Chapter 2. Less happytaime.

Chapter 2-Guard

Well, it was about seven hours after we had left. I think. Space really messes up your internal clock. I'd been given my equipment some hours before, I was trying it on.

I was considered an officer. I got my own room.

I love being psychic.

* * *

"Hmm, nice fit." I said. I was trying on the uniform. All black. Not just grey, pure black. It suited me. Still does, actually. Black, pockets on the chest to hold stuff. Servce issue laspistol, might even take the head of a marine!

If you use the entire power cell in one shot. They're useless, I swear.

Got this real nice hammer though. It channels psychic power. I loved it. I spent hours blowing things up in the practice room. And the best thing, I didn't need to practice much. Move quick, swing, psychic kaboom time. Simple, no real skill required. Which is lucky, I never could fight hand to hand.

But really, I just like the uniform. Padded, too. If I'm lucky it might save me from a bolter round. And that's pretty good.

Not likely though.

But hey. Looks nice.

So, I'd just finished changing, checking out my uniform. Comfy, light. Quite nice, like I said.

And there was a knock, at the door.
"Come in." I called.

The door opened, and a tall man, with the same black uniform and a cap, walked in. He had an angular, slightly imposing face.
"Tora Rayne, Sanctioned Psyker?" he asked.

I nodded.

"I am Commissar Dane. There are no records of authorised psyker's presence in this regiment." he said.

This was when I got slightly worried.

He picked a pistol from his belt-how I missed that I still don't know- and pointed it at me.

"By the authority of the Immortal God Emperor of All Mankind, I sentence you to summary execution." he said, pulling the trigger.

The bullet flew halfway towards me, and then stopped.

Did I mention how much I love being psychic?

He stood there in shock for a second.
"It appears that I cannot kill you that easily." he said. "You seem powerful enough."

He looked like he was being sick, as he carried on speaking.
"Keep yourself well protected." he said. "The demons of the warp well like untrained psykers."

And then he left.

Scary thing is that he was right. Whenever I was awake, and sometimes when I wasn't, I heard voices, tempting me with offers of power
But I had faith. Faith in the Immortal God Emperor of All Mankind.

Maybe that was protecting me from the darkness.
Or maybe it was me thinking that that did it…

Well, whatever works.

* * *

"Syarian 17th, this will be your first combat engagement." shouted the officer on the top platform.

We were in a dropship, only now being told where we were going. Stupid, irritating, close mouthed officials…

"We are here on Nithta II to fight the green savages." he said. "Orks, people, Orks. And they should be simple enough to despatch, no? For one of the best equipped regiments in the area. There are no civilians to worry about, they were evacuated early. More glory for us, no!" he shouted.

It was obvious, to me, that he was trying to be inspirational. I didn't think it was working, but the cheering around me was hurting my ears.

"For Syar, for the Emperor, and for the Glory of the Imperium!" he shouted.

I wasn't taken in by him, of course. Not for an instant. I was just shouting myself hoarse to look normal.

But anyway. What was there to worry about?

* * *

"Anyone who can hear me, this is 3rd platoon, Captain Rith. We're pinned down behind the mill, three miles from headquarters. Someone help."

Came the sound of a vox-caster.

Me and one squad of infantry were being used as reserves, waiting for a dangerous situation and reinforcing where it was needed.

Basically, this was exactly what we were there for.
"Tora, Sona, Corin, Torii, Freya, Belan, Carrett, Teyna." said the Commissar. "We need to go, now."

We were waiting in a small room, all armoured and armed, ready to go. We were the elite, I suppose. Special equipment for special operations.

We leapt up, heading out of the room, and into a hangar bay in the fortress.
Yeah, we had a fortress.
A hangar bay, too.

Also, a Valkyrie!

Well, it was the regiment that had the fortress, and only for the campaign, but it was our squad that had the Valkyrie.

"You're here!" shouted the pilot. "Three miles to the mill, right?"
"Right, Sergeant." said Commissar Dane. "Fly now, if you please."

The sergeant-pilot-girl, Leah Nari was her name, I think, motioned us all in.

And we flew.

Personally, I love flying, be it a light Valkyrie or a Lightning or anything. I just like being in the sky.

Torii hates it. Corin doesn't like it, either. Careful Corin. He doesn't like much anything.

It took maybe five minutes for the screaming Valkyrie to reach the mill. Another two before we could land. There happened to be a large horde of orks in the way.

Soon got rid of them, didn't we? Firing out of the side hatches.

I didn't actually get a single attack in. I felt almost cheated.

No matter, I thought. I'd get to soon enough.

* * *

You know, sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

I was in the middle of fighting an ork horde- alone, I might add –when that wonderful thought struck me.

Swing, crush, psychic kaboom, psychic energy blast.

Sure, I make it sound easy. But there were a lot of them.

Fortunately, I was only fighting alone for a few seconds, before a stream of superheated energy flashed past me, striking one ork in the head and vaporising what serves for it's brain, while the beam cut through a couple more.

Thank you Torii, I knew I kept you around for something other than your looks.

Shortly after that, a hail of self guided bolt rounds began to detonate around me.
Thank you too, Sergeant Leah Nari.

Blasts of heat swirled around, courtesy of Sam Corin. Beams of coruscating energy destroyed entire groups. Jean Freya, Natalie Belan. Thank you as well.

Explosions, grenades to be specific. Dean Carrett.

And the orks collapsing around me with holes in their skulls. Zoe Teyna, may the Emperor bless your long-las.

Yes, we're the special unit, and they don't call us that because we need help eating.

I stepped away from the bodies, and Commissar Dane-who I swear hates me, damn psyker-fear-motioned for Abby Sona and her flamer.

A cloud of flame incinerated the bodies. Apparently orks breed by spores. Imagine that!

I was actually starting to feel woozy. The voices in my head were so loud, telling me to destroy, to burn, to kill…
I think I fell unconscious then, actually…