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Carlisle Cullen slipped into room 3 early in the morning to check on Esme and Edward. He found Edward to be sleeping, curled up against Esme as she played idly with his hair, twisting a stray lock between her fingers.

He couldn't help but smile at the sight and the maternal expression gracing his wife's face, his heart aching with the weight of his desire to grant his wife's silent plea for a child.

Esme looked up to see her husband gazing at her, his smile light but his eyes sad. He beckoned for her to come and mouthed for her to get some breakfast.

She pulled away from the sleeping boy, careful not to wake him as she stirred. But Edward seemed to notice, even in his sleep, the soft weight and comforting warmth s hift from his side. His small hands stretched out and fisted in Esme's shirt, holding her to him as he curled himself closer to her warmth.

Esme gazed at the young child that had moulded himself to her side and caressed his hair softly, settling back in to the small bed and watched as the morning rays of sunlight cast shadows across his pale face.

Carlisle gently shut the door behind himself, seeing clearly that Eme wasn't going to stir at present he set off in the direction of the cafeteria, pondering to himself what Esme and Edward would like for breakfast.

Dr. Cullen sat at his desk, cursing the stack of paperwork currently vying for attention. He was startled by a gentle rapping on the door, peeking her around the door Esme smiled nervously at her husband.

Carlisle beckoned his wife forward, pulling her slender frame onto his lap and nuzzled her neck softly, enjoying the subtle waft of lavender and freshly baked cookies that seemed to surround her.

"I want to adopt him" Esme voiced suddenly, a nervous quiver in her 's head shot up at her words, staring at his wife slack jawed he replied "do you really think we're ready for that" but his face told what his words didn't, was Esme ready for that.

Esme pulled herself from her husband's arms and proceeded to pace the room, fidgeting slightly with her sleeve. "I'm ready for this Carlisle".

"We just got the news from the gynaecologist", he argued, his eyes wary. He hated saying no to her but he feared that she was pushing herself, that she was being rash in her desire to be a mother.

"He needs a family Carlisle", Esme snapped, her voice rising.

Dr. Cullen leaned back in his chair, taken aback by the tone of her voice, for Esme was patient and sweet by nature.

Esme stepped towards her husband and sank to her knees before him. Carlisle cradled her head in his lap, slowly running his fingers through her hair. "It feels right Carlisle", Esme sighed "when I hold him in my arms it feels like he's my son, our son". "I want this Carlisle, I need this and he needs it too, I can tell".

Carlisle Cullen sucked in a breath and prepared himself, as he let out the breath and as he formed the word 'no' on his lips he found himself saying "If this is what you want dear".

Esme jumped up, elated by her husband's compliance and kissed his cheek fondly before bounding back to room 3. Carlisle pinched the bridge of his nose and couldn't help but reflect on how truly rediculous it was to even consider refusing Esme anything, he could deny her nothing.

Esme instructed Edward to hold his arms up before pulling a soft blue shirt over his head, smiling broadly when it was fully on. Edward smiled shyly and hesitated before stepping forward and bunching the material of Esme's floral skirt in his fist and holding himself close to her.

Carlisle entered the room, whistling and swinging his car keys as he walked "ready?", he asked, forcing himself not to frown when Edward's eyes widened and he maneuvered himself behind Esme's body and he placated himself with thoughts that Edward just wasn't used to seeing him out of his scrubs.

Esme nodded and gathered Edward's hand in hers before leading him out the door, past the reception area and to Carlisle's mercedes. Esme slipped into the back with Edward while Carlisle sat in the front, watching them as he reversed, Edward lay across the back seats his head resting in Esme's lap as she stroked his hair, singing softly as he drifted off to sleep.

"He was so scared", Esme murmured, "when Dr. Williams said he could go, he didn't think he had anywhere to go". Carlisle threw a glance towards the sleeping boy and a gentle smile spread across his face. "We're nearly home", Esme murmured and Edward seemed to stir beside her.

Edward sat up, blinking sleepily, his hand still unconsciously gripping Esme's as Carlisle turned the car into the long winding driveway leading to their home.

He parked the car and led his family to the door, hesitating slightly as he unlocked the door and gestured for his wife and son to enter their home.

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