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Ch.20 Is that-?

Today I was getting worried about gatomon. It's been like 3 months and I haven't heard from her. I was getting bored too, ever since school started. They days went by fast but it wasn't as fun with out my digi-partner. "Where are you, gatomon?" I wondered.

I was getting bored just looking out the window, I decided to go practice my aura. I finally got a empty place where nobody would suspect me. I concentrated, the ground began to get windy. I then felt the dirt swirling around me. Then I felt my teeth getting sharp and my hair getting longer slowly.

I opened my eyes to see the wind was swirling around me. I then felt the aura coming. I decided to boost it up a notch so I tried harder. Then after a while the wind swirled harder as I saw a invisible aura. "Hey look gazimon, a girl!" I heard. 3 gazimon, looking mean. "Say little girl, are you for sale? We would like to have 'some fun'. Heh heh heh what do you sa-Kick!" Yeah as soon I saw them, I was ready to kick their bunny asses!

After a while I was walking back in town. With a little blood on my shoe, ;). I sat on a bench, I was so bored. "Boy, it's only 1 and I'm bored already." "Well why don't you read a book or something? Or get one of your friends?" I heard. I Looked around, to see blackgatomon sitting in a tree. "Oh hey blackgatomon. What you doing out here, I suspect that you would be doing something evil to someone." I said. She leaped from the tree and landed in front of me. "I would and that is the thing I do these days. But....gatomon....she's been gone for so long! I miss her, waaaah ha ha ha ha!" she cried. Oooh she said "miss her" that's one thing when she says she doesn't love her.;) Then there was a loud scream! I couldn't help but see who it was, it was the gang. Yolie was on the ground and veemon was spinning.

"What the hell was that?" tk said. "What happened guys?" I asked. "Some speed demon rushed by here and we could hardly get a look at him." ken said. "But it's weird, it looked white with some purple blur." veemon said. "Purple blur? That's weird....." I said. Then I thought, COULD IT BE HER???!!!! "Guys! Do you think she returned?!" "Holy Crap! Could that have been gatomon?!" blackgatomon questioned. Then a white blur passed us up as it took away. "Oh my goodness, you haven't changed a bit my little veemon!" I heard. It was gatomon! She was hugging veemon from behind! "GATOMON!" patamon blurted, flying over to get some huggs. "Oh gatomon, you're back!" veemon said. SHe had let go to hug patamon and give him a quick kiss. "Well I know it's been a wh- Gaugh!" She herself got tackled by blackgatomon. "Oh gatomon! Thank god you're okay! Oh my god, don't you ever leave me alone! I missed you so much, my little s-I mean girl!" she said, hugging hard. "I missed you too, but could you please give me some air, and put me down!" "No way! I'm not letting go, how dare you leave town without telling me! If I was your mom, I would ground you! Oooh well, that's enough! I lo-" she hesitated you.

Gatomon glanced at her. "What is it, blackgatomon?" "I missed you that's all." she said, blushing. "But it sounded like you wanted to say 'I love you.'." gatomon said. "I don't love you! I just like're my only rival. And by the way nice earrings!" blackgatomon commented. "OH why than-" "Gatomon!"That's when nekomon tackled gatomonwith a hug. "I guess the love hugs hasn't ended yet.

SO then we decided to go back to my house, and when agumon saw gatomon. He tackled her too. But later on everyone else came as soon as I told them. "So where'd you get the earrings?" agumon asked. "Dot warner, gave them to me! Pure gold! It was awsome in italy! I met the koopalings!" "YOu mean bowser's kids?" I asked. She nodded. "Larry tried to take pictures of me and wendy tried steal my gold! Then later on I ran into bowser!" she said. "Bowser? King koopa?!" veemon asked. "Yeah! When he saw that his kids were telling the truth about me, he wanted to fight me. He was nice to me but he challenged me. I made him look somewhere else and took off! I didn't want to fight him, I was tired."

"So what about new york, gatomon?" mira asked. "Well I was in a pound trying to see how it was like to be like those homeless animals. Once they sold me, a family zipped in. A little girl wanted me except I soon left, I was getting tired and I wanted to come back here. Also since I gained weight from the 1st chapter, I went on a diet and now I'm slim again!" she smiled.

"Way to go, gatomon! Now you can have sweet potatoes again!" "Sweet potatoes!" she said, with gusto. Agumon glanced at her and for some reason sweat-dropped. Then I remembered I wanted to ask her a question. "Wait gatomon! I gotta ask you something!" I mentioned. SHe looked at me, "what is it, kari?" "Have you seen a cat hero named 'Super Gato-Chan'?" She just glanced at me then responded. "Did she look like this?" She began to swirl in a whirlwind and then everyone's eyes just glistened.

It was gatomon! She had the exact same clothes and cape! "It was you, gatomon! Aren't you gato-chan?!" I asked. "Yeah it's me, I got worried about you without me. So I knew I had to be under cover so I disguised myself as a super hero! And it was kinda fun, so nobody say anything got it?" she said. Everybody agred to not tell gatomon's secret. "Oh boy my sweet potatoes! I can't wait!" she said, rushing to the fridge. When she opened them, she screamed. "What's wrong, gatomon?" veemon asked. "THey're........all gone!!! My sweet potatoes! Nekomon, didn't you say you had some ready all for me when I came back?!" "Yeah, your mom, kari, tai and agumon took just one." "So where the hell are they!" she said. "Well perhaps they disappeared, gatomon! Well I think I'm gonna take me a walk now! It's still not too late!" agumon said, walking fast. She appeared in front of him with her cape. "Wait a minute, why is there a bulge in your shirt?"

"What bulge?" She grabbed his shirt and pulled it up, showing he gained a little weight. "(gasp) It was you! You little pig! You ate my sweet potatoes!" she declared. "I just had a few, I mean I didn't know you were coming back!" he said smiling. Gatomon's ears was steaming and her earrings jiggled. "It's okay, gatomon! I'll bring you some more if you want me to!" nekomon said, trying to calm her down. Agumon started to back up and gatomon was ready to kill him.

"Hey gatomon, come here! Perhaps I can solve this little 'sweet tooth' problem." mom said, behind the wall of the hall. Gatomon walked towards her and mom whispered something to her ear. It made her eyes glitter and made her smile. "Oh cool! Thanks mom!" She walked to agumon and then spoke:"Okay agumon. I'll make a deal with you. If you exercise and work off the weight that you gained, I won't torture you with a illusion or hit you. Deal?" she smiled. ".........well exercise is good." "Good now lets go exercise." she said, walking into my room.

"What now?! But it's 8:00!" agumon said. "I know but we're going to exercise right now!" she said. "But I don't wanna exercise, I rather play some games with tai! Right tai?" agumon asked. "Yeaah, I think I have a soccor practice tomorrow so....I do need to get in shape." tai said. "I agree tai! Now move your fat butt! And exercise right now!" she said, hopping out with a whip in her hand. SHe took off her clothes and had her ear rings on with her C.E.H. eyes on. "Patamon, will you please open the door." gatomon said. He did that and agumon asked:"Gatomon, what are you doing with that whip?" "Trying to move your fat behind out of this house right now! NOW MOVE IT!" she said, snapping the floor with the whip. He jumped back and she quickly snapped again.

"RUN!" she said, almost snapping his tail. He began to run and she made a road of her aura and chased after him as we heard snapping sounds of the whip. "Oh my god, hey tai! You want to go watch this, this looks funny!" matt said. "Heck yeah, man! Hey mom, can I go?" tai asked. "Me too! I want to stay with gatomon!" I asked. "Well I didn't say she could force him but he's getting exercise! Yeah, you guys may go!" she said. When she said that, we all ran out following the whip echos. But seeing gatomon again was awsome.

This night went on for at least until 10:30. Boy, I guess what gatomon would say right about now:"Home Sweet Home."


Well that's it guys. I know what you're thinking:Aww god! NO! This can't be the end of Cuteveemon! NO it can't be! Well that's what you're probably not thinking. But I won't stop et because there's one thing that you should know: I'm awfully insane and I'm not going to stop! NO ONE WILL STOP ME! Anyways.........see ya.;)