Summary: When Deatheaters attack a school for elementals in America, the students, inclunding James Potter's (to put it nicely) oddsister, are sent to Hogwarts. SBOC.

Disclaimer:If I owned Sirius Black, would I be on my laptop writing fanfiction about him? Nope. JK Rowling (the best writer since JRR Tolkien) owns Sirius Black completely. And the others as well, of course. ('Cept for Dewey)

A/N- IMPORTANT! I am re-writing this fic because it honestly had no plot, and this time around it will. I hope it will be written better than I had written it last time, and less jumping around, more foreshadowing, character development, ectcetera. I hope my old readers will read this, and that my new readers will enjoy it! Sorry if you didn't want me to re-write it, but it was either this or I was abandoning it. I don't want to ababndon Dewey, so I'm writing it over. Updates will be more frequent, hopefully once a week. There will also be more depth to Sirius/Dewey and Lily/James.



James Potter had had a great first year at Hogwarts. The exams had been a joke, honestly, who didn't know how to change a match into a needle? He glanced around the compartment at his three best friends. It would be really weird without them this summer, to be sure. He had gotten so used to spending all his time with them that it would be strange to sleep in a room without Sirius' snoring and Remus' occasional nightmares.

Peter was reading some book, and Sirius had drawn a mustache on Remus' face while he was asleep.

"Oi, Remus, wake up!" James said, throwing a chocolate frog at his friends face, "I got something to tell you all." Remus cracked and eye open and grumbled a bit, but obliged. James beamed at his friends and ruffled his hair, "My mum said you lot could come over the last few weeks of summer, I'll owl you the specifics if you want to come, so what do you think?"

"Yeah, if my parents ever let me see the light of day again," Sirius grumbled, "I can imagine mum already 'Gryffindor! Myson in Gryffindor! Oh, Druella will be pleased she's not the only one with a troubled child! She'll be rubbing it in my face for weeks!'" Sirius used a high, annoying voice to imitate Mrs. Black. "Besides James, don't you have a sister? She'll probably want to spend time with you."

"You kidding?" James exclaimed, "Dewey'll want to meet you all! So will mum and dad!"

"I don't think my mum'll let me go," Remus said, avoiding eye-contact with the others, "She's pretty...over protective."

"I'll ask," Peter barely glanced up from the book he was reading

"How old is you sister, James?" Remus asked politely.

"She's my twin," He responded, "Barely seven minutes older than me."

"Why doesn't she go to Hogwarts, then?"

"I'm sort of not supposed to tell anybody, but you guys won't tell, right?"

"Of course we won't," Sirius said, "We arebestest buds," He slung his arm around a guilty looking Remus.

"My sister, Dewey, is a fire elemental," He whispered, glancing around as if they were being watched. "She goes to the American Institution for Elementals, y'know, AIE."

"No way!" Sirius shouted, "That's so wicked!"

"Don't fire elementals tend to be, er, a little violent?" Peter asked nervously.

"I dunno, but Dewey's not violent at all. She's just a little bit different."

Sirius asked, "Different as in...?"

"Weird," James said, "She's really weird."

Remus raised his eyebrows, "How so?"

James coughed and shifted awkwardly in his seat, "Well, she's obsessed with her beaters' bat, and she- well, you'll see when you meet her." He broke off with a nervous laugh, "She'll be at platform 9 and 3/4, because AIE gets out earlier than Hogwarts, and they start earlier, too."

The train pulled into the station, and Sirius said, "Which one's her? I wanna' see the girly version of you!"

"Trust me," James said, "You'll know who I mean when you see her."

And they did.

Anyone who chose that moment to glance out their window would see a small, scrawny girl, who was a female version of James Potter. She had long, black hair that stuck out in every direction, and was burnt in different sections. Her brown eyes were magnified by wire-rimmed glasses that had tape around the center. Her robes were big on her and parts of it had large scorch marks on them. She was jumping up and down frantically, and appeared to be shouting 'JamieJamieJamieJamie'. A blonde girl, probably 13 years old, was glancing at her, a superior look on her horse-ish face.

James sighed quietly, it wasn't that he didn't like his sister, she just never got tired. Now he new how his poor teachers felt when they saw him.

It was going to be a longggg summer.

His friends were all staring out the window at her when Remus saw his reflection.

"Hey! What did you do to my face?"


"Now, before we continue on to the feast, I have an announcement to make.," Albus Dumbledore said, standing from his seat at the heads' table, "As I'm sure you know, the American Institution for Elementals was recently destroyed by Death Eaters. The students were generally unharmed, and have been relocated to other schools near their homes. Seventeen of the students have chosen to come to Hogwarts, and I'm positive you will welcome them with open arms."

With that said, the doors to the Great Hall opened, and in walked the new students. Whispers broke out all over the hall, and many younger, muggleborn students were asking their friends what elementals are. As the Headmaster and McGonagall talked quietly to each other about the new students, as the rest of the hall studied the new students.

"James," Remus said, "You didn't tell us Dewey was coming to Hogwarts! I mean, she is coming here, right?"

"Yeah, she's coming here," James said with a sly grin, "I wanted to surprise you guys. Isn't this great?"

"Yeah, great," Sirius said, but no one seemed to notice his sarcasm.

"I don't see her," James said with a frown. They watched as the first few people were sorted (Delacour, Pierre, SLYTHERIN!), until finally 'Potter, Dewey' was called. Many Hogwarts students started whispering and glancing at James, while the AIE kids started to giggle. There was a long pause then,

"Potter, Dewey! Is there a Dewey Potter here?"

The doors banged oped loudly, and a person donned in brightly colored clothes tripped into the room, papers flying everywhere as she fell to the ground, and a skateboard flying out from under her feet and rolling across the hall. After a moment of struggling, it became apparent that she had the leg-locker curse performed on her.

The AIE students, who had been muffling giggles ever since they had called 'Potter, Dewey', all burst out laughing, and a few Hogwarts kids did too.

The girl who tripped lifted her head, and you could see that her black hair was streaked with orange, red and yellow. She scowled at the group of students standing in the middle of the hall. As the spell wore off she stood up and started snatching her papers up off the ground, shoving them into the backpack she held. She finally turned to the head's table,

"Sorry I'm late Professor...s...Professors," she muttered, shifting her weight to her other foot, "Someonethought it would be incredibly amusing to lock me in the baggage compartment for the entire train ride, and I was stuck there untill the house-elves came to get the luggage." She glared toward Pierre Delacour, who was seated at the Slytherin table.

"I hope this does not become a regular occurrence. May I inquire as to why you chose not to wear the school uniform Miss...?" McGonagall said, trailing off at the end.

"I'm Dewey, m'am, Dewey Potter."

"More like ScrewyPotter!" Someone called out.

Dewey didn't seem to care about her new nickname, and instead, she glanced down at her bizarre outfit, she had on a bright orange, flowy skirt that fell to her knees, James' enormous old quidditch sweatshirt (the word POTTER in big gold letters on the back), and purple high-top converse with green laces on them. "As to why I'm not wearing a uniform, I believe uniforms were created to destroy the creative process, without which, you can never grow-up. If you are able to express yourself, then you won't pull outrageous stunts to prove to people what you're style is. Take my brother James and his friends, for an example (there was a loud 'Oi!' from the Gryffindor table). Also, uniforms catch on fire very easily...which happens more than you would think." McGonagall opened her mouth, most likely to tell her off, when Dumbledore cut her off,

"I'm sure, as it is your first day, we can make and exception, but be prepared by the first day of classes. Now, if you would kindly place the Sorting Hat on your head, so we can continue with the rest of the students."

"Sorting Hat? All we have to do is put on a hat? James and Sirius told me we had to...never mind, I probably shouldn't say it out loud." She walked up to McGonagall and put the hat on. She started as she heard a voice in her head, What's this? it said, another Potter?'re very rash, which could be mistaken for bravery, you're loyal, but not quite hardworking, so Hufflepuff is out, Slytheryn, definitely not...

Are you my conscience? She thought back, I suppose not...but I'd really like to be in Gryffindor, sooooo it'd be really nice if you put me there, Hat, sir, thing, m'am.

A soft chuckle filled her head, Gryffindor, yes... you're rash, bold, and slightly insane, it's perfect.

Hey! She thought, but the Sorting Hat had already shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!" James, Remus, and Peter stood up and cheered for her, and (as usual) everyone else followed their lead and started clapping too, but gave her odd looks as she passed by them. When she sat down in between James and Sirius, James slung an arm over her shoulder, and, in a sing-song voice, said,

"Hey, big sister!"

"Hey, little bro," she sang back.

"I thought you would be in Slytherin, for sure," he whispered as the sorting continued. At her affronted look, he explained, "Have you ever seen yourself glare at someone?" He shuddered, "It's absolutely terrifying." Dewey snorted, then turned and watched the rest of the sorting.

It only took a few more minutes, and then the Headmaster explained the rules, the FORBIDDEN Forest, ect. When the food finally appeared Peter shouted, "FOOD!" and they all dug in.

The Marauders were lounging in the Common Room when Sirius spoke up,"Prongs, shouldn't you be off doing something Head Boyish?"

"Nah," He said, "I only had to tell the Prefects what to do, they handle the midgets-errr first years and stuff, so I don't have to do anything tonight."

Dewey walked over to them and sat down next to Sirius, who subtly scooted away from her.

"'Sup, bitches?" She asked throwing her feet up on the table and linking her hands behind her head.

"Nothing much, Dewster," James said, "Just chillin' like a villain. Right dawgs?"

Everyone stared at him.

"James," Dewey said, "You have never been to America. You can't pull off the New York City slicker thing. You. Are. British."

"So are you!" He cried, "Why can't I pull it off?"

"I've been going to school in New York City since I was eleven. I can pull it off."

Before he had the chance to respond, a petite, red-headed girl walked over to them.

"Hello," She smiled at Dewey, completely ignoring the Marauders, "I'm Lily Evans, head girl, if you need any help at all just tell me."

"Where are the dorms?" Dewey stood up and stretched, "I'm pretty tired."

Lily led Dewey to the stairs and they chatted politely with one another.

"If your brother and his friends everbother you, just tell me," Lily instructed, "They are so immature!"

"Well," Dewey said, narrowing her eyes, "I think that they're funny. James ismy brother."

"Hopefully you won't be anything like him, I can't imagine twopeople that annoying!" Lily seemed unaware that she was offending Dewey. "Oh, wait," Lily said, wrinkling her nose, "There already are two people that annoying, I forgot Black."

"Look," Dewey said, as they reached the door to their dormitories, "You don't know anything about Sirius! And I don't appreciate you bagging on my brother either!"

Dewey calmly walked away and went into the bathroom, breathing deeply.

Lily didn't care that the new girl didn't like her. After all, she wasa Potter. Not James, but still Dewey Potter. That new girl was weird, Lily thought as Dewey exited the bathroom and sat down on her bed, meditating.

Dewey Potter, Lily mused, more like Screwy Dewey.

She didn't think that, as she giggled with Alice about the nickname, her other room mates would overhear them talking.

But they did, and the name stuck.