Yako nervously adjusts the microphone on the outdoor podium.

She glances up, and sees the multitude down below the outdoor platform staring at her.

She looks left, then right. She clears her throat, it looks like she is about to speak.

Neuro swiftly kicks Yako out of the way and pulls up the mike to meet his tall form.

"Hey everyone!" The crowd stays silent and stares at Neuro.

"Well, our little pig seems to be to much of a coward to speak..." Some shrieks are heard from behind the platform, they sound oddly familiar.

"And our writer is too scared to come out on stage herself..." Someone in a far off corner slinks down away from their computer screen, in the dim light we see the authoresses face red with embarrassment.

She glances over and then returns her gaze to the floor, glances over again with realization in her eyes and swiftly throws a chair. The flat screen T.V. Neuro had set up goes to static.

The crowd shifts uncomfortably, wondering when this will be over with.

"So..." Neuro continues in a falsely cheerful tone. "I will announce the winner of the contest!"

The crowd begins to mutter.

"Well then the winner is..... Drumroll please!" A drumroll magically is heard coming from no where.

"Cheerwine Reborn's Entry, 'rockabye baby!'"

A few of the onlookers begin to clap, the rest walk off, probably to finish there own stories, muttering about how stupid this was.

Yako leaps unto the platform from the back, her hair mussed, a microphone magically appearing in her hand.

"Well, there you go, Cheerwine Reborn please state your story request before the end of July and our authoress will get typing! If you send her a PM for it, please title it, 'Contest winner: Story request.' I would like to thank everyone for participating in cg's contest."

Yako smiles cheerfully before Neuro grabs her head and drags her away, probably towards a mystery.


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