This is the other ending that I've written earlier before I've written chapter 26. I don't know if this is better or not. But this is only from Roxas' perspective.

Requirement to read: Read at least until chapter 26 of Dark Underworld.

Dark Underworld

Another Ending

He knew that he was forgetting something… Everything was well and alright. The sky was bright blue and Celestia was as it should be. The angels were living happily, everybody was living in harmony. There was no quarrel. The only thing there was… was agreement.

He sang. Some unrecognizable emotion was present in the hymns that came out of his mouth. The lyrics that escaped his lips. One of longing, one of sadness… but what was he longing about? There was only Celestia and the angels… there was only the cloud and the castle in the sky… and he was the sole ruler.

But somehow, no matter how well things were… it felt as if he was forgetting something important, something very significant and crucial…something…or rather someone that he shouldn't have forgotten.

And he kept singing…

Sweet and soft melody rang across the sky.


"Huh…" he paused, feeling his breathe hitching. Something was… what was that just now?

"Roxas, you in there?"

"Oh, Sora. Please come in."

A brunet angel entered the chamber and knelt on one of his knees. "Greetings, God."

God laughed. "Really, Sora. We're twins, please stop pulling jokes like that."

"But you are God after all. And I feel like I should really give you respect," Sora grinned sheepishly, standing up.

There was silence between both of them. Roxas stared up to the sky, his cerulean eyes mirroring the color of the sky. Calm and soft and gentle… "I might be the ruler of Celestia…but that doesn't make me of any higher ranks than the rest of you, Sora. You are my twin… everybody in Celestia is as if my family. I cherish and love every single one of you…Every single one of my precious creation."

"Roxas, you are too kind…" Sora smiled, gentle and sweet.

"Sora… lately… I've been feeling more and more as if… I've forgotten about something…"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah… or maybe someone… very important…"

"That shouldn't be likely, Your Highness. Seeing as you remember every single one of your creation," Aqua's soft voice could be heard in the chamber.

"Ah, Aqua. How goes your patrol?"

"There was of no significant danger as usual, my Lord."

"Just call me Roxas, Aqua," God smiled, lifting his hand to cure Aqua of her exhaustion.

Aqua giggled. "There is really no need for you to cure me, Roxas. You know that there is a fountain out there that will cure me immediately after I sip its water."

"This is really the least I could do after your hard work. Please allow me to do so," Roxas grinned.

"What's this gathering here?" Riku entered the chamber, smirking, flying over to Sora.

"Ah, Riku. How are you doing? And Ven."

"How are you doing, Roxas?" Ven smiled.

"I'm good," Roxas smiled. His beautiful, pure white wings spread and he got up from where he was sitting, floating on the soft, fluffy clouds.

"He's lying. He was worrying about forgetting something just now," Sora stated.

"Sora…" Roxas warned, flushing. He really didn't want anybody to find out about his worries. After all, if a leader had worries, what about his subjects? He looked up to the sky again. "But don't you all feel like… there is this lingering memories?... as if someone or something… very important has been forgotten? I've been feeling like this ever since I can remember…" he whispered. And then, he shrugged. "But I can't seem to… dig the memory up from this mountain of my memories."

The rest looked at one another.

"Axel…" Roxas whispered, narrowing his eyes.

Ven smiled, walking over to the God of Celestia, putting a gentle hand over his shoulder. "Maybe you really do forget. Is there any way that you can find out what or who?"

Roxas shook his head uncertainly. "I really don't know…"

Sora stepped forward. "Maybe you should go out of this chamber of yours and try to find out?"

"I really want to… but I can't. I have to watch over all of you. And it would be really selfish of me to do so and risk all of your safety in order to pursue these unclear emotions of mine."

Riku laughed. "Now, God. This is really selfish of you. Are you saying that we can't do anything by ourselves?"

"I—I'm not saying that!" Roxas countered.

"We are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves, Roxas. You can be assured of that," Aqua stated.

"Are you all sure? Should I really go out and try to find… this uncertainty of mine?"

Ven slapped Roxas' back and Roxas groaned in pain. "You have to! Find out what you have to. Really."

"If anyone deserves happiness, it's you, God." Riku shrugged.

"You have given us all this wealth and prosperity and happiness," Aqua said kindly.

"Find out what Axel means…?" Roxas blinked, not really sure.

Everyone nodded.

"…" Roxas seemed to be contemplating. Then, he nodded. "Alright… Thank you, all… I shall make a trip to the Fountain of Eye tomorrow. I should be able to find out about this confusion. And I will come back as soon as possible."

The others smiled at one another, amazed by God's kindness and selfless-ness.


The next day, at the Fountain of Eye… God witnessed the most confusing and shocking thing that he had ever encountered in his life. The struggles of all beings… the journey, hope, agony, and despair… the story about a young man that he didn't recall of. And the story about him… the Fountain of Eye revealed all… but was it really the truth?

No, there was no doubting it… the Fountain of Eye never lies. But all the other worlds… All the different beings… was that even possible?

Out of all of them…

The man…

The redhead…

Roxas' breathe hitched as he stared at the reflection of the man. So brave, young, and courageous. His wings flapped ever so silently. And his hand involuntarily reached out to touch the redhead's face. But all he touched was water… pure, clean water.

"Axel? Is that you?" he whispered. Having no idea what he was talking about, yet at the same time…


The very next day, Riku, Sora, Ven, and Aqua found out that God was gone, leaving only a small note.

"I'm sorry for being selfish. But I'm going out to a journey to search for 'Axel.' Please forgive me. I leave everything in your hands, Sora."

Sora's eyes went wide, blinking. "Why me?"

"Well, that is quick…" Riku muttered.

Ven grinned. "I wish you all the best, God."

"Until then, we should protect Celestia."


God landed gracefully on the endless sea of green. The grasses were blowing calmly, dancing, swaying back and forth, left and right, following the gentle whisper of the wind.

The blond leaned down, crouching. Then, he put both of his hand into the lake and lifted it up to drink the water.

The sun was shining brightly down the grassy field, giving life to the animals and the plants. Roxas reveled in the beauty. And somehow, he wondered what it would be like to have another person there beside him, just sitting there, admiring the beauty of the scenery.

"I will find you, Axel. Where ever you are… You'd better not forget me," he smiled, closing his eyes to feel the breeze.

And then, he set out to a long journey with a determined expression and a hopeful smile.

To reconnect all the worlds…

Discover forgotten memories…

Relive all his adventures…

And to find that special someone…

Dearest to him…

His precious…


"It will be… a new adventure."


Honestly, I'm really torn between which the true ending for DU should be. I don't know. It will depend on the sequel, I guess. I'll give it some thought. I might exchange the endings in chapter 27 if I change my mind. Hope you enjoyed.