007. Days

Seven Days

Seven days, Mark had always been told. God made the world in seven days. It always made him wonder exactly how long a God-day was. Science said there were 65 million years between dinosaurs and man, so was God's day millions of years long? Maybe even billions? However long, it had taken him seven days to build a paradise for his creatures. It had taken all of one conversation and a meal to bring it crashing down.

That always got Mark wondering if any difference between God and human years was based on paradise or lack there of. Maybe a God-day was longer, because God lived in heaven. Mark thought, at times, that he could relate.

When Mark found his heaven, every second felt like an eternity, and hours felt like an instant. Time just didn't matter any more. It was fluid, something to be molded, poured, and shaped to the best interests of the shaper. Time ceased, accelerated, dove sideways, and fell like a stone from the sky. Be it seven days, seven years, or seven millennia, it all seemed irrelevant.

Time could fly and die all it wanted, Mark didn't care so long as he had his paradise. But maybe that's just how it felt to see Roger Davis smile.