a hundred and fifty feet away from us. Their boat was sailing towards ours. It was Emmett who had called out to Jasper. A huge smile came across my face as soon as I saw Edward.

"Having a lot more fun than your sorry ass!" yelled Jasper as I saw Edward wave to me. I waved back tentatively. This awkwardness had to stop. I felt like a seventeen year-old girl waving to a boy she liked, not a twenty-two year-old woman. It was getting a little ridiculous.

"Well why don't you get your ass over here!"

Jasper simply rolled his eyes and turned around so he could steer the boat closer to where Edward, Emmett and Rosalie were. I did an inner happy dance knowing that I would be close to him soon as Alice nudged me in the arm, somehow knowing what I was thinking.

Just as Jasper was about to start steering the boat, there was a loud explosion. All three of us turned at the exact same time, to find that Edward's boat had exploded. The explosion wasn't big enough to destroy the entire boat, but it was easy to see that half of the boat was up in flames.

"Oh my god!" yelled Alice, while Jasper and I were both too shocked to say anything. This was the first moment in my entire life that I was actually grateful that I had finally taken the lifeguard training that Charlie had been trying to get me to do ever since I was seventeen. I immediately dove into the water and started swimming towards the boat.

I didn't hear anything from Alice or Jasper behind me, not that any words from them would have stopped me.

I swam for what felt like hours, until I finally reached the boat that was now on fire. At a closer look, it was easier to see that the explosion hadn't been huge, but it was enough that the three people were no longer on the boat. I didn't see whether they all had jumped off, or if the force of the explosion threw them off.

"Edward? Emmett? Rosalie?" I kept repeating their names. Nothing. I kept calling until my throat was sore. Finally, I saw Emmett and Rosalie appear from behind the boat holding onto each other tightly. I was mostly relieved that they were okay, but I was still utterly terrified that Edward had not been so lucky.

"Where's Edward?" I cried. I began searching frantically around me for any sign of movement.

"I don't know, we looked everywhere but we didn't see him, but Rose hit her head pretty bad," said Emmett.

I froze for a moment as I heard a faint splashing a few feet from me. I soon got my act together, and began swimming towards the noise. To my complete relief, and simultaneous horror, I saw Edward. Though he was no longer moving, and quickly sinking below the surface. I began to swim faster and faster, hoping that I wasn't too late to save him.

When I finally reached him, I grabbed him and called his name, "Edward! Edward!" With no response, I just turned around and began swimming towards Jasper's boat, which I could see was already headed in my direction.

His weight felt like nothing because of the adrenaline that was coursing through my body. All I could focus on was getting to the boat. When I finally got to it, Jasper and Alice both helped me get Edward onto it, followed closely by Rosalie and Emmett. As soon as I was on that boat, I was kneeling in front of Edward calling his name, praying that he would answer me on his own. I soon realized that he wasn't going to wake up, and I would have to do CPR.

"Edward! Wake up!" I kept shouting as I began to pump my hands on top of his chest, taking his face in my hands. I put my lips on his and began to breathe for him. I kept repeating the steps, over and over again. 1…2…3…4…5. Breathe.

"Edward, please!" I cried. All I could say was his name. There was nothing in the world that could have stopped me from what I was doing. I would wake him up if it killed me.

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