One Night Only

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Summary: "Something so right has got no chance to live. So let's forget about chances. It's one night I will give…"

One Night Only
The Last Chapter

She couldn't hear the beat over the outrageous pounding of her heart. Her body was stuck perfectly still as bodies surrounded her. She wanted that high they were all on but she couldn't move. Why was she there? She couldn't really answer the question. The logical part of her would tell her it was because she needed to say goodbye. But that wasn't it and she barely wanted to register what she could be thinking. Things simply did not happen that way. It was too impossible to find a soul mate in a dance partner. She had made up her mind; she would marry Ron and put away these silly thoughts. After all, they were just silly thoughts were they not?

She shook her head even though it made her look stupid. She took a deep breath; she couldn't let him get to her. She had come to the club originally for herself. Not for him or any other man. It was her escape and he had no right to try and take that away from her. Screw him, she thought to herself. She inhaled deeply, ignoring her heart beat as she allowed the beat of the music to transform her. Her movements were slow at first and then everything clicked. Her body and the songs were one and she moved with such precision. The whole club seemed to stop and watch her. As they all couldn't help but think who was this Goddess before them? It was such a beautiful slow grind of air that captivated them. Was it possible? Could she be magic?

Her body made a siren call that they couldn't ignore. They shook their heads, ignoring the strange sensation that went through them but they couldn't deny it. She made them looks like a speck of sand being beaten by the mighty ocean. What would it take to posses her if only for one night?

He knew the answer better than anyone else and he could have it again if he just moved. He had said tonight, he had told her tonight but he hadn't had the slightly clue what tonight was supposed to mean. The word had haunted him all through the day and he could find no peace from it. He had even been crazy enough to demand an answer from it but it gave none. And the silence was like a taunting laugh that followed him everywhere. Even now that he stood so close to her and yet so far, it taunted him. All he had to do was take some steps to the middle of the dance floor. She was waiting for him as she always did. Her body was ready for him and it would only accept his. He knew it. It wasn't his pride but a fact that he came to know over the hours.

He could have her, he really could have her and she could be his. Draco closed his eyes. As he allowed himself to imagine what it could be like if this was reality and not some bizarre nightmare he never woke from. What if this was a nightly ritual and every night they went to bed as they did the night before? What if? What if, he walked up to her, kissed her and told her he wanted her as his? And what if she said yes? His mind stopped him there, he wasn't being rationally. He was allowing the stupid dream to take him over. So he just stood there while the fast song continued to play. They were opposite and when the song ended and the high was over, they would remember their distain. They would remembered, that only the months and days had changed between them and nothing else.

It was true and the thought had hurt him more than he was willing to admit. He clenched his fist and tried to dig his feet into the ground. He drowned a cup of something, as if the drink really matter or as if he could affect his state of mind. She made him drunk and high by the mere thrust, grind, or twist of her body. She was his drug and he could hardly think of a cure. He watched her with greedy eyes as if he could only consume her than maybe he would be satisfied. What he would give for a time turner to tell himself not to go. He would stop that first night but he wouldn't do that, he couldn't do that. So he did the next best thing.

He looked towards the entrance right as the song slowed and another one started. A mess of red hair came through the door. Weasley found her in the middle of the dance and like everyone else; his ship was about to crash against the rocks. Not that it really mattered because unlike Weasley, Draco could crash all he wanted but he could never say she meant the words in her song. Weasley could and Draco hated him a little for it. He would not lie to himself, he was overcome with jealous. It was hot and demanding that if he hadn't left his wand at home, he could do some real damage. But he done that for a reason and soon enough her effects would wear off and the alcohol would numb him. He only had to drink enough to forget and to pretend. Once he did it long enough, the pain would stop, he was sure of it and it didn't change than he was screwed.

He was screwed anyway so did it really matter? No, no it did not. He forced himself to look away when Weasley approached her. He couldn't watch or he would kill the weasel boy and he knew it would be true. And then Granger would hex him into oblivion and that would just ruin his life. The thought made no sense but the numbing effect of the alcohol was affecting him worse than he could imagine. He would suffer it for her because it was only meant to be one night only and nothing more.


She felt him when he touched her hips and such a smile went across her face. He pulled her close and she thought she was in heaven. But then something felt wrong. He didn't smell right, he didn't feel right and their body didn't match up right. She felt horrible as a sudden need to cry overtook her. She turned to see the last person that she expected. Ron. He gave her a goofy smile, he adored her and she hated the sight of him at that moment. She couldn't help it, she couldn't control it as the tear poured out. It surprised them both as they were paralyzed by the action. The bastard, she thought to herself. How could he do this to her?

And it was then that it hit her. Something was wrong. Ron was before her and she was crying. Ron had come to the club without being forced and she was weeping because she didn't want him there. He was her fiancé, the love of her life, he had sacrificed so much for her and she was upset. She didn't want him. The thought made her cry harder. She couldn't do this. She couldn't lie to him. He deserved better than that. Ron deserved someone faithful and even though Hermione hated that jerk. She couldn't get him out of her system and she deserved to try it. They deserved the chance to see if it all was worth it.

"I am so sorry Ron," She started to pull the ring off.

"Mione, what's wrong? What are you doing?" She could barely hear him over her own thoughts.

What was she doing? Malfoy turned around for a moment, he had to torture himself. They weren't dancing. They stood there as she pushed something back into Weasley's hand. He could almost feel her sobs as Weasley looked so confused and angry. Her lips were moving rapidly but he could clearly make out, "I have to try". The words made no sense to him until their eyes met and something went through them both. She moved towards him with a certain grace that he couldn't look away from. Weasley stood there pissed but dumbfounded. Not that Draco could blame him; he didn't understand what was going on himself.

Before he realized it, her hands were on his dragging him toward their dance floor. They were away from Weasley into a dark corner where their bodies could meet in perfect rhythm and seclusion. Somehow neither one of them could grasp the concept of one night only.

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