Chapter Five.

Max's POV

"Max, please don't act like this," he pleaded as he followed me up the stairs. Did he honestly think he could get away with this? In a way, he already had; I hadn't broken his nose… yet.

"Act like what, Fang?" I spat. "I think I am acting fairly reasonable after what you did."

"After what I…" he began, "Max, I told you; the fact that you were there was by mere chance. Completely unintentional," Fang protested.

"That is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard, Fang. You knew I was going to be there and the last time I checked, you were supposed to be looking after the Flock!" my voice was now an octave higher, and much louder than before. I should have tried to keep my voice down as the others were sleeping. Or so I thought.

"We don't need to be looked after," Angels annoyed voice protested down the hall. "We are perfectly capable of looking after ourselves- Ouch! Gazzy! Careful where you put that thing! You weren't supposed to take it from the fireplace, Max told you this…"

There was another bang and a shout from Angel, followed by footsteps as they chased each other up the stairs.

"Clearly," I muttered to Angel's statement. I sighed and turned back to Fang. It was then that it hit me, I think.

"Oh my God," I muttered. "It makes so much more sense now!"

Fang gave me a half puzzled, half terrified look. "What makes sense?" he asked. "What have you figured out?"

"You're jealous!" I replied with triumph. "That's why you followed me and Oliver."

His smile faded. Result.

Fang's POV

"What?" I scoffed. "Me? Jealous of… jealous of him?"

"Well, yeah," Max replied, no longer as sure of her accusation.

"There are many things that I am, Maximum Ride, but jealous is not one of them." She'd caught me out. She was right, as always. When she accuses me again, I won't deny it. I'll walk up to her and…

"Right," she laughed nervously. "That's stupid of me Fang. I'm sorry. Of course you wouldn't get jealous."

Wait, what? Max was giving me a genuine apology; she believed me. Why did she believe me? I should tell her; I should go over there and make sure she doesn't believe me.

"Exactly," I nodded. I turned away from her and headed for the stairs, letting her assume that she was wrong… but she was right on so many levels.


I sat on the stairs, not even making it to my bedroom. My laptop was up there. My dreams were up there. But I couldn't make it. The events that had just occurred were imprinted in my mind and replaying at twice the speed, over and over. I banged my head against the wall, angry at myself, and my stupidity.

"What cha doing?" Nudge asked, grinning.

"Nudge, go to bed," I mumbled.

"You can't tell me what to do, I'm old enough to take care of myself now, Fang. And I don't need to be-"

A sharp glance from me shut her up; for once. The silence was heavenly as she slumped up stairs. I heard Max come into the hall. I couldn't face her yet. Not now. I would have to wait for morning.