A Second Chance

Disclaimer: I don't own the movie Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica.

Note: This is an idea I got when I saw what happened to the Colony in Daybreak and what happened on the Star Trek movie. Please read and hopefully you will enjoy it.


The Jellyfish was a 24th century starship commissioned by the Vulcan Science Academy in 2387 for the transport of red matter. The ship was described as being "our fastest ship" and featured a unique rotating "tail."

The Jellyfish featured a chamber designed for the safe storage and transport of "red matter", as well as a means of extracting the matter for the purposes of its mission. In addition, the ship contained a pair of forward mounted particle weapons and a warp drive.

Red matter was an unstable matter with distinct gravitational properties, specifically a propensity to condense into quantum singularities, first seen in the 24th century. The Romulan known as Nero used the red matter that was aboard the Jellyfish to create a black hole in the center of Vulcan, destroying the planet. His ship however was destroyed Spock rammed the Jellyfish into the Narada. The red matter that was aboard the Jellyfish ignited, creating a massive black hole which crushed the Narada before devouring it.

However no one was able to notice that a small container of red matter had survived the crash and fell into the massive black hole. The Enterprise was nearly pulled into the black hole, but the ship was saved when chief engineer Montgomery Scott ejected the ship's warp core and detonated it, the shockwave from the blast propelling the Enterprise to safety. The black hole closed as it sucked in the antimatter radiation and the small container spun at high velocity inside the now closed black hole. It was propelled through space and time for what could be considered an eternity until finally it found an opening.


The Colony, a large biomechanical structure similar in composition to the Basestars. After the Cimtar Peace Accord, the Final Five and the Cylon Centurion Model 0005 units retreated to this place, a space borne Cylon homeworld. The vessel was used by Samuel Anders, Tory Foster, Ellen Tigh, Saul Tigh, and Galen Tyrol to travel to the Twelve Colonies from the devastated remains of Earth, backtracking the path their ancestors had taken from Kobol and then following the path of the twelve tribes of humanity.

It was positioned in a stable orbit inside the accretion disc of a naked singularity until a spread of nukes knocked it off its stable orbit around the black hole. However in just on instant a small red container came out and collided with an asteroid falling into it. That asteroid set of something huge. The container exploded and in its place a giant red star came to life and all around it was a hurricane of destruction.

A second black hole came to life inside the first one as the Colony fell from its orbit. The Galactica had jumped away just in time as the Colony vanished.


"Coming out of warp now, Captain."

Captain James T. Kirk sat in the command chair at the center of the bridge. "Very well."

"No inhabited planets in this system, Captain." said Science officer Spock.

The USS Enterprise was the most advanced powerful starship produced by Starfleet yet. It also served as the flagship for the Federation fleet as more ships of her class were being constructed at the shipyards. Its class had succeeded the Kelvin as the design for Starfleet. Measuring around six hundred meters long and one hundred ninety meters in height the Enterprise sported state of the art deflector shields complete with point defense phasers along with a photon torpedo launcher on the neck of the ship and the most advanced warp drive designed yet.

Suddenly the alarm went off and the seemingly normal day with just the boring routines was over.

"Status." said Kirk.

"A black hole has opened up seven hundred thousand kilometers away." said Spock looking at the scanner.

"On screen."

The view screen showed a giant black hole opening up in the middle of nowhere but instead of sucking up anything in its path it was instead spitting something out. A gigantic spider like ship. It fell out of the black hole and tumbled through space.

"Spock?" asked Kirk.

"Scanning, Captain. The structure appears to be biomechanical of unknown origin. Various vessels docked aboard her while armed with high explosive missiles and quadruple high-velocity kinetic projectile weapons. It poses no serious threat to the ship." said Spock.

"Captain, the vessel appears to realigning itself." said Sulu.

In space the gigantic ship had stopped tumbling and had already placed itself in a stable position.

"Captain, the hull appears to be some kind of techno-organic resin that seems to have bonded with the ships hull. It's working to repair the hull, slowly." said Spock.

"A self healing ship?" asked Kirk.

"It appears so." said Spock.

Kirk took a close look at the new ship.

"Life readings?"

"Scanning . . . Affirmative but sensors show the life sign in critical condition. The power has conserved to keep the life support system activated." said Spock.

"So we can beam aboard." said Kirk.

"Affirmative." said Spock.

"Get a boarding party and alert Dr. McCoy. Tell him to meet us in the transporter room." said Kirk as he entered the turbo lift.


The Enterprise had parked itself close to what seemed to be the docking area on the large ship. It apparently functioned as a spacedock and a vessel. The docking area was not compatible with the Enterprise so Sulu parked her as close she could get. Inside the massive ship four beams of light came to existence and faded leaving Captain Kirk, Scotty, Dr. McCoy, and a security guard.

All of them were armed with phasers while Dr. McCoy was carrying a med-pack. They pulled out their phasers and looked around. The hall was covered with what looked like bullet holes, empty old twentieth century guns, and several humanoid bodies. Bones took out his medical scanner and examined the bodies.

"They're human but some of these humans seem to have a mixture of human DNA and nanites. Micro silicate in the brain mixed with the tissue." said Dr. McCoy.

"But they're human?" asked Kirk.

"For the most part yes." said Bones.

"Let's find out what happened here. Bones and Charles head off and find anyone alive. Scotty and I will look for the control room on this ship." said Kirk.

Everyone split up and parted.