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Chapter one


What the hell was he thinking? I mean really; going over to her like that. She did not need a guy right now. Especially not my guy. She needed a slap and kick in the butt. Yet, even after that I would not be satisfied.

Chill, Max, Angel thought at me. You are giving me a headache!

Get out of my head then. I thought/snapped back.

I would if you were not almost yelling.

"I hate when you have conversations with your mind," Nudge complained. "I miss out on all the gossip!"

We were at the day and night school, thanks to Nudge's constant pestering. She assured us all that it was completely safe here; as did my mom, Jeb and Ella. And I can't exactly say 'no' to them when they all gang up on me like that.

We had been attending here for a month now. Everything had been going rather smoothly, though it did not stop us from being on edge. When I say 'we' I mean Fang and I.


He was utterly annoying me right now. Flirting with every moving female body. Except me. Not that I minded, of course. Why would I care? I don't care.

Of course you care, Max. You love him. And he loves you.

I growled. Get out of my head Angel. And it certainly does not look like he loves me right now, does it?

"Mmmaaaxxx!" Nudge wailed. "You are doing it again!"

"I mean look at him! Him and his tanned skin and perfect hair and eyes and…"

"You're right, Angel, I didn't want to know." Nudge said nodding.

I groaned and sat at the first empty table, practically throwing my recently acquired food onto the table; I had suddenly lost my appetite.

I thought he was coming over here. It looked like it at least. He walked in our direction for a bit, then took a sharp left, not even glancing at us. Yep, definitely not hungry. And there was that girl –if she could be called that, a few other words popped into my head, I hoped Angel wasn't reading my thoughts at that moment. With long bleach blonde hair (undeniably fake, might I add) and bright blue eyes, she was a bimbo. Not doubt about it.

I'm blonde hair and blue eyed. Angel thought irritably.

"It's different for you Angel." I answered automatically.

"You're not trying to steal Fang." Nudge finished, sipping her smoothie coolly.

The girl flicked her hair back, laughed loudly and –dare I say it – gripped Fang's forearm. It must have shown on my face as Nudge, Iggy, Gazzy and Angel all watched me intently.

"I'm fine," I whispered, waving my arms in a calming motion and exhaling deeply, making Nudge giggle.

"I think we should name her," Angel said suddenly.

I would have choked if I had been eating. "What?"

"Well, we don't know her name. You just keep calling her girl."

"I would call her something else…" I muttered.

"Let's call her Melanie." Nudge grinned.


"I like that name," she shrugged.

"Maybe we should call her Bit-

"Melanie it is," Ig interrupted me, scowling. It was amazing how good he was at that considering he was blind.

"I was going to say Brittany!" I argued. No way were the flock (minus one) going to fall for that.

"Max, don't look back." Nudge said suddenly.

"What? Why?" I looked back and my jaw dropped.

"I told you not to look back! Is it opposite day or something?"

Fang. Our Fang. My Fang. Was there with her. Kissing her. He was dead. So dead.

The bell rang. If anyone was grateful for lunch to be over, it would be Fang. If it had lasted any longer I would be peeling them apart and murdering them both – Fang and Melanie­ – in a second. We both, unfortunately, had Spanish next. I walked slowly down the corridor, alone might I add, and stopped outside my room.

"Hey Max," a boy in my year smiled. He was tall, tanned and had scruffy dirty blonde hair.

"Hey Oliver," I replied unenthusiastically.

"Bad day?" He asked, slumping against the wall beside me.

Fang walked past. Now holding hands with Melanie. Did he even know I was here? He should have done, we had been in the same class since we started. I scoffed and turned to Oliver. He was sweet and had a total crush on me. There was no doubt about that. He made it so obvious. He also announced to our home room that he was in love with me. It was cute.

"Been better," I agreed as we entered the room. Melanie took her usual seat in front; I walked towards my regular seat at the back of room at a desk I normally shared with Fang.

"Oliver?" I asked, turning to the blonde. "Sit with me?"

He looked stunned. I thought he was actually going to say 'no'.

"Sure," he breathed, taking the vacant seat beside me.

Fang did not look happy. The only other spare seat was the one Oliver sat in; by the window on the other side of the classroom where the sun spilled in through the window causing the seats occupier to sweat uncontrollably. Oliver had gotten used to the heat yet always moved at every chance. Such a shame the class was full today. A shame for Fang that is. If that was how he wanted to play then Fang; Bring it on.