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Chapter 5

"Shin… are you still mad at them/me?" A small huff was the only reply. Uchi breathed out in relief, if Shin even bothered to answer him like that, then he wasn´t too mad. Carefully not to disturb Shin, Uchi sat down beside his boyfriend, clapping him comforting on the back.

"You know… there aren´t many days left here." Uchi was not sure if he had heard right, had Shin just said something that involved some kind of emotions? Smiling softly, Uchi snaked his arms around Shin´s slim waist and pulled him into his lap, nuzzling his neck.

"Haru, people could walk in on us." Uchi could not keep from laughing at his boyfriend, he was such a reserved person in situations and places where there were other people but in a lonely room, he was so much more. Giggling, Uchi ignored the soft pleas, and instead aimed all his attention on Shin´s neck.

"Please, they´re still too afraid that you will do something horrible to them so they won´t bother us and I´ve made sure that Yankumi will stay away." The grin on Haru´s face made Shin wonder what the other had said to their teacher. Then again, those two always seemed to click in a weird way. Straddling Haru, Shin let go of all control, when it came to things like this, Haru was more dominant than Shin, not that it disturbed him Shin rather liked it. Moaning softly, when Haru let his tongue travel over Shin´s neck, pulling of his shirt, biting Shin´s nipples, earning him another moan.
With every moan that came out from Shin´s mouth made Haru more excited by the moment. Throwing Shin onto his back, Haru lying on top of him, he did not waste one moment, before he pushed himself deep into Shin, who could do nothing but moan, and wriggle, under his boyfriend.


[Day 5]

It was their last day at the onsen, the bus would pick them up at five p.m. so they had all they to pack their thing. While some had kept their things more in order and in one place, there were even they that had not done it. This resulted in many lost things and frantic hours looking for them. Both Shin and Haru had packed their things the evening before and such had the whole day for themselves.
Because of the fact that neither had actually had the time to relax in the onsen, they chose to take that time now while the rest of the class and Yankumi were busy preparing for their leave back to Shirokin.

"Jeez, it´s gone so fast, and I who hoped for a few relaxing and calm days," Haru stretched in the water, sighing. Pulling Shin so that the shorter boy/man was sitting in his lap, Haru let his hand travel over Shin´s stomach.
Shin purred at the contact and pushed his back up against Haru´s frame. Rubbing his back, knowing precisely what he was doing to his blond partner. Longer did they not come before they heard voices in the shower room´s, sounding creepily a lot like their classmates? Shin had barley gotten of Haru´s lap when the door opened and in came Noda, Kuma and some of the others.
Haru looked sideways at Shin and noticed that he had once again that mask of indifference and emotionless firmly in place. Haru sighed, he had been so close and then they had to barge in. Looking at Noda, Haru could have throttled him; he looked very smug as if he had planned this. Not that it would surprise him if Noda had just done that, people did not give the guy enough credit, he could be as cunning and smart as Shin if he wanted to.

Haru did not leave long after that, Shin had already left but Noda had kept him and it would have looked weird if he had just left like that. After all, Shin could take care of himself, and Haru had not really spent too much time with the rest of the class, for the last five days. He would most likely find Shin talking with Yankumi, so he was not really in a hurry. They had still a lot of time left before they would leave.


Shin walked down the corridor and out on the yard where he found Yamaguchi, sitting by herself under a tree.
"Do sit down Sawada, you´re not in the onsen with the rest of the class?"

"I was," sitting down beside Yamaguchi, Shin closed his eyes. He had not gotten much sleep that night.
Yamaguchi did not say anything; sometimes she really wondered why the rest of the class was so awestruck by this young man. Then again, sometimes it was so clear like when the sun shines on a hot summer day. He could be a real charmer when he wanted to and he was not bad looking, even she saw that, but then there was something about him, she could not place. Under this few days away from the school, Kumiko had gotten a different view over the students and one thing she had noticed the most was the closeness between Sawada and Uchiyama, and that time when she had walked 'up' on them had made her very certain of what it was that she had missed before. Now everything was very clear and she could see all those small extra gestures and small touches she had whipped off before as they were just very good friends. Standing up, Kumiko patted him on the shoulder, whilst giving him a radiant smile before she left. She had still some things to do and clothes to pack, and then she would still have to talk with the land lady.


The yard was filled with voices, everyone was readying themselves to leave and things were being put into the buss while Yamaguchi made sure that everyone was there. She did not fancy leaving someone behind.
"OKAY, everyone please board the bus, so that we can get home sometime today."

Shin walked quietly into the bus, Haru, Noda and Kuma following suite. After this, it did not take long before everyone was seated and the bus could take them back to Shirokin gakuen.
Kumiko closed her eyes, smiling softly feeling very pleased with herself and the class. Nothing had gone wrong and no one had gotten hurt, it must have been a record in the class. For once, she would not have to give or hear bad news about 3D; she sincerely hoped they would try to stay out of trouble for some time forward.

Haru was smiling; Shin was sleeping beside him, his head leaning on Haru´s shoulder. This trip had been much more fun than he ever could have expected it to be. Besides, if you considered the small smile tugging on Shin´s lips, you could say it had been a success.

-The End-

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