They Still Aren't Mine. So Very Sad Isn't It?


The Lovely Miss Kayla Knapp Is Dragging Me Back Into My Writing Finally Heh So I'm Trying To Get My Focus Back And Some Free Time Again.

She wasn't there.

Angel hurried to search the faces of each passenger and failed to find her for the second time.

'Shit,' his mind cursed, already getting worked up.

He heard some muttering behind him and turned his head slightly and attempted a friendly and apologetic smile to the woman standing there before finally moving forward again, taking a seat next to an elderly woman.

Unable to stop himself, Angel turned his head back toward the rest of the bus and looked one final time. Still not seeing her anywhere. Growling softly, he turned back to the front and tried to not let his mind wander.

This wasn't the first time this had happened but it was the same reaction every time.

What if yesterday had been his last chance? What if he wasn't ever going to see her again?

He could barely stomach such thoughts.

He didn't understand it, how this girl, a girl he knew nothing about, could have such an effect over him. He also knew that it was far out of his hands. It just was.

He wanted her, more than any one person should want another, and he wanted no one else. That was something he'd been dealing with for eight months, short of one day. And he wasn't sure how much longer he could restrain himself.

He wasn't sure how or why he had for this long.

He saw the girl practically every weekday and had yet to even lock eyes with her for anything longer than a passing glance only a handful of times. He hadn't smiled at her or acknowleged her checking him out the same as he would her. He hadn't tried to get her attention in any way or attempted to talk to her or be near her.

It was all he ever thought about though. And it was this close to driving him out of his mind.

As he exited the bus when it reached his stop he decided that the days of tormenting himself were done. That if luck was on his side and he hadn't missed his final chance then he would finally do something about it. Not another day needed to be wasted.