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Chapter 23

Be in MY Club

Saori jumped up in front of her current teammate, and smashed the ball into the center of the volleyball court on the other side. A tall girl jumped towards it, narrowly missing before slamming into the glossy surface of the floor.

"Woo!" Saori cheered, pumping her fist as she high-fived the girls on her team.

"Good job, Saori-san," a girl said, patting her on the back. "You shouldn't hog the ball so much though."

Saori rolled her eyes behind the girl's back and took a swig of water, gathering her backpack and heading out of the gym to meet up with her friends.

The others were already waiting along the fence of the tennis courts, talking as dozens of other students pushed around them to head off towards various locations on school.

"So what club did you guys choose?" Aine asked once Saori reached the rest of them.

"I think I'm going to choose the Volleyball Club for today," Saori chuckled. "I don't know if they're glad to see me again though since I did get kicked out for not being much of a 'team-player'."

It was a school club day, and everyone in sports clubs had to be in a different club for the day.

"Looks like we're back to being invisible again girls," Ayumi sighed, walking up to meet the other two second years. "Everything is completely. Back. To. Normal. How excruciatingly boring."

"Today we get to show of our skills though! If we make ourselves known, then how in the world will people be able to ignore us?" Saori grinned wildly at Ayumi before taking another drink of water. She bounced on the balls of her feet, already wanting to try all of the sports that she used to play.

"Well, you're already known," Ayumi complained. "You have a reputation in this school as being one of the strongest, most athletic girls, and all because you've played on every single sports team at Seigaku!"

"Might I remind you that my reputation isn't all frills and rainbows like you think it is. I'm actually better known for being in all of the school's sports clubs AND getting kicked out of all of them for not learning 'teamwork' or whatever."

"What can I say? You're a ball hog when you play other sports." Ayumi shrugged her shoulders.

"What they didn't realize is that I can carry the entire team on my shoulders, so it's okay to be a ball hog."

The two second years glared at each other. Ayumi gave a haughty giggle before tossing her hair . Changing the subject, she said, "So have you seen how many girls joined the girls' tennis team just for today?"

"What, like zero?"

"Um, no," Aine quietly poked up. "There were like ten girls who decided to be a part of the girls' tennis club today!" Aine's voice perked up as she spoke, but she lowered her eyes and spoke quietly again. "I think they only did that because they thought they'd get to see the boys, but I think they forgot that the boys have to be with a different club today too."

"So what clubs are the boys in for today?" Ayumi asked, perking up as the conversation when on.

"Um, let me think." Aine's brow furrowed adorably as she tried to remember. Her eyes snapped open and her finger flew up as she recalled. "Momo-kun told me he was going to join the basketball club for today."

"He does that every year, doesn't he?" Saori asked.

"Well . . . yeah . . . but then Kaido-kun joined the track club, Takashi-sempai is trying out the archery club with Miki, Eiji-sempai is doing the boys' volleyball club, Fuji-sempai joined the shuffleboard club again, Tezuka-sempai joined the soccer club today, Oishi-sempai is trying out baseball, and Ryoma-kun is desperately trying to stay with the tennis club today even though that's not allowed. Oh! And Inui-sempai said he was going to join the football club today but I think he's just going around gathering data."

"Just how do you know all of this?" Saori and Ayumi asked simutaneously.

"Um . . . I asked?" Aine answered nervously. Her cheeks flared up as she tried to avoid looking at the two.

"Have you been speaking with the enemy?" Ayumi questioned, taking a step toward the purple haired girl.

"Well . . . yes, but—"

"No 'buts'! Answer the question, Aine."

"Yes . . ." Aine took a furtive step back as Ayumi got closer to the short girl.

"What did I say about cavorting with the enemy?" Ayumi's eyes flared up as she slowly enunciated the words.

"You said not to . . .but . . .but!"

"I said no 'buts' Aine!"

"Hey hey hey, cut it out, Ayumi!" Saori snapped as she stepped in between the two girls. Aine gave a grateful look to her best friend.

"Well why are you getting in the middle of this?" Ayumi asked. She straightened her back and placed her hands on her hips.

"You're being a total hypocrite! Aren't you the one 'dating' Inui-sempai?"

"As I explained earlier, I am not 'dating' him! We are just pretending. It's beneficial to both of us. By pretending I don't have to get engaged to Atobe, and he can collect data on me. I've already told you all this about one hundred times! Geez, maybe you should start paying attention."

"How can I pay attention when most of the time you're talking about clothes and shoes and boys?" Saori questioned. She turned her head to hide a snicker. "You're pretty obsessed."

"I am not! How dare you?!" Ayumi huffed a huge breath before turning away and stomping off.

"You shouldn't have baited Ayumi!" Aine chastised. "I know we're all friends, but you really do know how to push her buttons don't you?"

"Ayumi needs to get a taste of real life every now and then," Saori reasoned. "She's a rich girl, and she has to know that she can't be spoiled her entire life. What will happen to her once she takes over the AO corporation? It's good that I'm doing this to her."

"Oh Saori!" Aine grabbed her best friend's arm and they walked off together to observe all of the other students participating in sports.


Faye stood in front of the bulletin board, observing all of the clubs that she could join. She was good at tennis and dance, but there wasn't a dance club at the school. She was staring intently at the board when a whisper tickled her ear.

"Well, hello Faye, long time no see."

Faye whipped around to be greeted by a pair of closed eyes. She stiffened visibly as she slowly shifted away from the genius of Seigaku, Fuji Shusuke.

"It's Faye-SAN to you," she replied, turning her back to the sadist.

"Don't be like that, Faye. After all, we are dating." Fuji walked up to Faye, putting her arm around her shoulders and pulling her close to his body. She could smell his aftershave, a woody and spicy mix.

She pushed at him until he was forced to take a step back. "Stop that!" Faye hissed. "Stop pretending that we're dating, and stop acting all . . . weird! Just stop everything!"

"I really have no idea what you're talking about Faye. I actually like like you." Fuji smiled in response.

"I know you're lying. I can tell! Remember? I can read auras?"

"Oh yes, that." Fuji turned away. He grabbed Faye's arm and dragged her away.

"What?! Where are you taking me?" Faye demanded. She dug her feet into the ground, trying to slow down his movement, but he persistently dragged her with him, refusing to answer her.

"You haven't joined a club for today yet, have you?" Fuji asked. Faye couldn't see his expression, all she could see was the back of his head.

"Well, no, but that's why I was looking at the bulletin board! I wanted to see what club I could join."

"Sorry to interrupt you, but how about you join my club for today?"

Faye tugged at Fuji's arm, stopping him in the middle of the sidewalk. "You mean the shuffleboard club or the curling club or whatever boring club you're in that no one else is in?"

"Exactly, then we can spend some alone time together." Fuji turned his head and looked at Faye. She heard some gasps as the students saw what looked to be Fuji and Faye holding hands when it was actually that he was dragging her along.

"People are staring at us!" Faye whispered, tugging on his hand.

"That's the whole point, Faye."

"Well you can't force me to go with you! I'm not going to be joining your club! I'm surprised none of your fangirls have figured out that you join those clubs because NO ONE is in them."

"Well, I've been doing this for the past four years, and no one has caught on to me yet." Fuji tightened his grip of Faye's arm and continued pulling her in the direction of the gym.


Miki walked around the school, observing most of the students participating in different clubs. People brushed by her as if she didn't exist. Earlier in the day, someone even sat on her because they didn't see her! She was still invisible. A fun and quirky girl hidden behind long blue hair and glasses.


Miki turned around. She thought she heard a noise, but there were so many people around her that anyone could have made it. In fact, she wasn't even sure if she heard it! Everyone was talking all at once around her.

"Psssstttt!" The sound came again but more insistent.

Miki started walking away again, looking over her shoulder to see if anyone did call her.

"Miki-chan! Pssttt!"

Miki whirled around at the sound of her name to see a desperate looking Eiji Kikumaru peering tentatively out from behind a bush. Miki casually made her way over to Eiji, trying not to attract attention, not that that was hard. She was considered invisible to most people.

Once Miki got near enough, Eiji whipped out his arm and pulled her into the bushes with him.

Miki brushed the dirt off her clothes and snapped, "What was that for, Kikumaru-san?"

"I need you to help me. Hoi hoi~" Eiji twiddled with his fingers and looked at the ground, occasionally looking over the top of the bush.

"Well? What is it?"

"Koizumi-chan!" Eiji wailed. He slapped his hands over his mouth before peering out again.

"What, do you like her or something? What's the problem?"

Eiji blushed slightly at the question, but then composed himself again. "I don't want Koizumi-chan to try and kill me anymore! I broke her guitar a while ago! And I even paid for some of it, but she still won't forgive me! I feel like I'm being bullied, and I have no idea what to do. In some ways, I guess I deserve it for completely smashing her guitar, but it's still not fair! This isn't good for me you know. And I thought I'd ask you because I know you're a really nice person, and well . . . you're, you're—"

"On the same team as her right?"

Eiji let out a deep breath that he had held in when he started rambling. Miki put a pale hand on his shoulder to steady him.

"Please help me! I have no idea who else to go to!" Eiji started sobbing. "Everyone else on your team is super scary and mean! Aine-chan seems nice but she's an underclassman so she can't really do anything! Please please please help me! I'm afraid that every time I turn a corner Koizumi-chan will be there! I'm afraid to go to sleep because she'll kill me!"

"Okay, just . . . just calm down! I'll take care of things."

"Thank you!"


"So . . . I'm confused. Are we still in this 'war' with the boys' team?" Ayumi asked, kicking a can around.

"Um. . . YES!" Kumiko scoffed.

"Aren't we like . . . indebted to them?"

Kumiko stopped walking and stared at Ayumi, scrutinizing her to see if she actually was Ayumi. "Are you Ayumi?"

"Can anyone honestly be me? I don't think so."

Kumiko snorted behind the younger girls back and ignored the comment. "You just hate the boys' team, more than most of us I would say. I can't even believe you think we're indebted to them."

"Well, this time the guys actually did stuff for the team. They helped keep Tsubaki-buchou in school, so I feel as if we're indebted."

"Don't forget it was also their faults that the girls' tennis team has no glory and has no money for equipment or anything! We're just as good as them, but we get nada."

"Then what's the plan? We haven't done anything at all to them since we came back from the trip."

"This was originally your plan you know, to get revenge. You talk about getting revenge every day and you talk about not speaking with the enemy every day! But it's like you've given up on it."

"I'm just out of ideas and we're indebted." Ayumi sighed and picked at her shirt. "It's not like I want to be nice to them."

"Oh don't worry," Kumiko casually said, staring at her nails. A wicked smirk twisted at the corners of her mouth as she continued to avoid Ayumi's stare.

"What do you mean?" Ayumi questioned, taking a daring step closer to her friend. "Don't tell me, after a couple of weeks of barely being mean and sadistic, you're actually picking it up again?"

"That's just who I am, sweetcheeks," Kumiko condescendingly sang.

"I knew this good streak of yours wouldn't last."

"You consider that a good streak? That's what I call a bad streak. I wasn't even myself."

"Well, it was kind of nice while it lasted. What's your plan then, Kumiko?"

"The boys think that we're friends, sort of, just because they helped Tsubaki-buchou," Kumiko stated, a smirk still on her face.

"Okay, yeah, and?"

"So we pretend that we're becoming friends with them, and then when they least expect it. BANG! They get a shot to the head."

Ayumi nodded her head slowly, digesting the plan. "I guess that's what we're doing."


"Koizumi! Pass it over here!" Koizumi turned around with the basketball in her hands. She bounced it over to a girl who scored a slam dunk.

Koizumi started blocking a red haired girl to her right as one of the other team's members threw the ball back into the court. She jumped and caught the ball before the girl next to her could get it, and dribbled it down the left side of the court where there were less people. She shot it from the free throw line just as a girl knocked her down. It sailed smoothly into the net.

"Yes!" Koizumi shouted, jumping up again. She high fived the other girls on her team. None of the boys from the tennis team this year decided to join the boys' basketball club for the day. So she got a blissful day of no boys.

The sound of the buzzer brought everyone back to attention. The fourth quarter had ended and the teams were tied. None of the girls actually were on the basketball team, but some had a more athletic inclination than others.

All of the girls sat back on the bleachers to rest, sipping from water bottles and chatting.

"Um, Yoshikuni-san?" It was the red headed girl.

"Yeah, Aiko-san?" Koizumi put down her water bottle and stared up at the standing girl.

"I know that you're on the girls' tennis team, and . . . that must mean you're kinda close to the boys' tennis team right."

"Uh, I guess you could say that. In a way, I suppose the two teams are close. Unfortunately," Koizumi whispered the last part, not wanting to sound too bitter in front of the other girl.

"I heard that you and Kikumaru-kun are close," the girl said.

"Ha!" Koizumi barked. "I don't know if I'd say we're close. We're more like . . . we have a very complicated relationship."

"Well, that must mean you're close right? So I was wondering if you could say a few good things about me to him? I like him, but he doesn't really know that I exist."

"Um, sure? Why not?"

The red head gave a visible sigh as she went back to her friends. Koizumi rolled her eyes at the girl. There was always someone wanting to confess to the tennis regulars. It was the first time someone actually noticed that she was on the tennis team though and asked her to help.

Koizumi closed her eyes and rested her head on the bleacher behind her. A dark shadow fell across her eyes and she opened it to a bluenette. Miki.

"Hey Miki! What are you doing here? I thought you were with Takashi-san," Koizumi cheerily greeted.

"I was, but . . ." Miki's eyes shifted from the ceiling to the ground to the bleachers, avoiding Koizumi's eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Miki continued to look at the ground.

"So . . . what was it you wanted?" Koizumi watched her friend suspiciously. Miki never acted like that unless she was hiding something.

"Eiji-san wanted me to talk to you for him," Miki finally replied.

Whoa, deja vu, Koizumi thought. First a girl wanted Koizumi to talk to Eiji for her, and now Eiji wanted Miki to talk to Koizumi for him? Strange.

"What does he want?" Koizumi took another sip from her bottle before choking on the water as another thought came into her mind. "Wait, don't tell me he likes me! He's not asking you to confess for him, is he?"

"Oh no, he's still too much afraid of you to feel anything else," Miki reassured her.

"Good. Because that would be . . ." Koizumi scrunched up her face and stuck out her tongue.

"Anyways, he asked me to somehow get you to stop scaring him."

"It's not necessarily my fault! It's just that when I see him, the thought that he broke my guitar pops up into my mind and I just see red sometimes!"

"Do you think you can cool it? He seriously thinks that you're going to kill him." Miki gave Koizumi a disapproving look through her glasses.

"Does he?" Koizumi's mouth twitched into a smile at the thought.

"Don't laugh!" Miki scolded. "I'm serious here. He was desperate enough to ask me for help. So it must have been really bad."

Koizumi's response was cut off as the buzzer rang again, signaling the start of a new game. She stood up and fixed her long, blond hair into a ponytail. "Sorry Miki, can't talk right now. The game is about to start." Koizumi had a fake regretful look on her face before she ran off to play more basketball.

Miki sighed. Would she ever get through to the blonde that she couldn't just scare Eiji for the rest of their high school lives? She rolled her eyes at the falsely regretful look that Koizumi gave her before running off. If anything, Koizumi just wanted to stop talking about it and continue scaring Eiji.

Oh, the poor guy.


Momoshiro watched Miki walk off from the other side of the gym. The boys and girls basketball clubs were using one of the gyms that Seigaku had. The two clubs had split it in half and the girls used one end while the boys used the other.

He could see that the girls started to play another game and he turned back around to his team, who were all resting since they all rarely ever played basketball.

Momoshiro wished Aine was with him. Or at least cheering him on from the sidelines even though it wasn't a real game or anything. He turned around to grab his towel when he saw red hair poke above the trashcan shoved to the side near one of the exits. He slowly made his way to the trashcan. Was there a dead body in there?

He reached the trashcan and saw that crouching on the other side of it was his sempai, Eiji Kikumaru.

"Sempai?!" Momo exclaimed.

"Ssshhhhhh!" Eiji shushed furiously, still crouching.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm hiding behind a trashcan so Koizumi-chan doesn't see me."

"Oh." Momo tried to hide a snicker as he saw Eiji's face tighten. He was there at the fast food place when she came and scared the shit out of his sempai.

"It's not funny!" The usually good natured Eiji snapped. He bit on one of his nails as he looked at the girls' end of the court. "Do you know what Miki-san said to Koizumi-chan?"

"Um, NO. I don't eavesdrop! Much anyways."

"Did it look as if Koizumi-chan was agreeing to whatever it was that Miki-san was saying?"

"It didn't look too much like that to me."

"Damn it!" Eiji slouched on the floor in defeat. "I really have to find a way to apologize to Koizumi-chan."

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