Well, this is the second first person story I've written in years. The main character is a girl.
Repeat after me-Fee is hopeless.

Disclaimer-All I own in this story is OCs and plot.

All in the Mind
Chapter 1-Home

I kissed him again, the moment stretching into an eternity. My tongue stretched into his mouth again, playing with his tongue, then coming back.

I stepped back, and looked into his eyes.

The man in question was seventeen, tall and lean with well tanned skin and dark brown hair that matches his soft eyes, his perpetual smile, and the face that anyone could trust.
The perfect face, I think. But I suppose I'm biased.

He was dressed in a black shirt and trousers, but they weren't likely to stay there long.

His name was Torii Lanes.

Well, people say I'm beautiful, and, to be honest, they're right. I have dark skin, like all of us from Syar V. Dark hair, black in fact, and blue eyes. I normally wear something similar to Torii, but instead of trousers I normally go with a dress, sleeveless, under the shirt.

My name is Tora, Tora Rayne.

But, to get back to the subject at hand.

The clothes were coming off quickly, and we were kissing again. But really, that wasn't what either of us were thinking about.

It didn't take long for them all to go. We didn't do anything fancy. It was our first time, after all. Just your straight, simple stuff.
But when something feels that good, why improve on it?

Yeah, I'm told I have a dirty mouth. Ohwell. Why do I care?


The two of us were lying there-we were in a field, actually, under a tree. So romantic-just enjoying being in each other's company.
"I'm gonna miss you…" said Torii.
Yeah, probably should have mentioned that. He'd been commissioned, He was Mister Lanes of the Syar 1st. We'd kinda given in a goodbye present.

But by the Emperor, I wasn't losing this.

* * *

"Trooper Torii, reporting for duty." he said, saluting. I smiled. He hadn't noticed me.
The Officer on duty nodded, and handed him a small bundle.

I walked into the line after him. When it was my turn, I spoke.
"Tora, Sanctioned Psyker."
That was a lie, of course,.

Yeah, I really should have told you I was a psyker… well, now you know.

* * *

If you don't know, psykers are REALLY not trusted.