Do Unto Others

Naruto learns to practice the Golden Rule. Incorrectly. Do unto others, as they have done unto you.

Iruka had told him, over and over again. The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

But what was the point? No one acted that way to him. Everyone hated him. Despised him. Even his sensei would barely give him the time of day. And now one of his teammates had betrayed him.

Naruto refused to groan as Sasuke jerked his hand out from deep within his chest. Grinning, the Uchiha began to walk away, leaving him for dead, standing there with a whole the size of a cantaloupe in his chest.

No one ever treated him well. What had he ever done to them? Shopkeepers chased him out, restaurant owners ignored him, ninja despised him, villagers hated him.

Every day, Naruto tried to do his best. Every day, he worked as hard as he could for his village. The village hidden in the leaves. The village of ninja. The village that commanded respect across the land. That stupid, ungrateful village that looked down on him even as he slaved for its benefit.

The person whom he tried to help most, despised him most. Sakura, at the best of times, ignored him. Mostly, she acted as if his very presence were an inconvenience.

And the others were not far behind. Even after beating Neji, the so-called 'prodigy' of a more experienced group of ninja, everyone treating him like he was some wanna-be. No one respected his ability. No one thanked him for his help. No one congratulated him on his success.

When he did as asked, nothing. When he went above and beyond the call of duty, nothing. But, on the rare occasion that he made an error, everyone was after him, and acted like he always failed.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, indeed.

Why, then, did no one else act that way?

Naruto snarled as his chest sizzled closed. Fine, then. If that was how it was gonna be, then he'd play along. And since every should be acting by the Golden Rule, he would oblige them. By treating them as they treated him, and fulfilling the Golden Rule. He'd get them. All of them.

Do unto others, as they have done unto you.

Sasuke turned at the noise, and his face was suddenly less confident.

This time, Naruto didn't aim for his forehead protector.

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