On Her Side

Usually her skin had a beautiful tone of mocha, or maybe it was olive? Somehow her skin always had an alluring glow, something mysterious and wasn't that a kicker? Considering that her skin was actually poisonous to Logan Cale? The thought made Alec snort, but it quickly became replaced by a heavy sigh.

He looked at her hair, he was still trying to get used to seeing it so short, just shoulder length. Both Logan and Original Cindy had said to him that she used to keep her hair like that before she got caught, why she didn't cut it short after the escaped was something he couldn't figure out. Wouldn't that have been like some kind of "Hey, Look at me! I kicked your sorry asses!" Or something? You know, symbolical?

It wasn't curly though, they'd told him that her hair was naturally curly when it was short like that, but it was still straight and it didn't have that look either, the one who always made Alec wanna run his fingers through her hair and massage her scalp whenever Logan was pestering her about Eyes-Only missions. Only she'd never allow him to do that and instead would go on those stupid missions.

Like she had done last month. It was the reason she was looking like crap. The reason why her beautiful skin had an awful greyish look, the reason why they'd cut her hair to make it easier to wash for her, the reason why Alec wouldn't leave her side, even when Joshua begged him too.

Something had obviously gone wrong and now Max was stuck in bed, in some weird coma, looking like any minute was her last. The person lying in the bed in front of Alec, was only a shell. This wasn't Max anymore and he wondered if she'd ever wake up.

"Oh Maxie.."

He got out of his chair and sat down on the bed, not sure if he should lie down beside her or not, but he was so tired and that god damned chair wasn't doing wonders for his back so he took his chance and laid, hoping that his warmth would if anything, bring color to her skin at least and maybe even wake her up.

Lying on the side and facing her, he could hear her shallow breaths and suddenly his own chest felt to small. Seeing Max so lifeless was wrong. Closing his eyes, Alec carefully pulled Max closer to him and breathed her in, her scent was weak after lying in the med-hall, too many weird scents mingled with her own and that too was wrong.

"Wake up, Maxie.."

This was the first time he was close to her and saying those words. In fact this was probably the first time she could hear him. Every other time he'd said those words had been from his chair and so silent that he wasn't even sure he'd said anything. Big question was if his close proximity made any difference, so what if his lips were almost pressed to her ear? She was still in a coma!

He mentally cursed himself for thinking that, even if he hadn't said it out aloud, it still felt like it was echoing around in the small room they were in, but then her normally shallow breaths turned into shuddered breaths, had she heard him anyways?

Alec tried to hold back his emotions, but one month was a long time and he even knew before the accident that she meant a lot to him, so when he heard what had happened to her? It was like a stab in the heart. He couldn't lose her now.

The shuddering breaths turned back to shallow breaths and he couldn't take it anymore, feeling like a pathetic solider who couldn't keep it together, Alec cried.

"I love you, Maxie."

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