One night only

Satin/Silk: This one-shot is based off of the song Single performed by New Kids on the Block featuring Neyo. I heard it for the first time last night and I fell in love with it. I couldn't help myself but put a fic to the song. So I hope you enjoy it.

As well as I do not own any of the characters presented or implied in this one-shot! They all belong to J.K. Rowling. Though there will be some OOCness due to the interpretation that I have to how they would react in this unlikely circumstance.

Summary: "See you don't got to be alone, baby I'll be your boyfriend. Be your boyfriend till the song goes off."

Ps. still haven't read HP7 yet so don't spoil it for me.

One night only

It was a slow grind, sharp movements of the hips that were so tight, and the hands gripped on the body like a second skin. The look of heavy concentration on the face, sweat pouring down the side of the face and the look of ecstasy that doesn't quite go ahead. It's the pounding sound of the bass of every song as bodies follow it absent mindedly.

It almost blocks out the drunken laughter, the soft giggles of flirtation, and the fact that no one really care. They just live for that one moment, that one second to forget everything and just relax. So this is what it's like, she thought to herself. This was what it was like to be at a club. Wizards had clubs, a nightlife that almost unmatchable but something about a muggle's club was different. It was fascinating; it was like they were making their own magic.

She just sort of stood there for a second, just trying it all in. She knew that she must of looked like an idiot. She knew that she must have looked like a fish out of water just standing there alone. It had not been her intent to be there alone, she wanted them to come. Or at least for him to have come. She couldn't even remember what their reasons had been for not wanting to come. It was a big mess of incoherent words fumbling over the other. Words that made no sense, until finally she said she'd go alone.

After she said it, there that small smile that hit both of their faces. As if they were letting her know that they had lied. They never had intended to come. The war had ended on somewhat, no it did end on a tragic note. After it was over, those who had survived. Just want a bit of normalcy and for things to go as they once were. Well as much as they could go back to, so wasn't this normal? They were young, victorious though a little embittered. It was logical and not so out of character that they would do this.

It was a release, something fun that they all could do, and yet they didn't see it that way. After awhile, she got tired of standing there like a moron. She shook it off, walking slowly toward the dance floor. The world around her seemed to slow or maybe she moved to fast. She slipped through the crowd, as the lights flashed everywhere. The music called to her, and she couldn't deny it.

She ignored all the couples that surrounded her. It made her feel uncomfortable as a ring laid plainly on her finger. It was simple, nothing to rich, and she loved that about the ring. But now as she was surrounded by hundred of bodies moving in sync with the loud rhythmic sound. It just didn't feel right, and she slowly pulled it off. Almost feeling guilty for the action, and held it tight in her hand as she unhooked the necklace around her neck.

She didn't even know why she had bothered putting it on, but now it become convenient as she put the ring on the chain. She put the necklace back around her neck, and closed her eyes. The music took over her like a great force. She swayed her hips at first, seeing nothing but death and destruction at first. It had been a horrible war, and so many good people had been lost. She shook her head; she didn't want to think about it. She pushed all thoughts out of her head. She focused on the beat of the song.

It rocked her body back and forth. It grinded against her sense, sending a certain pleasure of freedom throughout her. Before she knew it, every part of her body was moving as if she and music were one. It didn't matter if the song slowed down or got faster. She moved perfectly with it. She ignored everything, even the pair of the eyes that had been on her for what seemed like hours. She didn't care, she was losing herself and she loved the feeling.

She looked beautiful; it was the only thought that came across his mind. She looked beautiful and as she sway, it was enticing. Guy were trying to touch her, trying to get close to her but it didn't work. They just didn't mesh together and she didn't even seem to notice them. It was like two worlds trying to blend and they could barely collide. Her body was appealing, her hair everywhere as she moved with an unbelievably accuracy. So this is what Granger did when no one was around, he nearly said it aloud.

If he did, the muggles would just look at him like he was crazy. He was alone, and he wasn't sure what he had been expecting when he came in the building. His mind was running, getting louder and louder every day he was alive. It was an agonizing pain, as there were fifty million places he literally could have and should have been at. And yet here he was and he stuck out so horribly.

It wasn't the platinum blonde hair or the expensive wizard attire. Nor was it his 'I hate the world', demeanor. He just didn't belong in the world that he stood in and it was so painfully obvious. Although no one ever said anything as he moved through the huge crowd toward her. She shouldn't be there by herself, he thought to himself. He didn't care if she had a wand on her or not. It had nothing to do with the fact that she could take care of herself. She just shouldn't have been there by herself.

He didn't say anything as he softly touched her hips. It was a pulse that suddenly went through them both as he pulled her toward him. It felt weird at first, but soon he was as caught up as she was. She wrapped one arm around his neck as an arm snaked around her waist. They stayed like that for a long time as they moved perfectly together. Other guys looked at him with disbelief. Wondering what it was about him that he could do what they couldn't.

He buried his face in her hair; his husky hot breath hit her neck, sending chills down her spine. It was then that she realized someone else had invaded her space. She snapped her eyes opened, biting her lips, as each time they moved, she felt something. She couldn't put it to words what she felt, but it was almost too good to be true. Her hand moved from around his neck to his hair, grabbing it roughly.

His hand slide down her body, slightly gripping her tighter afraid that he'd lose his grip. She pulled down a few strands of hair and saw platinum blonde. As impossible as it was, she knew that it could only be one person. Was she supposed to stop, push him away or just keep dancing? They weren't enemies but they weren't friends either so what was she suppose to be. She tensed up slightly and he felt it.

"Relax, I won't bite." He paused. "Unless you want me to." She could feel his smirk against every part of her skin.

"W-what are you doing here? You know it's a muggles club, don't you?" He made her want to moan.

"Where's Potter and Weasley." There was near to none malicious in his voice.

"They didn't want to come. You didn't answer my question."

"I noticed."

They didn't say anything else as the song changed, and so did their pacing. The sensual sound of the song surrounded them, and a fire seemed to burn within. His hand gripped tighter on her body in a different way. It was almost hungry as she turned to looked at him as she did. His lips captured hers in a greedy kiss. She nearly wished that he hadn't, because it was something they could never take back. They couldn't move forward or go backwards. It was like being stuck in that movement. She kissed him back, this was wrong she told herself.

It didn't feel wrong as their body continued to move as one throughout the song. They tasted each other as their lips got their fill. Then the song ended, and they both stopped. She couldn't breathe, and he didn't want to. He let go of her and moved away from her. She shook her head as reality hit them both.

She closed her eyes suddenly, letting the new song take over her body. The affects of the kiss melted away. And when she turned her head, he was gone. It didn't matter, they would have never worked out she told herself. At least she would always have that one night, if she ever need to get away from the screaming of her own mind. After that thought, she was lost in the music again. Although she could feel him against her skin.

Satin/Silk: If you ever get the chance, you should listen to the song. It's pretty amazing. And the him underlined is Weasley, in case that caused confusion.