My new story, Yay! This has been swimming around and around in my head for a while and I've finally decided to write it.

This story is about Edward growing up, probably up as far as his seventeenth birthday depending on whether people want me to continue it or not and Bella will be in it. This is an EdwardxBella story.

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A young man stood before the full-length mirror, hanging on the back of his bedroom door. He straightened his uniform, mentally preparing himself for his first day on the job, having finally finished his training and now officially a fully fledged police officer.

He donned his police badge proudly and strolled slowly down the stairs with a new energy in his step.

The man entered the small, cosy kitchen, filled with the scent of frying and wrapped his arms around his young wife who was standing in her dressing gown before a hot stove, tending to the sausages, as their two year old daughter gurgled happily at the appearance of her father, all dressed up.

He ate breakfast quietly and fed his daughter, mashed carrot and potato, while his wife smiled on, sipping a mug of steaming coffee, unable to ignore the wide smile covering her husband's tanned face.

The young police officer grabbed his coat from the back of the rickety chair and pulled it on, kissing his wife's cheek and waving goodbye to his daughter.

He drove to San Francisco East police station, still smiling and made it there with ten minutes to spare. He greeted the other officers there and entered the locker room to throw his bag into his own locker.

He found his locker easily and couldn't help but admire the name tag on the front of his locker that spelled out Officer Ryan Cooper in crisp letters.

Officer Ryan collected his gun and was appointed as the partner of Sergeant Dobbs, a portly man with a cheerful smile and a firm hand in teaching new members of the force.

Officer Cooper was given his first assignment and himself and Sergeant Dobbs headed in the direction of No.3 Forester Street to investigate the sounds of gunshots heard by several members of the neighbourhood.

When they arrived, they saw that it was a city council apartment building, run down and grimy in appearance.

They called out to the occupants of No.3, but they received no answer.

Sergeant Dobbs instructed Officer Cooper to break open the door, which he did.

The sight that met the young officer's eyes was something which would be firmly imprinted on his mind from that moment on.

Crimson blood was splashed across every surface, from the mismatched chairs covered in cigarette burns to the grease saturated curtains.

The body of a thirty or so year old woman laid spread out on the carpet, a blood stained gun slipping from her fingers, which were still wrapped around the trigger, Blood seeped from her head, the bullet wound clearly visible.

And in the corner of the room, sat a blood soaked quivering young boy, his eyes closed as he shook his head from side to side. The little boy's arms were wrapped tightly around his knees, which he was clutching to his chest. His cheeks were gaunt, presumably from malnutrition and his skin was sickly pale. His bronze coloured hair lay flat on his forehead, slick with greasing, his clothes looked as if they hadn't been washed in days and there were purplish black bruises scattered across his bare skin.

Thoughts of his own little girl turned the officer's stomach and made his blood boil to think that anyone could harm such an obviously vulnerable child.

Sergeant Dobbs informed Officer Ryan to go check with the neighbour who had called, a Mrs. Murphy in No.6 as he knelt before the trembling boy and calmly asked him his name.

The man walked slowly to No.6, trying to soothe his growing anger at the treatment of that child. The man who had trained him had warned him that he would see some gruesome things on the job but not all the warnings in the world could prepare him for seeing it unfold before his very eyes.

He rapped gently on the door of No.6 and was answered by a large stout woman with soft eyes and plump rosy cheeks. He heard the soft mewling of a cat from within.

"Mrs. Murphy?", he asked uncertainly.

She nodded and immediately opened her mouth to question him "Is he alright? The boy, Edward?", she asked anxiously.

He nodded silently and asked her softly "Can you tell me what happened?".

Her brow creased as she recalled the events "Well I was just in my kitchen feeding my cat, when I could hear shouting from down the hall, well I didn't think much o' that but then I heard a gun shot from pretty much the same direction. So I headed down to No.3, cause that's usually the one that causes the most problems and anyways there's I was knocking on the door but nobodies was answerin'. So I called for little Edward but there wasn't a sound so I started to panic then and that's when I called ye folks", she answered, her brow furrowing as she spoke.

The young officer wrote all this down in a notepad he kept handy and once finished, turned back to the woman, who reminded him greatly of his own mother.

"You said that you didn't think much of the shouting from down the hall, why was that?", he asked professionally.

"Well this is a city council building but its pretty quiet most o' the time, part from No.3 o' course. That woman in there she's trouble I tall yah. She's always shouting and she treats that boy of hers something awful, and he's a sweet boy really, terrible shy but always very polite", she replied her eyes softening at the mention of Edward.

"What do you mean by she treats Edward terribly?", Officer Ryan questioned, one eye brow raised.

The woman tutted and began speaking slowly as if trying to remember for sure "Mmm well the poor boy is always covered in bruises and cuts and she shouts at him something dreadful. She's got men coming in and out at all hours of the day and I've seen her popping pills like there's no tomorrow", she said her eyes darkening the further she explained. "I've called social services on her three time, the first two times she managed to wriggle her way out o' it, but on the third time they took him away and three weeks later he was back here".

Officer Cooper nodded gravely and thanked the elderly woman before heading back to No.3, where Sergeant Dobbs had managed to get the little boy to stand, albeit shakily.

The two men informed the boy that they would take him to the hospital to get checked up. Sergeant Dobbs lead the boy to the patrol car and helped buckle him in, the boy never said a word and his eyes seemed glazed over as he walked. He didn't once look back.

Officer Cooper searched the apartment; he found empty beer cans, anti-depressants and dirty needles all of which he took as evidence.

They rode to the hospital in silence, the young boy stared out the window, biting his lip as if he had a question he was too apprehensive to voice.

When they arrived at the hospital, Edward's legs could not carry him so Officer Ryan swung the child into his arms and carried him inside.

A nurse informed social services of what had occurred and lead the little boy to a room, to be checked over. The boy never once looked back at the two men.

Officer Cooper hesitated as the Sergeant steeped out the door, turning to him the Sergeant could see the toll today's events had taken on the young man and told him to go home, to get some rest.

Officer Cooper did go home, he kissed his wife's cheek as he had that very morning, he waved to his daughter in greeting and he placed his jacket slowly on the back of his chair, however when the young man's wife asked him if something was wrong, he shook his head and replied that everything was just fine, just fine and Officer Ryan Cooper never once looked back.

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