A Second Chance

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Note: This is an idea I got when I saw what happened to the Colony in Daybreak and what happened on the Star Trek movie. Please read and hopefully you will enjoy it.


It had been three days since the pace conference and the Centurions were more or less convinced to put their trust into the Federation. In order to gain a peaceful co-existence the new Vulcan Colony had been chosen for the Cylons in hopes of establishing ties with not only humans but various non-human species. The Vulcan dignitaries had agreed to this plan and the Colony had been moved in orbit.


Sharon felt a moment of disorientation as she was beamed down to the planet for the first time. The technology the Federation had was astounding and she was glad that the Centurions had agreed. She watched as shuttles arrived and departed. The Centurions had appointed her as Ambassador of the Cylon race.

She turned to the two modern Centurions standing next to her.

"Come on. Let's speak to the Vulcan delegation and find out own territory."

The Centurions nodded and followed her towards the settlement. An old Vulcan approached her with several others.

"Greetings. Are you Sharon Valeri?" asked the old Vulcan.

"Yes I am." said Sharon.

"I have heard about your Stardrive and there is number of us who are fascinated by it. The Federation has experimented with your method of travel before but it was concluded it could not be done."

"Thank you . . ." said Sharon.

"Ambassador Prime." said the Vulcan.

The Vulcan was actually Spock Prime but there was no need to tell her this. Her kind had not come into contact with non-human species before and telling about time travel would be too much.

"Thank you, Ambassador. My people appointed me ambassador for the Cylon race. We are the only ones in this universe so we are pretty much an endangered species." said Sharon.

"This is why this planet was chosen for your settlement. I am hoping you could share what you know about your Stardrive soon. Your knowledge and experience could be considered invaluable when it comes to testing your FTL on our ships." said Ambassador Prime.

"I meet be able to free up some time. My people have agreed to allow Starfleet to refit some of our older model ships and they will need our advice. I'll need someone who's experienced with Federation technology when supervising the refit." said Sharon.

"There will be a great number of people willing to assist you on that." said Prime.

"I thank you, Ambassador Prime. The last few days have been quite a challenge for me and my people. I am the only humanoid Cylon while there are only a few hundred mechanical Cylons in this universe." said Sharon.

"Yes, the report on Humanoid Cylons was submitted to us and I must say the technology is rather advanced. I hope we can gain each other's trust and that it will be beneficial in the future." said Prime.

Sharon nodded in agreement.


The next few weeks were very busy. Starfleet had issued a general refit design for the Basestar class. The Basestar that Sharon had taken to Earth was chosen to be the first ship to be upgraded. It had arrived at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. The Centurions shut down all the computer system while the Engineer Corps with the Cylons viewed the design schematics and the general design was approved by both sides.

All removable structures including weapons and engines were removed. The project began with a twenty three month turn around. A new outer hull was added to the ship and while the Basestars could not be used for warp the Tokyo R&D had designed a warp core for the power systems of the ship. Starfleet engineers and Cylon Centurions began the fitting once the upgraded computer core had arrived.

The refitted Basestar sported new phaser turrets, torpedo tubes had replaced the missile launchers, and new sensor arrays were installed. Crew accommodations and bridge module had been installed with a navigational deflector added. The Centurions tested the computer core at 65% while the warp core had been tested at 70%. On the twenty third month the reviews on all the major systems had been completed and the hull paintings and markings applied.

The crew had been reassigned and began training on the new systems. The Cylons began training them on the Jump Drives. The warp core and computer systems allowed for even longer jumps without the need for fuel consumption. Sharon Valeri had submitted a name for the newly rebuilt ship.

The U.S.S. Resurrection. A few months later a crew with a Centurion as the XO launched and the Resurrection began its shakedown cruise. No one knows how this will turn down but it is clear that Sharon and her people had at last found a home.


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