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This is my second try at a fanfic and an idea I have been mulling over for some time now, I hope you like it! Read and review, I am open to criticism.


Toph stomped arrogantly down the road a smile beneath her glazed, sightless eyes and black unruly hair kept in a small ponytail

After all the time spent training the Avatar and overthrowing the Fire Nation, it felt good to be going home, and she knew exactly what she was going to do, she was going to open an earth bending school. She hated that idiot "Master" Yu and his earth bending "school." She spat angrily on the side of the road, drawing some looks from a few passerby.

There's only one obstacle I have left, she thought as the crossed through the gate into her home town, my parents.


I know it's kind of short, but the next chaps will be longer and better.

Well, what ya think? Good idea? Not good idea? Already been done idea? Tell me!!!!

By the by, does anyone know what Toph's home's name is? I watched the episode and I didn't ever hear it mentioned.