Dreamers Dream On
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Summary: United at last Elphaba and Glinda look forward to their new life together in a Wizardless Oz.

Disclaimer: "These characters are property of L F Baum/ Gregory Maguire" etc. And the song "Dreamers Dream On" is from the fringe musical "The Ladies", by Sandra Freeman.

Elphaba stood at the great double windows looking out onto the crowded square below the palace. The sun had risen mere moments before and already every available space in the streets and squares around what had been the Wizard's Palace and was now the residence of the new ruler of Oz, her own sweet Glinda the Good, was filled with people and Animals waiting for the grand coronation of their new Ozma.

The tall and beautiful woman turned back into the bedroom and went over to the huge bed, sitting gently on the side of the figure still comfortably ensconced there. She watched her dearest love slumber on, one smooth pink shoulder showing above the coverlet. Reaching over she stroked the tumble of golden curls away from her beloved's face and bent down to whisper a kiss over her forehead and then the delicate shell of her ear.

"Rise and shine my Love, time to wear your pretty new frock and jewels and dazzle the general populous."

She grinned as her lover squirmed down under the blankets and mumbled that Elphaba should go away and turn the lights out on her way. The green skinned woman rocked back laughing heartily at her lover's antics and proceeded to prod and poke the lump under the covers until she found a particularly ticklish spot and Glinda erupted from the bedclothes with a shriek so loud it caused Elphaba to tumble onto the floor in surprise.

"Elphie you're a beast! Stop poking me, I'll be black and blue at this rate and I'll clash terribly with my coronation robes." Her attempt at irritation faltered when she ended her diatribe with a fit of the giggles upon seeing her lover sprawled on the floor beside the bed, obviously contented with her position as she smiled brightly up at Glinda.

They'd been back in the Emerald City for a little over three weeks now and they had been avid to make up for all the time lost during their separation. The days had been taken up with matters of state and dealing with the aftermath of the magical tsunami that had washed over the whole Land of Oz The nights on the other hand had been given over to just the two of them as they re-established all the aspects of their love for one another; soul, mind and, Glinda shivered in remembered pleasure, definitely body.

Looking down at her chuckling partner her heart swelled with love for the happiness she could see on the green face she so loved. It was her true and honest belief that her Emerald Beauty was truly, deeply, happy for the first time in her life and Glinda revelled in seeing it and being a large part of the cause of that happiness as well.

Later that morning, bathed and dressed in her beautiful new gown, Glinda sat quietly at her dressing table, contemplating recent and soon to occur events with a sense of wonder and deep fulfilment. The magical details still left her breathless when she thought about them.

After the events in the library of Kiamo Ko, Elphaba, Dorothy, she and the winged monkey Chistery had made their way cautiously through the wilds of the Vinkus and into the more settled lands nearer the city. As they travelled they were met by friendly people and Animals whose speech had returned to them. It was almost as if all the petty, negative and hurtful people had suddenly disappeared from the land. As they neared the Wizard's stronghold they stayed off the main roads and travelled only at night, but as they learned once they'd entered the city, they needn't have bothered.

They had entered the unmanned gates to the news that both the Wizard and Madame Morrible had disappeared in a blast of green and gold energy as they had been haranguing the crowd from the palace's great balcony. One eye witness had described the exact same multi-coloured ash that Dorothy had mentioned when describing the demise of the Tin Man and the Scarecrow.

After a few streets, someone had recognised Glinda and called out to their fellows who all rushed to meet her. A few had reared back in fear when they recognised the Witch of the West, but as their numbers were bolstered by returned Animals and those who had been hiding and helping them, she too had been welcomed into the city with praise and rejoicing.

They'd discovered that all of the Wizard's chief henchmen, secret police and spies had suffered the same fate as their master. Others, who had been part of his government if not centrally involved in his worst decrees and actions, had fled the city of their own volition and no one knew exactly where they'd gone to, so they were forgotten for the time being.

The two witches discovered that the people of Oz, many of whom began to show up in the city to find out what was happening in the Capital and to find out if other parts of Oz had experienced the same magic, had decided that they should be the new rulers of the land. Try as they did to decline the offer, Elphaba had finally been convinced that someone needed to be in charge and it might as well be her and Glinda, for a time at least.

Things had rather gathered momentum from there and a council of notables and the governors of the lands surrounding the city had been convened. Their considered deliberations had resulted in an official invitation being tendered to Glinda to become the Ozma, ruler of all the lands of Oz with Elphaba as her Consort and Grand Vizier of Magic.

In between meetings about these matters of state, Glinda and Elphaba had searched throughout the Wizard's library and personal effects for any means by which they could return Dorothy to her own land. It wasn't until the previous evening that Elphaba had finally found a very old and weathered scrap of parchment tucked away in a far corner of the library that held out a glimmer of hope for the young girl and her pet. When the two witches had told her yesterday about the plan to get her home, Dorothy had asked if they might hold off trying it until after Glinda was crowned as the Ozma and they'd agreed to hold off till after the ceremony.

Glinda made a few last touches to her makeup before she straightened her shoulders and stood up, determined to go and meet her destiny. Glancing in the mirror she smiled as Elphaba came up behind her stopping to gently touch the sleeve of her dress.

Glinda took a deep breath as she turned to look at her love in her new and very impressive robes of state. Still decked out predominantly in black, she wore an emerald green, scholastic style robe with large slit sleeves over her dress. Glinda felt it made her look very distinguished, Elphaba felt it made her look like a Lurlinmas decoration, but grudgingly wore it anyway just to please Glinda. Smiling up at her love, her Consort she took Elphaba's elbow and they exited the room together.

Several hours later, Glinda, with her dainty but beautiful crown topping her golden curls, Elphaba, Dorothy, Toto, Chistery and a restored Dr Dillimun stepped out onto the great balcony of the Palace. The crowds roared their approval for ages until Glinda finally raised her wand on high to ask for their attention and silence.

"My fellow Ozians, I thank you for the great honour you have bestowed upon me and upon my Consort, Elphaba the Third Thropp Descending and Grand Vizier of Magic." She paused as she glanced sideways, noting Elphaba's frown and discomfort and hurried on with the rest of her speech, before she finally motioned for Dorothy to step forward.

"It is no secret to anyone here or indeed in the entire Land of Oz that this new age was born from pure and powerful magic. Magic that, while Elphaba and I were its' instruments, comes from the deepest and oldest history of this land. We promise only ever to use this power for the good of the Land and all its' inhabitants and never for the benefit of only a few." Again she waited for the roaring crowd to die down.

"And we will begin our intended programme of reform and restitution for the ills perpetrated by the Wizard, by attempting to help Miss Dorothy Gale and her companion Toto to return to their own far away land of Kansas."

Glinda stepped back and Elphaba moved to her side as they motioned Dorothy forward. The young girl couldn't stop herself and she flung herself at Elphaba squeezing her in a hearty hug before turning to give Glinda a more restrained embrace.

"Miss Dorothy, I truly hope that this will work. I knew there was a reason Glinda felt impelled to give you Nessarose's slippers. I thought my father had, had them made especially for my sister, I was wrong." Elphaba brought out the scrap of paper she'd found in the library and read what was written on it.

"Clogs of purest silver, a pound weight each, I will fashion and enchant to carry me wither I wish to go, the key will be the thought as light as the shoes that will set me on my hidden path." She finished and smiled at the young girl before her.

"That was written nearly 200 years ago by Aleda the Great Witch of Quox, and Glinda and I believe it is describing the very shoes on your feet right now."

Dorothy looked down at her feet and the shiny silver slippers she had continued to wear as Elphaba had suggested.

"But how do I use them to get home Miss Elphaba. Despite what many of the Ozians believe, I'm really not a witch. How can I work magic?" She looked up beseechingly at the two women.

"The key will be the thought." Elphaba repeated as she pointed at the scrap of parchment. Glinda stepped closer and bent to whisper in Dorothy's ear.

"Hold tight to Toto my dear. You have dreamed a dream, but you must not give up on your dream of hearth and home and loved ones." She waved her wand over the girl's head. "Now close your eyes and think of home, if your thoughts wander, or you start to think of Oz and your adventures here, just keep saying, 'There's no place like home.' To bring you back to the thoughts you need."

Stepping back she and Elphaba quietly started the mantra for her and Dorothy took it up repeating it again and again.

"There's no place like home, there's no place like homeā€¦"

Dorothy began to fidget and her concentration was faltering when her twitching feet clicked her heels together, once, twice and then a third time. The third happened just as she spoke the word, 'home' and in flash of silver light, she and Toto disappeared from the balcony, never to be seen again.

The crowd cheered once more at this display of magical power by their new Ozma and it took a while for them to quieten down before Glinda could continue.

"We both, Elphaba and I, pledge to all Ozians, human, and Animal that we will do our very best to heal the wounds that the Wicked Wizard carved into our beloved land. We will need your help and good will to achieve this and know that we can count on both. You must not give up, we must all dream a better Oz into being, a land of dreams." Glinda smiled and held out her hand and Elphaba who grasped it and came up close to her side where the green skinned woman bent and kissed her love's pink cheek just before Glinda turned back to the crowd.

"A land fit for lovers." With that statement she and Elphaba began to sing.

"Dreamers dream on, sweet dreamers dream on.

Lovers love on, sweet lovers love on.

Never give up, you must not give up.

When all seems lost, it's never all lost.

When all seems lost, it's never all lost.

If you believe steadfastly, it will come true.

It's bound to come true."

The crowd below them took up the song and the notes of love and hope rose into the Ozian sky as citizens and rulers all sang together.

Dreamers dream on, sweet dreamers dream on.

Lovers love on, sweet lovers love on.

Never give up, you must not give up.

When All seems lost, it's never all lost.

When all seems lost, it's never all lost.

When all seems lost, it's never all lost.