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Chapter 2

After cleaning Al up, we all headed to a hotel. Luckily, the best hotel in town was right across the sand filled street. To Ed's displeasure, however, he had to pay (I was broke) and had to listen to all the under breath remarks of "that short kids smells like rotten eggs" which ended up with Ed getting mad (all he heard was the 'Short Kid' part). Which then ended up with Al having to drag him to the room, wiliest Ed shouted stupid remarks like: "Who are you calling short, toad-face?" or, my favorite, "I'll cut off your legs and glue them to your head! Then let's see who you're calling short!"

While Al still had a hold on Ed, I slipped the key into the keyhole and opened the door. Al stepped in first with Ed and I followed. Once inside I looked about the room.

It was fairly nice. The room was in the shape of a large square. On the left side of the room, against the wall, was a twin bed, on the right side, of the room against the right wall, was another twin bed and in-between those two twin beds sat another. In the space between the three beds were windows facing the field outside the town. The wooden floor boards moaned after each step, as if the were about to give up on life. On the walls there was little to see. However, I was happy to note that the wall paper (which was light blue and had randomly placed hearts all over, most likely drawn on by the last inhabitant) was not stripping off.

Turning my attention back to matters at hand, I noticed that Al had managed to calm Ed down enough for a civil conversation. I glanced at my watch. "Hmmm, only took a minute. That's a record" I mumbled.

Looking up, I saw that both of the boys were sitting on the bed watching me. Taking a seat on the bed against the left wall, I looked back questionably.

"Ray? It's not that we aren't glad you are here, but when ever you show up it means something is happening." Al said softly.

What a blunt way to say "Spill the beans", I thought.

"I have been wondering how to bring the topic up. But you brought it up for me." I said with a sigh, now knowing why they were looking at me like that. "It's not on the OMG level, but it's defiantly on the O level."

"Stop beating around the bush. Tell us what we need to know." Ed said with his arms crossed.

"What a way to be a gentle man" I muttered.

However out loud, I said "We'll" and then hesitated. Sure they knew about the organization. Sure, I know, that if I don't cut to the chase they are going to come up with a crazy theory. Like, last time I was here (the Trouble Makers were trying to make self exploding cell phones) Ed and Al came up with the crazy theory that Derek was an alien hell bent on destroying the world. How they, who claim to be scientist and go only on facts, came up with that, who knows.

"The organization" I began, "received a valid report of a Chimera running amuck in Sector 5. The Report was given to General Jackson, which he gave to Derek. Derek looked in to it. We all know that this world is covered with Chimeras, so what was so special about this one?" I took a breath and continued, "We sent Ryan, our intelligence officer, in to find out why. When he came back to summit his findings, we found something that has never happened before. The Trouble Makers, who are like the Peeves the poltergeist from Harry Potter, were not trying to only cause trouble and over all annoyance to others. No, they are now trying, and from Ryan's findings, succeeding in killing. This problem needed solving so Derek, who is of equal rank to me, filled me in with the information. Originally, he would have come because he was the one who was handed the case, but he doesn't know this world. He asked me to take over. I agreed."

"What do you know about the Chimera?" Ed asked.

"This Chimera is created by the Trouble Makers. We do not know how many people it has killed, but we do know that it's more then a few. As I mentioned earlier the Report is saying that it is now in Sector 5 with a two targets." I looked them both in the eye. "The two targets are you two."

Ed let out a sigh, "we have defeated Chimeras before, and this should be no different."

"But it is different," I insisted, "if it wasn't I would be here now would I? No. We have no clue what, or who these Chimeras were made out of. That's the dangerous part. It could be alien creatures or normal animals. We don't know."

"Do you know why they are after us?" Al said looked my way.

I shrugged. "Trouble Makers are hard to decode. Even Ryan has trouble and he's a pro. I talked to Derek as well and he said he is looking into it, but so far no lead."

Ed opened his mouth to ask another question, but a knock on the door filled the room. As Al got up to answered it I mouthed to Ed "I know you have a thousand questions, but I told you everything I know." Ed nodded back in understanding as the door opened.

That was a long chapter (at least to me)! Did the whole explanation make sense?