Code X

Chapter One – Teleported

In present day France, a blonde haired child sitting in front of a giant computer, the screen being reflected in his big, round glasses, with a headset on saying, "Ulrich watch out, you've only got thirty life points left. You too Odd, you've only got forty life points left."

He was speaking to his friends who were in a virtual world called Lyoko. His friends go into the virtual world in order to stop an evil computer program called Xana from taking over the world.

"We get it Einstein, we're losing, "replied one purple character. He looked like a purple cat, tail and all. He even had a splash of purple in the front of his spiky blonde hair.

"Yea, we're doing the best we can Jeremy," agreed the other person. This male and black hair kept out of his eyes with a yellow headband. He wore black and yellow type of Japanese clothing. He carried a sword as his weapon.

As he replied, two fans went by his head and destroyed a block like creature. He turned to look back at whom through them. There he saw two girls. One girl wore a very bright kimono with splashes of red and yellow thrown in. Her shoulder length hair was kept up with a pin. The other girl had pointy ears and pink hair. Her pink dress also allowed her to create wings on her back.

The black haired girl spoke, "Ulrich, you know Jeremy's right. You've gotta be more careful."

Ulrich replied with a laugh saying," This coming from the girl who gets in more danger than Odd and I do?"

The purple character looked back and said," I love hearing my name as much as the next guy, but would you two mind helping me get Princess over there to the tower?"

The two of them laughed and walked the pink haired girl towards a long slender tower glowing red. As she took her steps towards it, a bright white light covered them all. Jeremy, the blonde child looking at the computer screen shouted," Guys!? Where'd you go? I can't see any of you!" He paused and waited for an answer, but received nothing in reply. He slid his body in his chair and covered his eyes with his hand.

Meanwhile, in the year 21XX, a blue robot with green eyes and a red diamond on his forehead jumped out of a building's window. A red robot with long flowing blonde hair, a blue diamond on his forehead, green orbs on his chest, and Zs on his shoulders followed him. Yet another robot followed him as a black robot with spiky orange hair, an x shaped scar on his face, red stripes going down his shoulders and shins, and a blue orb at the center of his chest and on his forehead, leaped out behind them.

The black robot spoke, "Hey X! When are we going to find this anomaly Alia was talking about?"

The blue robot, X, responded by saying, "You'll know when we get there Axl."

Axl sighed and continued running. He picked up speed and started running next to the red robot. The robot looked at Axl and waited for a response as to why he was so close to him.

"Why you lookin' at me like Zero?" Axl said.

Zero just jumped into the air and went past X, stopping him in tracks. Zero kept his left arm out in front of X and put his right hand over the intercom located on the right side of his red, pointed helmet.

"Go Alia," Zero stated. When he spoke, X and Axl did the same as Zero and listened to what Alia had to say.

"Zero, the three of you should be at the area in which the anomaly has occurred. Please, be careful."

Just at that moment, a white ball surrounded by little jolts of lighting appeared, rising in size as it dropped off the four characters from before, then disappeared.

Odd looked at the robots in front of him and shouted, "Jeremy! We've been teleported in front of some robots! What do we do!?" He waited for a response but nothing happened. The robots looked at him oddly.

"Umm…who are you talking to?" Axl asked.

The four of them gasped. The black haired female spoke, "Th-They just talked!"

Zero responded, "Of course we can talk. Just what kind of reploids are you guys anyway? Or, are you some humans with a strange sense of fashion? Either way, you need to leave, this area is highly dangerous."

Alia chimed in on the intercom," Guys can you hear me? It seems the four people in front of you are the anomaly."

X looked at the people in front of them. "What are your names?" he asked.

"I'm Ulrich. That's Odd," Ulrich said, pointing to the purple character.

"Hello. Odd's the name, feel free to applaud me," Odd said at the mention of his own name.

"The black haired girl's name is Yumi. And the girl next to her is Aelita."

Both girls smiled at them a little nervously. Aelita then spoke, "Sorry to bother you nice people, but what sector of Lyoko are we in?"

The three reploids looked at each other oddly. Zero responded, "What's Lyoko? We're on Earth."

The four of them gasped and looked at themselves. They were still in their Lyoko forms, so how were they on Earth without the use of the program to send them to Earth?

Axl spoke again, "So what year were you reploids built anyway? I wouldn't say you're human, what with that purple cat there."

Odd glared at Axl and looked away from the robots in front of him.

Yumi spoke up, "Um…we're actually humans. See we're from the year 2006."

And at that, the reploids were finally the shocked ones.