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Understand This

Max left Gem's place with all her belongings, they weren't much, and everything fit in the old bag. Her bike and the rest with it stood already outside Alec's place, it had been her parking spot for a very long time, since she didn't want to risk waking up Jessie whenever she came back from a ride.

Not that they happened all that much anymore.

She knew what she did was a bit fast, moving in with Alec; she hadn't even discussed it with anyone, not even Alec knew what she was up to. He thought she was just checking in on Gem, making sure everything was fine. And it was.

Or it was. Because on her walk to his place, she ran into the one guy she thought she didn't have to deal with anymore, guess she was wrong.

- "Logan, what's... up?"

- "Max, I wanted to talk to you, just give me one more chance to speak to you, please."

- "Just stop, okay? I was in a good mood, but you killed it, don't make it worse."

- "But Alec? Come on, you can do better than that!"

- "And what, you're supposed to be better? Why?"

- "I ... I've... I'm not a murderer!"

- "Newsflash, I've killed too and I was just a kid when I did it the first time!"

- "You didn't know better, you were manipulated, programmed."

- "And Alec wasn't? Are you even listening to yourself? Alec and I are the same!"

- "No, you're not the same, you're different."

- "Why?"

- "You've got no junk-DNA..."

- "Are you serious? So what, that means I have a soul and Alec doesn't?"

- "You didn't let me finish, there's more, obviously."

- "Okay, let's say there's 'obviously' more, what else besides my DNA makes me better than Alec?"

He obviously had no answer to that and Max couldn't believe how pathetic Logan had come to be, was it her fault or had he always been like this, but she hadn't been able to see past it? She didn't have time to ponder more on those questions, as she noticed the crowd surrounding them, but their eyes weren't locked on Max and Logan, their eyes were trained on something behind her.

Curious as the cat inside of her, Max turned around and saw Alec approaching, she felt herself smiling at the sight of him, feeling relief that he's come to rescue her from Logan, but it disappeared and got replaced with a concerned feeling. His walk wasn't casual; it was brisk and almost military. What the hell? And his eyes were on Logan, looking extremely pissed off, as if he was about to explode.

Max looked back at Logan to see if he understood that he might be in trouble, but the ignorant Ordinary only smiled smugly at Alec. Okay, that does it, he's out of here. But before she got a chance to tell Logan this, she found arms belonging to Alec around her waist and again she turned around. This is making me dizzy.

- "Alec?"

The only acknowledgement she got was a twitch in his upper lift, it turned into an ugly sneer and for the first time was Max afraid Alec might hurt Logan, thankfully the Ordinary was smart enough to lose the smug look and turn pale.

Keeping his eyes still on Logan, Alec pulled Max to his chest, placing one hand firmly on her lower back, with his other hand, he tilted her face upwards, still keeping his eyes on Logan and Max couldn't help but obey, Alec was an alpha and so was she, except male alpha's always would and always had more power and the claim made her realize this. A rough kiss was placed on her lips but she openly responded to it, even putting her arms around his neck and starting cares his mark, only then did he relax and break the eye contact. 'Cause really, who'd want to stare at loggie-bear when Max was melting in his arms?

Cheering, whistles and applauds were heard and to keep her act up, Max pushed him away but only lightly and not enough to hurt him. She turned around and stared at her fellow transgenics, with a raised eyebrow and a fist on her hip, letting them know she didn't care about anything but them and Alec. Her eyes fall at last at Logan and she shook her head.

- "Go home, Logan, we don't need your help anymore."

Alec was restless, ever since Max had left him alone, he felt odd. It was almost like some part of him was missing, which couldn't be the case; he wasn't whipped, not at all. Nope, not even close.

Okay, maybe a little bit, but mostly he was bored and Max was only supposed to get something from Gem's place, she hadn't even said what, but that it wouldn't take that much time.

That was two hours ago and Gem didn't even live that far away from him, so what the hell was keeping her?

Rubbing his hands over his face, feeling like a Whipped Ordinary, Alec decided to get some fresh air. Opening the window and placing his hands on the windowsill, Alec took a long breath, then two, then three. He kept his eyes closed and felt his body react to all the different odors, but one stood out. Maxie.

He opened his eyes and searched the crowd for his mate, feeling a sense of pride of being able to detect her earlier than before. This could be very useful, especially when she's getting her ass in trouble.

Of course he regretted those words as soon as he spotted her, she had her back turned to him and in front of her stood, of all people, Logan. His entire body switched from being calm, to rigid, his hands started to hurt from clasping the windowsill and if he had been more aware of just how strong he was he would've let go. The old wooden material couldn't withstand the pressure he put on it, as it started to crack.

Trying to read lips was out of the question, as he would only get one side of the conversation, but it was tempting. Maybe he would be able to figure out what they were talking about, just from Logan's lips, but of course that was a mistake, either his or Logan's. He couldn't decide and he didn't care.

- "But Alec? Come on, you can do better than that!"

- "..."

- "I ... I've... I'm not a murderer!

What the? Murderer? That does it! Without caring to put on shoes or a jacket, Alec jumped out of his window and landed on an old, abandoned car below, the hood creaked in protest of his weight, but he didn't hear it. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was being called murderer. He had killed people, he knew that and he now understood that it had been wrong, but a lot of those casualties had been made in war, others not. He had been told to do his job and back then, he did it without regrets. This meant he was left with a lot of regrets today.

Keeping his eyes solely on Logan, Alec strode with a purpose towards the ex-lovers, neither one of them noticed him, but others did. He could feel eyes on his neck, some were whispering about his lack of shoes and jacket. It was cold outside; you could see your breath in the air.

A thought came to Alec, that maybe he was the only one with a visual breath, because of his anger, as if he was breathing fire.

Getting closer to the duo, he finally heard Max talking and felt a little bit of him loose the anger, because she clearly didn't want to talk with Logan. Good girl.

- "You didn't let me finish, there's more, obviously."

- "Okay, let's say there's 'obviously' more, what else besides my DNA makes me better than Alec?"

Of course Logan would still try and win Max over, he was like a freaking leach, and the only way to get rid of him was putting him on fire. Too bad he wasn't allowed to do it; it would've been interesting to see how the exo-skeleton would react, once lit.

Not that he would do it, but maybe Mole could be talked into it? If anything, they could steal just the exo-skeleton and torch it, then send the remaining pieces to Logan. Yeah, that would be fun!

Finding eye contact with Logan, he wasn't surprised to see the smug look on his face, but really? What did Logan think he had won over Alec?

Being close enough to touch Max, he pulled her closer, but ignored her when she said his name, they way she said, so softly, nearly made him change his mind, but he also wanted to prove himself worthy of Max.

So what if kissing her in front of a whole lot of transgenics and a slack-jawed Logan was childish? Max was responding in more ways than one, he quickly felt the scent of arousal falling like waves from her. If only Logan knew what he's missing out. He couldn't help but purr in satisfaction when she caressed his barcode.

Maybe it was that sound that woke Max up, as she pushed him lightly away, but still kept him close to her personal space, something Logan hadn't been allowed for a very long time. He looked at her as she turned around, a fist firmly placed on her hip, her head going over the crowd and in the end, going back to Logan.

And the words Max said then, made Alec sure that he would never hear anything venomous said from her, sound so beautiful.

- "Go home, Logan, we don't need your help anymore."

And don't come back.

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