Okay guys this one is kinda like a sequel but it's actually different from gatomon's trip. Gatomon's going to tell the story but to make sense I'm going to tell it first then she gets to. But let's get on with the story!

Ch.1 Punishment and Diets

Tai and kari were out and mom was out getting grocery. She hid the controllers to the Ps3, she thought that it was going over the limit that gatomon and agumon's eyes would turn red. Agu and gatomon was content it's been 3 weeks and agumon started to miss the Ps3. The day for mom to give it back was today.

He was getting desperate, then he spotted his sister, coming from the room that patamon and gatomon slept in. The 2 siblings liked the room but they wanted to stay close to their partners, besides there was no bathroom. So he greeted her and asked her of a favor. "Hey gatomon, How does your day go?" "Fine." "Can you do me a favor?" "Uuuuh okay. What is it?" "Could you help me see if the Ps3 controllers are in the cabinent?"

"No way! I don't want to get in trouble." "Don't worry it won't take long. If we do get caught you won't be a part of the rap." agumon smiled. Gatomon sighed and agreed. They walked to the kitchen and climbed to the counter. Agumon picked gatomon up, holding her at her bottom. Gatomon opened the door and began to scan the shelfes. "Hhhhm. Ooooh I found something!" gatomon spotted.

She began to reach for it, then she remembered something that she had to tell agumon. "Uuuum agumon. I forgot to tell you something. You pro-

Pweeeeeffrrrt! A fart slipped and went to agumon's face. "I'm kinda gassy. You probably want to wait for mom to give them to you." she said, blushing. "Don't worry about it. Let's just see if we can find those controllers up there." agumon said. Gatomon smiled, seeing she was excused, she resumed. "Please tell me you didn't ate eggs gatomon. Oh well it's just wind. Harmless gas. This is totatlly worth it. It's so wo-" Braaaamp!

"Oops sorry. I wasn't paying attention and it erupted." she giggled. "Please tell me you didn't eat eggs, gatomon..." agumon hoped. "So do you really want these controllers?" "It's been 3 weeks and my patience is getting weak." agumon said, thinking about it. Bruuuump! "Wow, how many farts is just gonna escape like that? Or is this bad luck? Their drying my eyes out!" he thought. "Gatomon, may I ask you what have you ate after breakfast?" "Sweet potatoes."

"Is that what's been making you gassy these past days?" he asked. "No. I haven't aten a lot of sweet potatoes!" she lied. "Braaaaaamp! PFFFRRRRRRRRRT!" "Well that's not what your tummy says." agumon mocked. "Oh shut up! Hey I found a controller!" she said.

Agumon grinned with delight as gatomon reached for it. "Almost got it........" "Guys I'm back!" they heard. Agumon quickly dropped gatomon, dropping to the floor. "Mom!" the 2 relised. "Gatomon, what are you doing?" mom noticed.
"Nothing." gatomon said. "Don't blame gatomon, mom. I was trying to see where was the Ps3 controllers were and I asked gatomon if she could help." agumon said. "Well here it is right here!" mom said, pulling it out. Agumon glowed with delight and went to take the controller. He was going to take it but mom pulled it back.

"But first you have to do kari's and tai's chores for trying to look for it." mom said. "What?! But I just did my chores." "Yeah but since you used gatomon to look for it, it's double. If you don't do it, I'll keep longer." agumon moaned. "Well at least you help made my tummy stop gurgling, agumon. Thanks for excusing me!" gatomon said, patting him on the head.

"Well at least it wasn't eggs." agumon said, shuddering from that scene. "Wait up gatomon. I've noticed something about you." mom said. Gatomon was walking out but she stopped and sweatdropped. "Please don't be about my weight! Please, Please! I don't wanna go on a diet! I don't get any sweets!" Mom told her to come back so she did and mom put her hand on her tummy.

"Woah, you seem to be getting a little big. How much you do you weigh?" mom asked. "I don't know." gatomon replied. "Well let's do that right now." mom suggested. "But I don't really want to be-!" "Don't worry it won't take long, come ooon." Mom picked gatomon up and put her on the bathroom scale.

"What?! I've only eaten 12 sweet potatoes and it's that much! There's no way I weigh that much." gatomon protested. "Well I'm putting you on a diet, gatomon. Go outside and run a few miles." mom told. "But I don't wanna run!" gatomon whined. "Either go excercise or I'm taking away the sweet potatoes. I just may give them to biyomon, maybe she wants some....." "Okay! I'll jog a few miles!" gatomon said.

"Well it appears your desires are costing you. They please your wants but gets you so gassy, you even gain a few pounds." agumon teased again. "Shut up! I am not gaining weight from the sweet potatoes and the gas is probably because I've been eating mom's bean salad." gatomon replied, taking off running.

So for the day, everyone was taking it easy. Except those 2 siblings, they were at work. Veemon, was actually reading a book instead of playing a game, patamon, was watching the movie and the bunny siblings were simply playing with each other. Suzie wanted gatomon to come back, she liked to baby her in a relaxing way.

Renamon,gulimon, and impmon also wondered where she was. They missed her too, even Impmon. Gatomon ran 12 miles, determined to lose that weight. She was catching her breath on a bench. "Shoot. I've ran at least 12 miles and I don't look any thinner. Well perhaps I should lay off the sweet potaotes. Nekomon was right about getting pumped with gas, it comes so fast, I can't even hold it! Maybe it's just how many how eat or something." gatomon sighed.

"Maybe you're eating them too fast." "KYAAAA!" Gatomon shot to the air and landed on her feet like normal cats do but lost her balance and fell back. Gatomon looked to see who it was. "Hi, sorry if I startled you." nekomon greeted. "Oh it's you, nekomon." gatomon welcomed

"Those veggies are making me gain weight. My mom told me to shed it off. I don't think she's right. I know, nekomon expand your wings and pick me up!" gatomon told. "Why?" "To see if I'm really that heavy! If I'm gaining weight, that' means I'm getting heavy! If not, then I'm light as a feather and could skip the excercise." Nekmon sighed and said "okay."

So she expanded her wings and began to pick her up. "Are you ready, gatomon?" Gatomon nodded with a thumbs up. So nekomon begin to lift her, straning really hard. "So.............heavy." nekomon mumbled. Gatomon was 3 feet off the ground and then nekomon couldn't go any higher so she placed gatomon down................................QUICK!

"You sure need to go on a diet, I completly agree with mom." nekomon panted. "Oh come on!" gatomon complained. "Perhaps I can help you, gatomon." nekomon suggested. Gatomon's ears rang to that. "How cool if you were to could help me any way you can think of, nekomon! So what do you got in mind?" gatomon asked. There was a breeze of silence as nekomon just gazed at her.

"I think I'll take those sweet potatoes until you've lost a few pounds." nekomon said. That took gatomon by surprise, she was about to object but she said okay. Then nekomon began to expand her wings. "Wait, nekomon. Uuum I think I'll excercise instead. I don't need you to take the sweet potatoes." "....................Too late, gatomon! You better get them or they're gone!" nekomon grinned, shooting to the sky. "Nekomon! Damn it!" she cursed. She quickly began to run back to her house.

And soon gatomon will be tell this story. But until then, sia nara!