Chapter 1: Soon

Ahh, the creative urge. Damn my darned urges, I have yet to finish any of the stories on my profile! I came up with this while doing my English Paper 1 this morning… it would be too long for the essay question so I just kept it in my head. I hope you likey! The story happened a tad different in my little screwed up mind, but I spent a good half an hour thinking about the mechanics of certain elements of this story at the end of the exam, and I duno, I just got kinda excited bout it! Here goes, and critique is welcome :D

Please excuse the awkward first chapter. It gets better... much better. Trust me.

"Say say my playmate,
wont you lay hands on me.
mirror my malady,
transfer my tragedy."
-Wolf like Me (By TV on the Radio)

Bold is Bella, italics are Edward.

I was sitting in English, bored out of my mind. I was sitting next to Edward, godly perfection.

I'm so bored, I wrote in my messy scrawl. I tossed the note over to my perfect vampire boyfriend.

Bella you should really be concentrating. Finals are coming up soon, you know. He wrote back, disapprovingly.

Screw finals, am I really going to need them after I join the living dead? I wrote jokingly.

Not funny, Bella. And still, finals are important.

Entertain me.


I don't know. Please? I'm bored.

Okay, I think you are the most wonderful, beautiful person that I have ever met in my hundred years. I love you more than anyone would think possible. Happy?

No. I already know that... tell me something I don't know.

Alice just had a vision of two high school kids being arrested by Officer Swan.

Really? Who are they? I looked over at him curiously.

I've seen them around the hospital, but I don't know names.

Oh. that's strange. Anything else?

Well Mike is going over ways to woo you in his mind. He is so irritating; I wish I could just snap his neck for even thinking of doing that to you…

Doing what?

Nothing. Its nothing, love.

Just then the bell sounded. I gathered my books.

"So who were these kids that Charlie arrested?" I asked, just to get Edward to stop glaring at Mike, who was looking like he feared for his life as Edward scowled murderously at him with his onyx eyes.

"The adopted kids of the new doctor in town, dr. Batons." he explained calmly. "I recognised one of them from the hospital." I raised my eyebrows.

"Wait, a new doctor in town, with adopted kids…? Sounds familiar," I commented, grinning at Edwards sudden smiles.

"That's what I thought. Only I'm 100% sure these kids aren't vampires. Its just a normal family with a few adopted kids. A few adopted kids with issues," he grinned.

He took my hand and we strolled to the cafeteria.

Later that night, in Bella's room.

I was lying on my bed, in Edward's cold arms, not being able to sleep, yet again. It was impossible to sleep when it felt like I had electric currents racing through my body…

"Still awake, love?" Edward purred in my ear. I shivered.

"Are you too cold? I could leave…" he began. Did he not know that with him, I never shivered from the cold…?

"No! don't! I just don't feel like sleeping right now…" I sighed.

"What do you want to do then, love?" he said, nuzzling my neck. I shivered again. "I love it when you shiver like that," he said softly.

"Edward you know what I want to do," I said, kissing his neck softly. This time he shivered.

"Quite contrary to what you might think Bella," he gulped. I loved seeing him like this. "Now is not the time to discuss your future as one of the eternally damned…"

"Edward you know that's not what I was talking about…" I said as he tried to dodge it.

He kissed my hair. "I was actually hoping it was. It's a much easier subject to discuss with you," he chuckled.

"So what do you think?" I asked, breathing heavily. I slid my hand under his t-shirt, and he didn't stop me. Wow. This was the furthest we'd ever gone without him stopping… was this really happening?

"I think… that I'll have to think about it." he smiled crookedly, and took the hand that was attempting to remove his shirt.

He. Said. That. He. Would. Think. About. It.


That was Edward-speak for 'soon'.

"Really?" I asked in disbelief.

"Bella, you think that it's your blood sings to me the most. But you need to know that as much as I hate to admit it and put you in danger, your body sings to me maybe even more than your blood, believe it or not. I'm not sure if I can control myself any longer!"

I was shocked, and stuck for words. It seemed that I was going to get what I wanted, and not have to deal with any of that marriage nonsense along the way!

"Well Edward, you know how I feel about the subject, whenever your ready I'm ready." I said, to not sound like a sex-crazed pervert. "I don't want to rush you into anything you're not ready for, or are uncomfortable with…"

Edward stared at me for a moment. "You think I wont sleep with you because I'm not ready? Bella, Bella, Bella, if that was the case I would have-" he stopped, realising what he was saying. Ah, poor Edward, always wanting to be the gentleman. "Never mind."

Just then I just happened to yawn. "Bella I think you should go to sleep. School in the morning."

"But I want to continue this conversation, I feel like we're making tons of progress!"

"In the morning, love, we can discuss this further. Now you have to sleep."

I couldn't disagree any longer, my eyelids felt heavy and my mind was clouded with fog.

"Okay, 'Night Edward, I love you," I whispered as I drifted off to sleep.

The last thing that I heard was "I love you too, Bella, my love. Sleep well."

I'm gonna introduce the other family in the next chap. If anyone has any cool or unusual names for teens, do share! Oh and the family aren't Vamps or Wolves btw, theyre something more badass...

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