Even underground, he could hear the rain. And just as any other rain would, it only served to make the young Uchiha feel completely alone. Even with the smell of sex and wax that filled the room. Even with the heat of the medic nin's arm around his waist. Overall, it just made him feel even more alone than if he were to actually be alone.

Because just as the sky cries in solitude, there is nothing that could make a teen that lived a life of loneliness fell as if he had lived one of company and love.

And just that thought caused Sasuke to remember how his affair with Kabuto was just a sign of how much his life was robbed of love and companionship.

After all, weren't their night together just that? A search for much needed companionship? That's all that it is, Sasuke assured himself. That's all it is, if nothing else.

He shrugged lazily, half trying to wake that other shinobi that was holding him, half trying to physically shrug off his thoughts. "Kabuto." He muttered. Even with the echo of the fain, his voice seemed all too loud. But as it was, the older male didn't stir in the slightest.

The teen took a deep breath, letting it out as an annoyed huff. When alone, Kabuto would have woken up instantly. But as both boys were finding out, they slept all too soundly when in the company of each other.

He shifted slightly, this time elbowing the medic, repeating his name. The stillness of the room was eerie as Kabuto stirred from his slumber, remaining groggy as he became aware of his surroundings.

"Get up." The raven haired boy mumbled. "You probably should have left an hour ago."

"Mm, Sasuke-kun, you're normally not in such a rush to have me leave." The older male replied, a lazy smirk falling across his features. "You normally wait until the sun is rising, at least."

"And it normally isn't raining. That snake that you blindly follow is a lighter sleeper that us. I wouldn't be shocked if he woke up and decided to bother someone." The Uchiha said blandly, rolling onto his stomach as Kabuto pulled himself out of the bed, retrieving scattered items of clothing and pulling them back on. "I doubt he'd approve if he walked in here and found us instead of just me. Or even if he went into your room and didn't find you at all."

The medic turned and looked at his lover. He couldn't help but notice how… abandoned the boy looked in the glow of the dimming candle light. It was different from the typical cocky look that he had after their nights together.

He walked over to give him one last kiss. "Got back to sleep, Sasuke-kun. If Orochimaru-sama wakes up, I'll deal with him." He whispered, placing a chaste kiss on the boy's soft lips.

"…Go away, Kabuto." Sasuke sighed, the feeling of the medic's lips lingering on his own. "Odds are we'll be right back here tomorrow night."

As Kabuto opened the door, he glanced back at Sasuke and smirked. "Of course we will be, Sasuke-kun. This is like an addiction for us. One that does us both no good." He said quietly before turning and leaving, closing the door softly behind him.

And while Sasuke listened to the pitter-patter of the rain above him, he whispered to himself, "No, Kabuto. This is the addiction for you, the painful reminder for me."