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I watched and stared. How....how could our names be the same? Did we have a connection at some time in the past? No, we couldn't have. I would remember such an angel as this. Where? When? How? I want the answers. I need the answers. She had them.

"You haven't said anything...if you don't want to hear the story, I'll understand, but if you do...well, I have a room where we can talk privately."

I wanted to speak. I wanted to ask her so many questions but my voice was stuck in my throat. Her voice was like an angels' choir. I had never seen anyone or anything as perfect and beautiful as her.

Could it be possible for me to be this incredibly lucky to have fallen into the graces of such an goddess? I couldn't say a word but nodded in affirmation that a talk was necessary.

She pulled me with her into the fresh, crisp rain. I pulled off the jacket I had been wearing and laid it over her shoulders. She wrapped herself in it, breathing in deeply as she clung comfortably to my side. I slid my arm around her shoulders and followed her across the street.

We entered a small hotel and without a word to the clerk we walked straight down the hall, stopping in front of room #3. She fished a key out of her purse and opened the door.

I walked in and found a chair perched in front of a window. I moved towards it and looked out. I saw the diner directly in sight and turned back as she closed the door.

I found my voice. I walked over and pulled her easily into an embrace that I seemed to have missed somehow. "How long? How long have you waited for me?"

"Do you want the technical, theoretical or the current answer?" Alice asked cryptically.

I thought over her question and realized there was more to this destiny of mine than I knew. "Why not start with the easiest one and work our way from there?"

I moved away from the window and stood next to her. There was something about her that drew me in. Without even touching her, the electrical impulses were there but minor compared to before. It was comforting and stimulating.

"I have a gift like you, I know that you can control emotions and I know how they affect you Jasper. I can see the future events based upon the decisions made around me. But we have had this discussion before…but in the future. I waited for you the first time for over a hundred years. This time I guess you could say it took me a few days to get here, and three weeks for you to show up at the diner. I want to tell you first that I know my visions are not technically real, but it felt real…I cannot tell you everything that happened. I can tell you that I love you and promised to never leave you, we were married which is why I came to find you."

I moved closer to her as the words filtered through her angelic voice. Everything was calm. She was not forcing her words, her emotions were smooth and effortess. I reached out and felt no deception. I felt deceptive myself. Even with her claim that she knew me in ways no one did, I still, somehow, felt it was wrong to feel for lies. Everything about her seemed right, correct.

"Okay, let's start from the beginnng. You have a gift where you can see the future. It's not real but it felt real to you. How did we meet?"

"Well, I can't tell you how but not the why, sorry…you were trying to kill me and changed your mind. Jasper if you are looking for a reason to trust me I can only tell you that you should, and that you did… I can tell you that you trusted me enough with your family secrets and a name that I still wont ever mention nor think of… you told me about Betsy who eventually became a car that you loved… and you told me about your families ranch."

"How?? No one knows about Betsy. Not even.....never mind. Wait a minutes, what about my family's ranch? You make it sound like there is something special about it? What kind of a future did you see?" I thought over ever word she had said. I worked my way backwards and then I felt the blow that, literally, knocked me unto the bed behind me. "Did you say 'kill me'? I was trying to kill you?"

"You told me about Betsy, your families ranch became a safe haven in a future that I am trying to change for all of us, I'm going to have to tell you something that you can never mention again Jasper. I trust you though, so please trust me when I say that what I am about to tell you can never be thought of or repeated again."

I thought hard about her words. If I used my family's ranch as a safe haven and she was trying to prevent this war, how could we be on opposite sides to begin with? Why would I want to kill someone she says I love? Do I love her? I must. She said we were married. I spoke her name for the first time. "Alice? Do you still love me?"

She put her hands up to my face and pulled it down so that her eyes met my own. Hers had such a beautiful golden honey color. "I don't think that I could ever stop loving you."

"I'm only asking because you said you died at the end of your vision. How was I unable to save you, protect you? If we love each other that much, how could I allow you to be taken away from me?" I felt the need and allowed it to overwhelm me. I pulled her tight into my arms, feeling the current to jolt between our bodies.

"I had you previously occupied and I was caught off guard. It wont happen again…I plan to change the future."

"You won't be doing it alone. You know me. I have yet to get to know you but I want to. I can feel the love surrounding us. I know this is right. We are right for each other. There's something.....I don't know....it's like a destiny. No matter where or when, our fate, our destiny will push us together. Sounds weird, right?" I sighed, knowing I was rambling but I loved her. I could feel it. I knew it. This was that feeling I had been waiting for my whole existence to feel for myself.

She smiled. I could feel a lifetime of emotions surrounding her. I realized that she and I had a lot to talk about and, hopefully, this reality would be much different from the one she had envisioned.