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Still Lovin' You
By: Thiala

Chapter One: You Don't Know Me

Pulling into his driveway, Randy wasn't at all surprised to see a moving van sitting at the house next door. After almost a year of being on the market, Randy noticed last time he was home that it finally had a sold sign sitting on top of the real estate sign. It was only a matter of time before someone moved in.

"Maybe this time I will end up with decent neighbours." Randy sighed to himself shutting off the ignition. The Reichs had been nothing but thorns in his side from the very beginning. He hadn't been a bad neighbour at all, they just didn't seem to like the fact he had a lot of visitors and never seemed to be home. "Yup, good riddance to them."

Opening his car door, he stretched himself out. After sitting in the car for three hours it seemed like every muscle in his body was starting to ache. Letting the door shut, Randy simply watched the house next door for a moment trying to get a glance of who was moving in.

It didn't take too long before a woman finally stepped out onto the front porch. She was fairly tall and had a nice figure to her, not overly thin like a lot of women these days. No, she was curvy in all the right places. Her brown hair was pulled back into a high pony tail and seemed to be starting to fall out, and yet at the same time it still looked perfect to him.

Deciding to get a head start on getting into the good graces of his neighbours, Randy walked towards her as she was pulling boxes out of the back of the van. "Did you need any help?"

The woman obviously had no idea of his presence because at the sound of Randy's voice she jumped and lost her grip on the boxes she had in her hand.

"I'm so sorry about that." Randy quickly apologized, reaching down to help pick up the boxes that had hit the ground. "I didn't mean to frighten you."

She shook her head. "No, it's fine. I zoned out a bit. Getting tired I guess, I've been at this all morning." Pushing a few strands of loose hair from her face, she glanced from the truck back to the boxes in Randy's hand as he set the on the edge of the truck. "Where did you even come from so quick?" She asked with a half laugh.

"Next door, I just pulled in. Name's Randy Orton." He smiled as he held out his hand to her.

The woman simply stood there for a moment, almost as if examining him. Randy wondered briefly if she knew who he was or not. "Yes, I've seen you on television before. Sorry, it took me a moment to connect the name and the face. I'm Abigail Reynolds. Feel free to call me Abby though." Reaching out she gladly took his hand and gave it firm shake.

"So you've been at this all morning?"

"Yeah, and I feel like I've gotten nowhere. Guess that is what happens when you skip the whole movers business and decide to do it yourself." Abby was kicking herself for that move. "I had hoped by lunch to make a decent size dent but it doesn't appear that way."

Randy smiled. "Who is helping you? Surely your husband or boyfriend are around here somewhere?" It would only seem right that they would be helping her move the furniture inside. And judging by the pink wooden bed frame sitting in the side of the truck, there was a kid as well.

Abby let out a laugh . "No, I'm afraid it's only me moving everything in. The only other person living here with me is four, so I'm not sure she would be much help." Though, she had to admit the mental picture of her daughter trying to move things into the house was rather amusing.

"Single mother?"

Abby nodded. "I don't mind it though. At first I thought it would be hard, but it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. I mean, her father was never in the picture anyhow so I can't really miss something I never had." Raising Abby on her own just seemed so natural.

"If you don't mind me asking, what's her name?"


Isobel. It was a very beautiful name. And if she even got half of her mother's genes he would place money on the fact she was one good looking kid. "I like that name." Randy smiled. Glancing back into the truck, he realized how much work Abby still had ahead of her.

"How about I make you a deal Abby?" Randy proposed.

"Deal? I guess it depends on what kind of deal it is." She was a little hesitant, after all she didn't even know the guy. Granted, they were going to be neighbours.

Randy's smile grew. "I help you finish getting everything into the house, and in return you let me buy you and Isobel dinner."

Abby thought for a moment. Did she really want a stranger helping her move everything in? Not only that but was she willing to put Isobel so close to someone that she didn't even know? "Randy, I'm not sure about that one."

"C'mon Abby, I don't bite. I swear to you I'm nothing but a gentleman. It's just there is a lot of heavy things in the back of the truck and I don't want you to hurt yourself trying to get them into the house all on your own. And as for the food, I'm going to go with you haven't managed to get any food yet so you'll be eating out anyhow. Consider it a 'welcome to the neighbourhood' gesture."

Abby looked at him, still not completely sure. When he broke things down for her everything seemed to be on the level and make sense. That and he was right, a lot of the stuff was heavy and she really was dreading trying to get it into the house. Sighing, Abby realized that she was giving in. "Alright Randy, sounds like a deal. And thank you."

The moment she agreed, Randy's smile grew. "No problem. Where do you want to start?"

"Well, I guess since moving the bigger stuff won't be a problem right now I'd like to start with the things for Izzy's room. This way I can get her playing in there instead and don't have to worry about her quite as much." Right now she was playing with her toys in the master bedroom.

"Fair enough." Randy admitted. "I've got that the pink bed is her, but what else has to go?"

"All the white bedroom furniture goes in her room. There's a dresser, toy box and end tables. The mattress should be a given as to which is hers, just look for the small one." After all, Izzy was still just a baby as far as she was concerned. Her beautiful little girl. "We can worry about the boxes later."

"Sounds like a plan to me. You'll just have to show me where her room is." Hopping into the back of the truck, Randy grabbed a hold of the bed frame and started to slide it towards him. In reality it was rather awkward than heavy but he could see Abby having a bit of a struggle with it. Getting it right to the edge, he hopped down and finished pulling it all the way out. After adjusting it on his shoulder, he glanced back to Abby. "Lead the way."

Making her way back into the house, Abby quickly turned up the stairs that were right by the front door. Following his way up behind her, Randy only struggled once with trying to adjust the frame so that he could get around the corner.

"End of the hall on the right is Izzy's room." Abby spoke up finally. "Just set it in there, I'm going to quickly check in on the trouble maker. She's a bit too quiet for my liking."

Randy just gave a little laugh, it was so true. When a little kid was quiet, there was trouble lurking. Heading towards Izzy's room, he set the frame down in the middle not quite sure where Abby wanted. For a kids room, it wasn't a bad size at all. It would definitely give her a play area.

Turning around, he noticed Abby standing at the other end of the hall leaning against a doorframe with her arms crossed against her chest. Letting curiosity get the better of him he made his way over to Abby and peered over he shoulder. There was Izzy sitting on the floor, crayon in hand, working on a masterpiece on the wall. "So this is what she was up to."

"Looks like." Abby replied.

Though Randy couldn't see her face, he was almost certain from the tone of her voice that there was a smile on her face. He was honestly expecting her to be more upset. "Hopefully you haven't painted yet."

"Yeah but it doesn't matter, it's just a wall." Before Randy could even ask her what she was going to do about it, Abby moved from where she was standing and made her way over to where Izzy was. Sitting down on the ground, she pulled her daughter onto her lap. "What are you drawing."

"A picture." Randy felt his heart melt almost instantly. She had the most adorable voice he had ever heard a four year old have. Shaking his head, Randy realized for the first time that he was actually taken in by a child - something that didn't happen very often. Not that he didn't like kids, it was more that he was never around them to be that exposed.

Abby placed a kiss on the top of Izzy's head. "Is that our house?" Izzy nodded. "Well it's very beautiful Izzy. Did you draw this special for me?"

"Yeah!" Izzy cried out jumping up in her mother's lap.

"Well thank you very much Izzy. You know what Mommy's going to do?" Randy watched as Izzy shook her head no. Abby reached down to her daughter's box of crayons and pulled out a black one. Adjusting Izzy in her lap, she leaned forward and began to draw a border around the picture. "There, now I can keep it here and every morning when I wake up I can see it."

"And when you go to sleep." Izzy added.

Abby laughed. "And when I go to sleep. Now can you do mommy a favour and put the crayons away? Once your done that you can have some fruit snacks. How does that sound?"

"Okay!" Almost at once Izzy crawled off of Abby's lap and made her way over the box of crayons.

Pulling herself up off of the floor, Abby looked over the drawing one last time before turning back towards the door and Randy.

"I'm impressed." Randy finally spoke up. "Most parents would freak out at the sight of crayon on the wall."

Abby simply shrugged. "Like I said before, it's just a wall. I'm not going to crush her little heart and creativity over something so silly as that. Besides, that memory will be worth it later on." Walking past Randy, she made her way to the top of the stairs before stopping and turning back towards him. "You coming?"