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For anyone who's wondering; yes, I did change the name of story. It is now "Otoshimae or Omiai?". And for anyone else who is wondering what the name means, I'll give the translation.

Otoshimae: Revenge or Payback
Omiai: Arranged date on hopes of marriage/ just regular date

So the title is actually: "Revenge or Date?"

Chapter 1

New Plot

"Please don't say 'You are lazy'
datte hontou wa crazy
hakuchou-tachi wa sou
mienai toko de BATA ashi suru n desu
honnou ni juujun chuujitsu honrou mo juujuu shouchi
zento youyou da shi
dakara tama ni kyuukei shichau n desu."

Koizumi Yoshikuni was singing that song as she put the strap of her guitar case over her head and got on her bike.

"Kono me de shikkari
misadamete yukisaki chizu jou MAAKU shite
chikamichi areba sore ga oudou
hashoreru tsubasa mo areba joutou

While Koizumi was busy singing and riding her bike, a different bike had hit her from behind and she fell off of her bike.

"What the hell?!" Koizumi yelled.

"Oh...Um...Sorry!" a boy with black spiky hair and purple eyes said to her while he held out his hand.

Koizumi ignored his hand and went to check on her guitar. It was still in good condition; only the guitar case was scratched, although it's just a bit.

"Thank god..." Koizumi whispered feeling relieved. She turned her head to the boy and said, "You should watch where you're going, Nail-Head!"

"What?" the boy said back. "Nail-Head?" he continued.

"Yeah! Because of your spiky hair! Nail-Head!"

"That's not nice, it's very disrespectful to call someone you don't even know by a mean name!" the guy said in return.

"You know what's not nice? Running into someone! You know what's not respectful? Running into someone you don't know!"

"Hey! I said I was sorry!"

"You should respect you elders more!"

"Are you sure you're my elder?! You are shorter than me!"

"Hey, you're a boy; of course I'm shorter than you! And I am a senior at Seigaku!"

"Ohh...I'm sorry then Sempai. I didn't mean to hit you. My name is Momoshiro Takeshi by the way," Momoshiro said, looking sheepish and holding out his hand.

"Hmmm, Momoshiro huh? My name is Koizumi Yoshikuni. Call me either Koizumi-chan or Koizumi-sempai, I hate it when people call me by my last name," Koizumi said as she took Momoshiro's hand and pumped it up and down. "Uh-Oh! Look at the time! I'm gonna be late for morning tennis practice!"

Koizumi jumped on her bike with her guitar and pedaled away, faster than thought possible. As Koizumi pedaled away, Momoshiro swore he heard her singing.

"YABA tsume wareta GURUU de hoshuu shita
sore dake de nanka tassei kan
daiji nano wa jibun kawaigaru koto
jibun o aisanakya hito mo aisenai."

'What a strange girl... Did she say she was on the tennis team? How come I've never heard of her? Oh damn! That girl was right, I'm gonna be late for tennis!' Momoshiro thought as he pedaled after Koizumi on his way to school. 'It seems like she likes the band Keion-Bu, since she was singing their song; Don't say "Lazy".'

At School

"Where is that girl?" grumbled the captain of the girls' tennis team, Tsubaki Oguri. "She's the vice-captain for Pete's sake! She can at least show up on time!" Tsubaki ran her fingers through her short, chin-length, raven hair. The regulars and the non-regulars were already all there and training.

"Buchou! Sorry I'm late! I got into an accident!" a girl with blond hair down to her waist and blue eyes said.

"So, what's your excuse?" she asked obviously irritated.

"Some guy named Momoshiro Takeshi ran my bike over with his bike! He was so disrespectful, he even yelled at me!"

"Do you know who Momoshiro Takeshi is?"


"He's a regular on the boys' tennis team. They say that he is one of the most powerful ones on the team."

"Ohhhh. So that's who he is. Oh well, it doesn't really matter to me. We just won a tournament last weekend, so I feel generous."


Everyone on the girls' tennis team stopped what they were doing to see what was going on with the screaming. About thirty boys and girls each ran around the corner of the school onto the tennis courts, waving banners that said "Congratulations!" and "Go team!".

"Look Tsubaki! Finally some appreciation for the girls' tennis team!" Koizumi said to Tsubaki. The girls did just win a very important tennis tournament, and they haven't celebrated it yet. What a good time for the celebration that now, when fans were with them.

The crowd was running towards the girls' team and Koizumi was feeling quite smug. She was feeling smug that is, until the crowd ran past the girls' team and right to the boys' team to congratulate the boys on winning a match. A single match, not a tournament, but a match! How can they celebrate the boys winning one match, and not the girls winning a whole tournament?!

"Doesn't that piss you off or what?" Ayumi Eto said, walking to stand next to Tsubaki and Koizumi. Ayumi was a very popular girl with the boys and she didn't like being ignored. She had long brown hair, that was shorter than Koizumi's, and blue eyes. All of the regulars wore the regular tennis uniform, which looked exactly like the guys' uniform, but except for shorts, the girls had to wear skirts instead.

Ayumi, Faye, Aine, and Saori were sophomores at the school, while Tsubaki, Kumiko, Miki, and Koizumi were seniors. "We never get appreciated. It really isn't fair. You should do something about this Tsubaki-sempai, you are the captain."

"Just because I'm the captain doesn't mean that I can do everything, Eto-san." Tsubaki replied with no emotion on her face. She was so formal, she never called anyone by their first name, and she always put -san at the end of the name, like she was trying not to be familiar with anyone.

Koizumi had known Tsubaki since they were five, so she called Tsubaki by her first name with no honorifics, but Tsubaki insisted on calling everyone 'Last Name'-san. Everyone believes that she was a former yanki, but that can't be true, yankis aren't this formal. Koizumi had told everyone that Tsubaki was actually a part of the famous Oto Clan from the Yakuza. The Oto Clan is one of the most powerful clans in the Yakuza, and Tsubaki is the next heir to the clan. That's a lot of pressure.

"Tsubaki-sempai! You can't do anything?!" Ayumi whined. Ayumi and Tsubaki were completely different, but exactly the same at the same time. Ayumi was the heir to the famous AO Corporation. The AO Corporation was the biggest corporation in all of Japan, and it dealt with trade and business from all over the world. Ayumi and Tsubaki were both incredibly rich, but Ayumi had so many talents and skills, she had to be a prodigy in everything to make the AO Group look good. Tsubaki had many talents and skills too, but not as much as Ayumi.

"Eto-san, please get back to practice, and Yoshikuni-san, start practice. As a punishment for coming in late, you have to do extra swing practices and push-ups."

"Yes Buchou!" Koizumi saluted and ran off to join the other regulars. Koizumi was a daredevil and loved adventure. Too bad she was so clumsy though, it made it hard for her during practice sometimes. Koizumi was from a normal family and she was a musician. She played the guitar and hoped to form a band sometime. She admired the band Keion-Bu because they were just normal friends in a group and somehow, they became famous. Koizumi wanted the same fate. Koizumi's family is great friends with Tsubaki's family, because a long time ago, Koizumi had saved Tsubaki from falling into a river.

The girls' team was training even more than the boys' team now, and they might even be equally matched. But even if that were true, the boys' team still got more attention. Even the Coach Ryuzaki, who was the coach of both the girls' and boys' team, paid more attention to the boys and just let the girls do whatever they want.

Tsubaki was determined to make her team better than the boys' team and to finally get the girls' team the attention that they deserved. Tsubaki was a great leader for the tennis team, and she always believed in her team. Being the captain for the tennis team was great practice for becoming the leader of the Oto Clan.

"Score!" yelled out Aine Ikezawa. She was a happy girl who refused to see all of the evil in the world. She always did volunteer work and helped out people. Her hair was bright purple and short, and it was always kept in tiny pigtails, it kind of like how her personality was. Everything Aine did was either for other people, or for the good of something. "Oh yeah! I beat Saori in doing crunches! Oh yeah! Uh-huh! Go team!"

"Shut up Aine," said Saori Toyama. Saori was a part of the girls' basketball team originally, but was kicked off due to lack of teamwork. So she joined the tennis team, thinking it was a solo sport. Everyone thought Saori was going to be a singles player, which she is, but she is also a part of a doubles team with Aine. Saori was great at working with people in doubles. She and Aine were always the No. 1 Doubles Team when it came to tournaments. But Saori was also great at playing singles, and the "bad teamwork" thing just about applied in every single sport she did, except for tennis.

"You're just jealous Saori! The Saori just lost in a competition of crunches! The Saori that could learn and be great at any sport in less than a day!" Aine shouted out, dancing around the courts in joy.

"Aine, please calm down," Faye Morgan said. Faye was an American, and had been living in Japan for only three years. She had a big fear of dogs for some reason. Faye was one of the best on the team, and without her, the team would surely lose more often. Faye was almost as good as Koizumi and could even rival with the famous genius Shusuke Fuji on the boys' team. Faye was too shy though, but it was only because she was the only American person in the whole school, not counting her twin brother of course. Faye always wore her shoulder-length, brown hair in very lose braids and with her layered hair, not all of the hair stuck in the braids. She would just either tied it up or clipped it up, making her messy hairstyle look very cute.

"Yes Aine, do you want to get in trouble with me?" Kumiko Ishimaru said, smiling evilly. Outside of school and practice, Kumiko always wore white everything. Her hair was brown, and it hung all the way down to her butt. She usually left it down, but in practice she had her long hair up in pigtails, making her look even more innocent. Her personality was totally demented though. She could be nice one second, and then evil in another. Whenever she saw someone she didn't like, she would just beat them up or scare them to death. The fact that she looked so innocent and had a demented personality made her even scarier.

"Everyone, please stop arguing!" yelled out Miki Izumi. Miki had long, blue hair that she always kept down, but she always wore a headband to keep the hair out of her face. She was always at the top of her class and was known as a "nerd". But when she played tennis, she seemed to be someone who was cool and strong. Miki was too nice though, and tried to help everyone on the tennis team. But outside of tennis she just kept to herself.

Tsubaki sighed, it seemed like she was going to have to take care of things again. "Everyone! Stop fighting and get back to training! There are only ten minutes left, and in those ten minutes, I want everyone to train as hard as they can!"

Everyone on the team respected Tsubaki and did what she said, when practice was over, it was time to get to class. When the girls were all walking out of the girls' locker room the boys' regular team ran to catch up with the girls' team. The girls didn't like the boys' regulars, but they tolerated them. If they even thought of doing something disrespectful to the boys' team Tsubaki would be all over them, talking about how they had embarrassed the girls' team and everything. Respect was everything to Tsubaki, and even though she didn't like the boys' team either, she was always polite and nice to them.

"Hey Koizumi-chan!" Momoshiro yelled out.

"Oh? Momoshiro? You're on the boys' team as a regular? I would've never guessed," Koizumi replied. She knew Momoshiro was on the tennis team, she just found out this morning from Tsubaki, but she wanted to make him feel like he sucked at tennis, and that's why she didn't know he was on the team.

"Call me Momo, Koizumi. I don't like it when people call me by my full name, it's too bothersome."

"Sure, okay, Momo-kun. I saw all of the fans you boy regulars got today."

"Oh. That was nothing! We usually have even more fans!" Momo continued, not knowing that the conversation was making Koizumi mad.

"Hoi, hoi. Momo! I didn't know you were seeing older women!" Kikumaru Eiji said, popping out of nowhere.

"Eiji-sempai!" Momo whispered fiercely, blushing at the same time. "We just met this morning, and it wasn't even in a good way. I almost ran her over with my bike!"

"You play the guitar?" Eiji asked Koizumi, completely ignoring Momo's comment.

"Uhh...yeah, I do..."

"That's so cool! I wish I could play the guitar, and then I could form a band and then become famous, and then meet my favorite band the Chocolates!"

Koizumi just turned away and ignored Eiji and Momo. She was really getting tired of their unnecessary chatter. She didn't even care if she was being rude anymore, she can't stand the boys' team.

"Tsubaki-san, do you have a moment?" asked Tezuka Kunimitsu, the captain of the boys' team.

"Of course, Tezuka-san," Tsubaki replied, still emotionless. Tsubaki and Tezuka walked away together in a different direction.

"Maybe Tezuka-buchou will ask out Tsubaki-chan!" Eiji and Momo whispered to the rest of the team.

"Fssshhh...in a million years…" Kaidou Kaoru muttered back to the two.

"Tezuka needs a girl. Maybe she can unfreeze his heart," Fuji said and chuckled at the same time.

"Not likely, Fuji. Tsubaki-san is pretty emotionless herself." Inui Sadaharu said without even looking up from his book.

"Maybe we should ask the girls' team to see if their captain likes our captain!" Eiji exclaimed.

The guys all turned to ask the girls' team, but they were nowhere to be found. They disappeared in thin air.

"EH?! Where did they go?" asked Eiji.

Somewhere Else In The School

"That was a close one!" Ayumi sighed.

"I know!" Saori agreed. "I almost yelled at them to get lost. I can't stand them! They must think they're better than us or something!"

"I know what we can do! We can go to Nationals and beat them at their own game. As soon as we get better than them, they'll be embarrassed!"

"Is that all Ayumi?" Miki asked, cocking her head to the side, thinking.

"Nope! We'll also sabotage them."

"How?" Aine asked innocently as ever.

"We can pretend to be friends with them and dump them off or something, we can also declare them as enemies and they won't know why, which will distract them. And we can also rival against them in everything, we'll look like real enemies! Oh, and really do try to sabotage them, but nothing dirty okay? Nothing like breaking or stealing their things. Sabotage them by distracting them, we are girls and they are boys! Make them angry, do whatever. But like I said, nothing too dirty, Tsubaki will be very angry at us if we do something like that."

"Good idea, Ayumi. Too bad though...I really wanted to do something mean and life-scarring...," Kumiko laughed out. Kumiko kept laughing and giggling to herself, it seemed as if she was lost in her own world.

Everyone got the shivers all of a sudden. Kumiko was in her evil state again, and that was never good. It was very creepy and scary. And who knew what Kumiko was going to do next?

"Anyways," Ayumi started. "Everyone in on the plan?"

"Yeah!" the others all shouted in unison.

"Phase one of the plan starts tomorrow!"

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