Once Upon a Dream: Cody's Fourth Dream

Authors Note: I said I would finish it and I did. Thank goodness! I have really never been this relieved to finish a story. Seriously. But here we are on Cody's final sex dream. I hope you guys have enjoyed these!

Noah and I are in the rec. room playing air hockey and talking about Kosmic Kaos. It's both of our favorite video game so we end up talking about it a lot.

Of course right now it's difficult because Katie and Sadie are also in the rec. room with us.

I don't know if they think they're being quiet, but they definitely aren't. They keep putting their hands over their mouths as though that makes what they're saying private, but we can hear every word they're saying.

"They're, like, so cute together, Sadie!" Katie says from her seat in a couch across the room.

"Like, I know, Katie! Izzy was so right about them!" Sadie screams in return.

"Like, so right!" Katie squeals.

I know they're talking about me and Noah being a couple. People joke about it all the time even though it's not true.

Normally Noah would've blown a gasket by now and started getting angry, but today he seems to be taking what the girls are saying in stride.

It's pretty surprising.

"Like, do you think we should give them some alone time?" Sadie asks.

"Oh my gosh! We so should!" Katie squeals back excitedly.

They then get off of the couch only to walk to the door before they both turn around and look at us.

"Like, we're gonna go." Katie says with a few giggles.

"You boys have fun." Sadie says also giggling.

They then walk out of the room giggling to themselves.

"Well, I'm glad that's over." I say as I turn to look at Noah. We'd been ignoring our game of air hockey.

"Why do we even bother?" Noah asks all of a sudden.

"What do you mean?" I ask as he begins walking around the table toward me.

"Why do we bother pretending what they're saying doesn't have any truth?" Noah asks once he's standing in front of me.

"W-What are you talking about?" I ask as I back myself into the table.

"Come on, Cody. You can't tell me you don't think there's something between us." Noah says easily as I turn a deep shade of red.

"Man, is this some kind of joke?" I ask, my tone showing how nervous I feel.

"It's just us here." Noah says as he runs his hand up my arm and to my shoulder.

The feeling sends a jolt through my body. I have no idea what to say or do, and he's looking at me like I ought to.

"Let's just do this." Noah says looking directly into my eyes.

I don't know how to respond, but when he leans in to kiss me I don't stop him. Instead I allow his tongue to slide into my mouth and move against mine.

Noah pulls away much sooner than I wanted him to, and I almost whine in protest.

"Now do you know what I'm talking about?" Noah asks me as one of his hands slips up the back of my shirt.

"Yeah, but you don't have to be so smug about it." I say before I pull his lips back to mine.

Noah moans in approval before he pushes me up against the air hockey table. Suddenly we're kissing each other desperately as our hands explore each other's bodies. His hands have moved to my chest and one of his hands is playing with my right nipple as the other rubs up from my stomach to my chest.

He twists my nipple a little harder and suddenly I'm moaning loudly into his mouth. Noah pulls away a second later.

"You sound so good." Noah tells me huskily before his hands more to take off both of my shirts in one forceful tug.

He then begins to kiss down my neck, his tongue darting out to lick areas after he's bitten them. I can't control the way I'm moaning. I just pull him closer before I begin trying to take off his shirts.

I only manage to get a few buttons on his blue shirt undone before he pushes me away and quickly takes them off, just as he had with mine. Once his shirts are off, his hands move down to my ass, where he is quick to cop a feel.

I gasp at the feeling as I run my hands along his chest. I can't believe how much I want him.

"Noah, I need you." I hiss, wanting to move things along.

He seems to get my point as he lifts me up so that I'm sitting on the air hockey table. He then climbs on top of me.

His fingers are quick as they move to unbutton and unzip my pants. He pulls down my pants and boxers, causing my hardening member to spring up. I hiss at the feeling of having the restraining fabric removed.

"You weren't kidding when you said you needed me," he says with a smirk before he lightly strokes me.

"Oh, God, Noah!" I call out as my hands reach out for him.

He moves back up to kiss me and his hand leaves my hardened dick. I would complain if I didn't know he was taking off his pants.

As soon as his pants are off he lowers himself down so that our bodies are flush against each other. It's without a doubt the best feeling in the world.

"Noah! It feels so good." I pant as he begins to rub himself against me.

He only hums as he begins kissing my neck again. The friction of our dicks rubbing against one another as he kisses my neck is incredible, but it just isn't enough.

"Noah, Noah. Please. Please more." I beg as my hands tighten in his hair.

Noah pulls away from my neck and stops rubbing against me. He then holds out to fingers to my mouth. He doesn't have to say a word as I move to suck his fingers eagerly. I'll do anything to get more of him. After I've got then good and wet he pulls his fingers out of my mouth, making a popping sound.

I lift my hips up for him before his fingers even reach my ass. He puts his first finger inside me slowly, with me moaning the whole time.

"Do you like that?" Noah asks me as he flexes his finger inside of me.

"Yes, give me more." I beg, knowing that I really just want his cock inside of me.

He shoves his second finger in to join the first and soon I'm moving against his fingers as I moan his name.

"Noah. So good Noah!" I call as I push against him.

He pulls his fingers out and quickly coats his member in spit. He then looks down at me.

"For once I'm so glad those imbeciles couldn't keep their mouths shut," he says before kissing me quickly.

"Me too." I agree.

Noah enters me quickly in one thrust causing me to cry out as I scratch down his back. He groans at the feeling. He doesn't stay still for very long before he moves to thrust again.

Soon we have a rhythm going between us and his hand moves to stroke my dick to the same tempo. It is hard and fast and I can hear our bodies slapping against each other over the low hum of the air hockey table.

"Noah, I'm so close." I pant out as my fingernails dig into his back.

"Me too." Noah groans before he delivers a particularly hard thrust.

Within a few seconds I'm coming into his hand, clenching my ass as I do so, causing him to follow me to climax.

"Cody!" He screams as he comes, looking me in the eyes as he does.


"Cody!" Noah yells causing me to wake from my dream.

"Huh?" I ask looking down at myself in hopes he can't see the evidence of what just happened.

"We have to film for Aftermath today. Try being there on time for once," he says as he rolls his eyes.

"Oh, yeah. Forgot about that. Heh." I say nervously.

"That's why I came to wake you up. See you there." Noah says before he leaves the room.

I sighed before I flopped back down.

'Will this ever stop happening?'