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Still Here Waiting For You

Sam sat slowly up and looked around the room. Relief flooded him when he realized the images haunting him were part of a nightmare rather then reality. It was six day now since he was released from the hospital after being taken by Louisa DeLucio and falling down the stairs. Initially feeling better, he started running a fever about three days ago, something that seemed to exacerbate his already existing headaches to an almost unbearable level and also led to additional back pain.

Unable to fool his brother or Bobby, the two of them increasing their mother henning, if this was even possible, and although the youngest Winchester protested all the way, took him back to the emergency department.

After waiting for two hours and being poked and prodded it turned out Sam had picked a kidney infection, which explained the back pain. To his relief Dr. Green felt, it would be alright to treat at home, as long as he took the Antibiotic, increased his fluids and got lots of rest.

So this was what he was doing now, following all the doctor's orders, not that he really had a choice, his two watch dogs made sure he did. Besides, he really didn't feel up to anything else, although the fever resolved, the headaches continued to make him take the pain medication every four hours, even though it made him feel drowsy and out of it. So most of the time he slept, no matter if it was day or night, the rest of the time one of his guard dogs made sure he didn't do anything he shouldn't.

Waking up from yet another nap, the young man tried to orient his foggy brain to reality. Seeing the small streak of light coming through a gap in the curtains, he realized it had to be early morning. He remembered it being dark out when Dean gave him the last dose of his medication.

Being awake already, he decided now was as good a time as any to use the bathroom. Slowly he moved his long legs over the side of the bed and looked toward the other bed, noting his brother was still zonked, while Bobby was asleep on the pullout couch. If he could get up without waking either one, he might even be able to take a shower before anyone noticed.

He waited another moment before standing because the last time he tried too fast and he found himself kissing the carpet before he had a chance to brace himself. Holding on until the dizziness disappeared, he finally managed to walk to the bathroom without disturbing the other two men. Carefully he pulled the door shut behind him and locked it, taking care of business before turning on the shower.

After ridding himself of his clothes, a task made difficult by the fact that he had only one arm to use, he realized there was no way for him to remove the immobilizer that secured his arm to his upper body, keeping his shoulder in the position needed to heal. Knowing he had a spare, he decided to leave it on for now, asking his brother later to change it for him. At least the dressing from the side of his face and shoulder were easy enough to remove and the small incision to his abdomen from the laparoscopy was left open to air since two days after the procedure. Finally stepping under the hot stream, he let the water take the chill out of his body.

While enjoying his first shower in days, his brother had insisted on him taking baths under his personal supervision since returning from the hospital, Sam's mind wandered back to the dream that woke him up in the first place. It had felt strange, in a weird sense almost real, as Louisa DeLucio appeared to him, begging him to return to her. Her large dark eyes had pierced right through him and he could feel her longing. If he wouldn't know she was gone, her bones salted and burned, he would almost believe it was a vision rather than a dream.

Shaking his head at his thoughts, he realized his mistake, when a stabbing pain shot through his head and dizziness overwhelmed him. Reaching out to hold on to the walls of the tub surround, he slipped, catching himself with one hand in the shower curtain, just to feel it tear down, taking him with it. Falling over the edge of the tub, his body did a half turn and he landed on his back on the tile floor, the pain in his head intensifying as his head banged down on it.


There were voices, screams from somewhere and he was aware he should know them but they came to him like through cotton. Then there was a loud bang and a crash and a face appeared above him. Blinking, he tried to clear his vision, making the face come into focus. He could tell it was his brother but he looked funny, his featured stretched in all directions and why couldn't he keep still instead of constantly moving his head up and down? It was making him dizzy. Trying to reach out and grab Dean's face so he would hold still, his hand came up empty. He could tell Dean's mouth was moving, but the words sounded funny, almost like the voices of the adults on 'Peanuts'. The thought was funny and he wanted to laugh, yet it seemed that he didn't even have that much control and what was supposed to be a laugh came out sounding more like a groan.

Suddenly he felt like he was weightless and it took until he saw another face that he realized he was being carried. After what seemed like forever he was laid down on a soft surface, probably his bed and a hand was feeling the back of his head. The resulting pain was finally what made him loose the battle against the darkness that threatened around the edges of his vision all along. Closing in on him, it sent him into a blissful state of unawareness, where no pain could terrorize him.


Dean was startled from his sleep by a loud thump, making him stand beside the bed with his knife in his hand before he was completely awake. Still clearing his mind from the remnants of sleep, his eyes fell on the empty bed that right now should be inhabited by his brother.

At the same moment he realized the noise that woke him came from the bathroom. Throwing the knife onto the bed, he hurried over to the door, trying to turn the knob to open it, just to find it was locked.

Banging on the door, he called out, "Sam, you okay?"

Not getting a response, he pounded his fist against the wood once again, "Damn it, Sammy, open up right now or I come in no matter if you're decent or not."

Not ready to wait any longer, he took a couple steps back and threw himself against the entry. Thankfully it seemed the door knew better than to mess with an angry Dean Winchester and gave in on the first attempt, making the hunter fight to regain his balance.

For a second Dean just starred at the scene before him. His brother was sprawled out on the floor, dripping wet, the shower curtain partially wrapped around him.

Finally coming back to live, he slid down onto his knees, "Sam." He let his hands slide over his brother's body, assessing for any new injuries and was at least slightly relieved when he didn't find any.

"Sammy," He tried again, seeing the younger man's eyes were open and moving around aimlessly, "Talk to me kiddo."

For a moment the glassy orbs seemed to meet his and the younger man lifted his uninjured hand like he was reaching for him, then the arm fell limply back to the ground and the eyes continued to move around without focus. Filled with worry, Dean called out for his friend for help, just to find the other man already crouched down beside him.

"Let's get him back to the bed." He said, nodding at Dean when he was ready.

Together they lifted the tall kid up and carried him out to the main room, laying him onto the bed as gently as possible. Watching the younger man, who still was out of it, Dean slid his hand underneath his head. The reaction he got instinctively made him pull it back out, as Sam grimaced and his eyes rolled back into his head and finally slid closed.

Starring at the bright red liquid on his palm, the firstborn Winchester pressed out, "Why can't you ever do something the easy way?"


Two hours later Dr. Green rolled his eyes at the two men he had seen way too often in the last two weeks. A smile appeared on his face as he looked at their worried expressions.

"If I wouldn't know better, I might think Sam is trying to collect 'frequent injury' points for a free treatment." He said, trying to lighten the mood.

Dean couldn't help the smirk, which appeared on his face, "Yeah, Sammy always was good at attracting trouble, but this is a record, even for him."

"I'm glad to tell you he is going to be alright." The doctor smiled, "I have no idea how he got so lucky, but the scan didn't show any bleeding."

The oldest Winchester let out a relieved sigh, he really been worried about his brother. The way Sam had been out of it before he lost consciousness had more than just freaked him.

"I'm still concerned though, a concussion on top of another concussion can lead to a prolonged recovery time and almost certain post concussion syndrome."

"Post concussion syndrome?" Bobby questioned.

"Yeah, a condition that can happen even after mild concussions but most occurs after head injuries caused by falls or blows to the head. It usually means memory loss, black outs, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness, headaches, irritability and at times depression for prolonged periods of time."

"So what're you going to do about it?" Dean wondered.

"Keep him overnight to make sure there won't be any complications for starters, after that we have to monitor and treat symptoms as they appear. That is if they appear. Your brother might get lucky and not have any or just a few minor ones." The doc explained.

"So that means you might see a whole lot more of us."

Dr. Green thought for a moment, then he said, "There is a free clinic two blocks from here. Several of our doctors, including me volunteer there. I will get his records over there. That will be a lot easier. Now, if you want to see Sam, he should be in his room by now. Third floor, you'll have to ask at the desk for the number."


Dean walked into the room closely followed by Bobby. Seeing the younger man lying motionless between the white sheets, his face almost matching them and his eyes closed, both men settled into the chair, ready for a long wait.

"Can you turn down the light?" A small and miserable voice came from the bed.

It was only then that Dean realized the brightness in the room and that it was likely to cause his brother some discomfort. Getting up and stepping towards the door, he flipped the switch, effectively eliminating the beam from the strong ceiling panel. He then walked over to the window and closed the curtains, leaving only the light coming through the open bathroom door to illuminate the room.

When he returned to his seat, he watched Sam's hazel orbs slowly reveal themselves, looking almost black in the twilight of the room. Yet even now Dean could see the pain reflected in them.

"Headache?" The older brother questions, although he already knew the answer just by looking at the deep lines around the kids eyes.

"You kiddin'?" Sam didn't even bother with an answer.

There was a moment of silence, while Dean contemplated if he should be angry about the stunt Sam pulled or plain grateful to the powers that kept worse from happening. Watching the misery on the other man's face, he finally decided on the latter, at least for now.

"Why don't I get the nurse for you, I'm sure they will give you something for the pain."

"Just did, but it's not doing much." A moan cleared Sam's throat and he lifted his hands up to push against his temples, hoping against better knowledge it would make the pain disappear.

Dean hated to see his kid brother in pain, it was like he could almost feel it when Sam suffered and right now it almost took his breath away. He moved and sat down on the bed, gently pulling the younger man into his arms. Supporting his back with his left, he used his right hand to gently massage Sam's neck.

There was an occasional moan coming from Sam's lips, as he laid his head onto his brother's shoulder, burying his face into the crook of Dean's neck. Continuing his gentle ministration, he slowly felt the tenseness leave the injured kid and the moans becoming less frequent, finally turning into even breaths, as he completely relaxed against his brother's body. Although well aware that Sam was sleeping, Dean carried on, feeling the need to maintain giving the comfort, just as well as receiving it through the total trust Sam exhibited by falling asleep like this.

Watching the two young men the entire time, Bobby smiled. There were many times he wanted to do more than just threaten John Winchester with his shotgun, but there was no way he could ever really be mad at his sons. Having seen them grow up, changing Sam's diaper more than once, he felt about them like they were his own and seeing them like this strengthened this feeling even more.


Sam startled awake; unsure what interrupted his peaceful rest. Looking around, he was surprised that neither Dean nor Bobby were in the room. Knowing their protectiveness, it struck him odd that both would leave him at the same time. Slightly embarrassed he remembered falling asleep in his brother's arms, yet also couldn't deny the comfort still lingering from it.

A sob tore him out of his thoughts and his eyes wandered to the corner from where it came. Disbelief appeared on his face as he took in the petite woman. Before he could say anything, she stepped closer and reached out to him.

Touching his face with the back of her hand, she whispered, "Tonio, I'm sorry for what I've done. I didn't mean to hurt you. I would never hurt you on purpose, mi amore." Here sobbing increased and it took a moment before she could go on, "I tried to reach for you but I couldn't. I don't know what happened, I don't remember, everything just disappeared. Please don't hate me."

The spirit looked so distressed that the youngest Winchester's heart went out to her.

"I don't hate you Louisa." He said, reaching up with his good hand to touch the one still resting on his cheek.

"I promise, I will take care of you, make you all better, mi amore."

"Louisa, I'm not your husband. Remember I'm Sam." The young man attempted to convince her.

"I'm sorry, I forgot again." A deep sorrow appeared in her dark eyes. Gently she pushed the hair from his forehead, then cupped his face with both her hands, "It is going to be alright, Sam. I will take care of you until you remember."

Sam started to feel desperate. Unsure how it was possible the spirit was still around, he knew he had to reach her somehow to make sure she let go. Still formulating how he could convince her he was not her husband, she suddenly disappeared as suddenly as she appeared.

"Louisa!" He called out as he tried to sit up.


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