Glancing around the room, Randy was rather surprised at how quick they managed to get everything where it needed to be in Abby's new house. Right now he was sitting in the living room, which if anyone else were to have walked in would never have realized that earlier that morning the room had been empty.

Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, Randy glanced around to see Abby making her way down the stairs fixing her shirt along the way. "Izzy tucked in bed is she?"

Abby nodded. "She's out like a light. I'm not surprised though, it has been a pretty long day for her." She wasn't used to that much excitement in a day.

"True enough. Actually, I'm surprised your still awake after the day you've had as well." It wasn't exactly an easy day for her either since she had been at it long before Randy every showed up to give her a hand.

"I could say the same to your Mr. Orton."

Randy laughed. "You forget what I do for a living Abs." He was used to putting into long hours of physical work. So moving her in wasn't really that big of a deal compared to what he normally went through. "Besides, it's nice to know that I have a neighbour who doesn't hate me for some unknown reason like I'm used to."

"Give it time Orton. Once I find you're no longer useful I'll get rid of you." Abby pointed out with a slight laugh.

Knowing that she was joking, Randy let out a laugh of his own. There was just something about Abby that made him feel so at ease. She was definitely going to be a great neighbour to have. "Nice Abs, nice."

"You know, it's funny. I've only let one other person get away with calling me Abs before. Normally I think it sounds so odd. Abby or Abigail is what I prefer to go by."

"I can stop calling you it if it bothers you that much." All she had to do was ask. He didn't want to upset her by calling her something that wasn't right.

Abby shook her head. "You didn't listen to what I said. I said that it was fine you were calling me that. For some reason when you say it, it sounds cool." She really didn't mind. Besides, it was like their own secret thing.

"So I know it's probably not my business, but how is it that anyone would not want to be part of Izzy's life? She's an amazing girl." Even just seeing her playing around the house earlier was enough to make Randy smile.

Abby sighed slowly, glancing down at the carpet. "You mean her father?" She looked up at Randy to see him nodding. "He doesn't know she exists. I'm sure if he did he would probably be part of her life, but I chose not to go down that path."

"Why is that?"

"When I got involved with Izzy's father I thought that I had met the perfect man for me. He was charming, funny, handsome…everything that I was looking for in a man. We were together seven whole months before I found out that he was married with kids of his own - and I had to find that information out on my own. Not like he was going to volunteer it anyhow."

Randy could see how that would be a tricky situation. "So you didn't want to break up a family."

Abby nodded in agreement. Pulling her feet up and under her on the couch, she continued on. "I didn't want to be a home wreaker. There was no way that I was going to drop the bomb on some poor suspecting woman and her children. So I walked away from the entire situation and relationship."

"Must have been hard when you found out that you were pregnant with Izzy."

"Oh, it was. Believe you me. But then I realized that it's not like I couldn't do it. There are thousands of single mothers out there doing just fine. I had a decent job to begin with so it wasn't like I wasn't able to financially support a child."

Randy let things sink in. The more he learned about Abby the more fascinating he found her to be. "Don't take offence to this, I guess in a way I'm just curious. Why would you not tell him that he had a daughter. Granted it would ruin a family in the process but doesn't he have the right to know?"

That was something that always hit hard with Abby. It wasn't that she necessarily wanted to deny the father and daughter relationship, but it wasn't just that easy either. "My ex was a wealthy man with a lot of connections. The moment that he found out Izzy existed he would do everything in his power to try and get full custody of her in order to keep me out of the life. I knew him well enough to realize what his move would be. I guess you could call it a selfish move on my part, but I don't want to lose Izzy - she's my life."

Randy could understand that. No one wanted to part with anyone in their family and he could imagine that it went double for children. "I don't think it is selfish at all. You are just trying to protect your daughter from all the drama that would come if Izzy's father came into the picture."

"I know, just sometimes I feel like a total bitch about it. It's not like I don't want Izzy to have a father. In fact I'd love for her to, just not him."

Randy smiled. "Well as far as I'm concerned, any man who cheats on his wife and has a family of his own doesn't deserve to have another child." Despite the fact he played a womanizer on television he was quite the opposite in real life. "But you look like you've come through it swinging."

"That I have and I don't regret any of it."

"Regrets are waste of time and energy in my opinion anyhow. It's all the past and try as you might you can't change the past. All you can do is focus on the here and now." So far his philosophy had done him pretty well and he was managing to make it through without a chip on his shoulder. He was grateful for everything that he had.

Watching him for a moment, the smile on Abby's face grew. "I couldn't agree with you more. Wow, who would have through that the Randy Orton would be so smart." Learning back, Abby grabbed her glass of water and took a sip. "So what are you doing home on a Saturday anyhow, isn't this when all the shows are?"

Randy nodded. "Yeah, they typically are." he agreed. "I'm actually off for a week, I messed up my shoulder a bit again so I'm taking a week off to let it heal up a bit so that when it comes to next Monday I'm good to go for my match against Cena."

"You hurt your shoulder?" Abby was suddenly concerned. "Jesus Rand, you shouldn't have been helping me out if your shoulder was screwed up. What were you thinking?"

"Calm down Abs, I wasn't going to get hurt helping you move. The risk was more in getting my shoulder constantly picked on during matches not taking bed frames up the stairs." He did find it cute that she happened to be worried about him though. "I'm fine."

"You best not be lying to me."

"Or else what?"

"I will kick your ass."

Randy couldn't help but laugh at Abby's threat. One look at her showed that she was serious, yet both of them knew that there was no way she would be able to take him on. He was two of her at least. "Fair enough Abs, fair enough. Don't worry, I'm not lying to you, my shoulder is fine."


Sitting in the room, a nice silence between them, Randy started thinking to himself. "Abs?"

"What's up?"

"When was the last time you has a nice night to yourself?"

Glancing over at Randy for a moment, Abby looked at him trying to figure out what he meant. "What do you mean by night to myself?"

"A chance to go out, without Izzy. Get to be an adult."

Abby thought to herself for a moment. She honestly couldn't think of the last time. That was just the price to pay when you were a single mother without any real family around to baby sit. "Couldn't tell you to be honest."

"Why don't we go out tomorrow, hit up the town for a nice dinner?"

Abby frowned trying to figure out if Randy Orton really just asked her out. Did he expect it to be like a date. "Randy I can't, I have Izzy, remember?"

"I know that Abby. I was just thinking, my mom could watch her if you wanted. She loves kids and I know she's been bored at home with no kids to take care of anymore. That and my dad's been on the road with Nate for the last month."

"Randy, I know you're trying to be nice, and I hope you don't take offence to this but I'm not sure I am comfortable about the idea of leaving Abby with someone that I don't know…"

"C'mon Abby, nothing is going to happen, I promise you. And you can come meet my mom tomorrow, I'll have her come over. So in a way you won't be leaving her with a total stranger." He really wanted Abby to get a good impression of the city. Have a good time out and gain a genuine friendship. It was too early for him to accurately judge, but he had a feeling that Abby could use a few good friends. "Then you can come out with Becky, her husband and I. Have a good night out on the town with adult companionship."

Abby was a little relieved to know that it wouldn't just be her and Randy alone. Not that she didn't find him to be a nice man, but after everything with Izzy's father she wasn't ready to jump into the dating game again just yet, and especially with a wrestler.

"Just one night Abby, it will be good for you. Trust me."

Just seeing the sincerity in Randy's eyes melted her heart. There was no way that she could say no to him now, he was trying so hard. Besides, he had been nothing but helpful to her up until this point so she supposed in a way she owed him one. "Alright Randy, one night. But I do want to meet your mom before I leave Izzy with her. It's just a parent comfort thing."

"Completely understandable."