You did. You did.

I do not own any aspect of Repo! The Genetic Opera, but I am obsessed nonetheless…

Looking at herself in the mirror, Shilo sighed at the disappointment she saw. Her hair was growing back, but at a deathly slow rate. Choppy and black she looked nothing like the seventeen year old girl she was. Still, it was progress. After her father was killed by Rotti Largo five months ago Shilo had barely eaten or slept. Hell, she never even left her room. The withdrawal she felt from the poisoned medication her father gave her didn't help her condition either. Her eyes were bloodshot from insomnia and she had some serious dark circles that would take more than makeup to cover up. Her face had also changed. No longer was there an innocent, naïve, and youthful seventeen year old staring back at her. No. Now, now she was a hardened and jaded young adult. She had lost Blind Mag and her father in the same night. She had no one left. Her reflection radiated her story. How she overcame her hardships, being poisoned everyday of her life, her father being a notorious Repo man. She reeked of being "messed up."

She walked around her room reliving old memories of her "messed up" life. Her eyes were drawn to the eerie portrait of her mother. 'I'm infected.' 'Seventeen!' 'Daddy's girl's a Fucking Monster!' The words clashed in her mind. Feeling dizzy, she turned to the balcony and opened the window. Shilo had wanted to go outside all her life, but now she felt unsure if she could even venture past the gates. The contrast of being locked in her room all her life and the terrible events of the opera had made her opinion about the world a little negative. The only semi-kindness she had ever experienced whilst being outside was from the Graverobber. His kindness, though perversely creepy, made her feel safe. A tear escaped the confines of her lashes. She was never going to find him again. There must be a million people in the city and she was looking for a covert drug dealer. She sighed once again and entered back into her room. Little did she know that the same covert drug dealer she knew was impossible to find, was closer than she thought.

Walking out of her room and into the hallway she began to take down the portraits of her dead mother that lined the walls. She walked down the stairs and turned to her left to see the fire place slightly ajar. "What's this?" she questioned. Opening the secret door Shilo found her father's Repo room. Disgusting, Shilo thought it looked like it was made for torture. She saw a sheet of plastic and a sheet of paper on the ground and she hesitantly picked them up. On it was the next target set for the Repo Man. On the plastic was a picture of Blind Mag and Shilo knew her father was the Repo Man that was assigned to repossess Mag's eyes. She dropped the plastic and began to read the paper.


If you are reading this then I am dead. Everything I have, I leave to you. I raised you with the best intentions. There was something I could not tell you. I was lost without your mother here and I was only living out a lie. You were my everything. Nothing could bring your mother back and you were all I had. I was a monster and a villain. I was a legal assassin. I didn't know I'd love you so much, but I do. Go and change the world for me.



She began to cry hysterically. She had no idea how to change the world. She had no idea how she even survived the past five months. Shilo desperately needed food and company. She quickly walked out shutting the fireplace door and hoped she would never have to go in there again.

After calming herself down she turned towards the door that would lead her to the outside world, Shilo contemplated whether or not she was ready to go out. As she stared at the door she saw a face move in the shadows.

"Who's there? Stay back." Shilo whimpered. How did this intruder get past the gates? As she moved closer to the door she could see the outline of a man. She opened the door. He stumbled backwards as he didn't expect her to be so forward. The moonlight illuminated the menacing figure. Multi- colored hair, a white face, a strange bluish glow coming from his jacket. Yup, definitely Graverobber.

"Kid? Is that you?" asked Graverobber. He didn't know that this was the Wallace Manor. Hell, he just wanted to break into a house to find something to steal. With the decreasing sales of Zydrate after Amber took over Geneco he had been awfully bored. Amber knew how addictive the glow was and figured out how to benefit off this illegal revenue. She sent out her own "Graverobbers" that sold Zydrate cheaper than Graverobber found worth it.


"Damn, kid I thought you dropped off the face of the earth or you were at least dead somewhere in an alley," He muttered.

"Thanks," Shilo whispered.

"You know what I mean kid," he smiled crookedly.

"What are you doing here?" Shilo squeaked. She asked a little too eagerly.

"Well to be honest I was going to break in and rummage through your stuff. I mean, Shit, I didn't know this was your house and all. I'm just really bored." The man retorted

"That's fine. Come inside. I'm really bored as well." Shilo's heart skipped a beat as she invited a man she barely knew into her home.

Graverobber raised an eyebrow. "I can think of some things we could do together that would cure us of our boredom."

"In your dreams," Shilo rolled her eyes, though she desperately wanted to take him up on that offer.

"Oh, I've had dreams," He said collectively.

There's the creepy perverse Graverobber that brought a strange comfort to Shilo. She couldn't understand what she found so endearing about him. He smelled of death and sin, but the mix was intoxicating. He was danger. He was the thing that Shilo had been sheltered from her whole life. She found him as addicting as the Zydrate he sold to his scalpel sluts.

Graverobber walked over the threshold and into the entry. "So this is where you live? Damn, Repo men are loaded huh?"

"So you know about all that?" Shilo asked shyly.

"Kid it's no secret. The entire city knows about your screwed up life. It made for one hell of a show though." He said smugly.

"Not to me." Shilo began to cry.

Graverobber didn't know what to do. This girl was crying and he wasn't the comforting type.

"Kid, Don't cry. You know life isn't that bad. I mean sure your Dad poisoned you, lied to you, and died, but not everything is bad in your life. Damn, you have your whole life ahead of you. I mean you can't be more than nineteen."

"Seventeen," Shilo sniffled.

What?! She was only seventeen! Graverobber was shaken. Ever since he first saw her, he knew she was young, but seventeen. Damn, he was a pervert for the way he treated her and felt about her. She wasn't even legal yet. Pure jailbait. But Hell, it wasn't like what he did for a living was legal anyways.